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Hi ? guys it’s me back with the very next part. Sorry to say guys but I am really disappointed by the no. of comments in the previous few episodes if you guys aren’t liking the story then tell me I will end the track soon but please guys do comment as your comments are my only motivation.
Anyways Let’s read this one before that THANK YOU ? all the readers and commenters for your views and support.
So here we go.
If you guys like my work then please do comment I will be highly obliged.


@SHOT 11

ShivOmAru enter a small house near the beach.
A man opens the door.
Man: Hello! How can I help you?
Aru: Hi! I am Aradhya we are here to see the Owen’s.
Man: Okay! Please Come inside.
They enter.
Man: I will call them.
Aru: Okay.

Man enters and finds a lady working, he says to her
Man: Ma’am someone is here to see you.
Lady: Who?
Man: Miss. Aradhya.
Lady gets a bit nervous.
Lady: Okay. (after a small pause) Listen Jack you may leave now and come tomorrow.
Jack/Man: Okay madam.
The lady who is in her middle age came out of the kitchen.
Lady: Hello! I am Emily Owen.
Aradhya: Hi! I am Aradhya Rajput and he is Omkara Singh Oberoi and his brother Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Emily nervously: Hello! Please come.
She escorts them to the drawing room.
Om was looking around the room when he sees a girl sitting in middle of the room on the floor and doing some sought of work. A man in his middle age was helping her, both were happily completing their task, while talking and laughing in between.
Om’s eyes shone brightly as in first look itself he knew that she was HIS DOLL HIS DAUGHTER “OMIKA”. She is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life, well not to mention Ira she is equally pretty for him. Her beautiful hazel eyes they were so much like his, but more pious, she is fair and her tresses are freely falling on her shoulder. Her smile is the most magnificent and adorable. He got lost on seeing her.

Emily come there. Om pointing at Omika asks
Om: She is Omika right?
Emily nods positively yet nervously.
Shivaay: Well she is like a doll.
Shivaay admits to which Om smiles.
Om: Ya! My little doll.
Emily became even more nervous hearing their conversation. Om was about to go towards Omika but Emily stopped him.
Emily: Mr. Oberoi can we have a conversation please.
She literally begged. All confused he agreed.
Emily: Michael.(Her husband / Mr. Owen)
Michael without raising his head.
Michael: Ya! Emily why are you disturbing us.
Omika: Yup! Mommy we are busy.
Om smiles hearing his daughter speak for the first time, definitely those weren’t her first words but for him those words were her first words only.
Emily: Hye! Sweetie I have some work with your dada.
Michael and Omika look up.
Omika: Please mommy.
Emily: Sweetie it’s just a matter of while. Please excuse us.
Omika sadly: Okay.
Michael kissing her cheek says
Michael: Don’t be upset my little bunny I will be right back.
Omika: Come soon dada.
Om was surrounded by cyclone of emotions, he was beyond happy seeing his daughter, his happiness had reached another level when he saw her smiling and speaking at the same time he was jealous of Michael as the place he was at belonged to him by all means but destiny had snatched that place from him that upsets him the most. But his daughter’s one smile made all his grudges to vanish in thin air.
Michael: What happened Emily?
Emily: Michae the Oberoi’s are here (She said pointing at the Oberoi’s).
Michael: Oh! Please come.
Emily holding his hand says: I think we should talk to them first.
Michael nods.
All of them enter a small room.
The Owen couple fold their hands in front of Om and say
Michael: Mr. Oberoi please don’t take our daughter away.
Emily: She is our only child. We love her more than anything. Please let her be with us. Neither of us would be happy without each other. We may not be as rich as you but we can provide her a good life and a standardised life style.

Michael: Please Mr. Oberoi don’t take our daughter away from us.
Shivaay in anger: What do you mean she is Om’s daughter?
Owen’s look disheartened at them.
Om recalls all his moments with Omika when she was an infant, then he remembers what he just saw outside. He stops Shivaay.
Om: Shivaay please let me handle this.
Shivaay: But Om…
Om sternly: Please Shivaay.
Shivaay backs off.
Om holds their hand and in the most sweet and voice filled with utmost concern and assurance he speaks
Om: Don’t worry I am not here to take her with me. She is your daughter (his heart breaks into pieces while saying this but still keeping a stone on his heart he continues). She is your daughter and will always be with you only. I just want your permission to spend one day with her. I promise I will never meet her again nor will I tell her about the relation we share. Please just one day I beg you guys that please let me spend a single day with her, I will live my entire life in this one day. I promise I will never come back to her life. Please just give me one day, just one day.
He joins his hands in front of them. Shivaay gets angry seeing this condition of his brother. One who can buy anything just with his name, was seeing his brother standing helpless in front of someone begging to spend a single day that too with his OWN DAUGHTER he would have smashed the entire world into pieces if it wasn’t for his brother’s happiness.
The Owen’s look at each other and agree. They couldn’t deny seeing the urge in a father’s eyes to meet his daughter, his helplessness, his vulnerability everything was just to meet his daughter. They agreed as Om even promised that he will never take away Omika from them.
Om: Can I ask you one thing.

Emily: Yes.
Om: How did you find Omika, I mean she was put on private adoption by her mother. (he spoke hesitantly)
Emily: Actually the plane in which she was travelling crashed but luckily few people were saved and Omika was one of them, as no one had any idea about her family background she was sent to a foster house, we have adopted her from there.
Om: And why did you keep her name Omika. I mean why didn’t you ever change her name.
Michael chuckles: Precisely because she never responded to any other name. It seemed to have a magic on her. Well! Her first word was also “PAPA” I knew that it was never for me so she never calls me that maybe the name and feelings both are reserved for you.
Om smiled slightly so did everyone else in the room.

They go to drawing room where Omika is busy doing her work.
Mr. Michael Owen : Hye! Sweetie meet Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi he is my friend from India.
Omika looks up at Om, she smiles
Omika: Hi Uncle.
Om felt really hurt but he managed to smile and said while bending on his knees and coming at her level
Om: Hi! How are you Omika?
Only Om knew that how worse he felt while meeting with his own daughter like a stranger.
Omika: I am good. Thank you. How are you?
Om: I am fine.
Omika smiled back, their was an unknown connection that was formed between both in few split seconds only. She felt comfortable with him like she knew him since ages.
Michael : Dearie mommy and I have to go out for some work today, we both will be back by late evening till then you will have to give company to Mr. Oberoi, his brother and their friend, be with them in house only till mommy and I return.
Omika: But dada…
Michael: Please it’s just matter of some time.
Omika: Okay dada I will take care.
Emily: Well! That’s great sweetie. Take care we will leave. Bye.
She kisses her forehead and cheeks and creasing her face the couple left from there.
Omika: Bye mommy and dada you too take care.

Om: Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Owen.
Michael: It’s okay, just take care of her.
Om: Ya sure.
They smiled slightly at each other and Owen’s left.

Aru: Guys you two carry on I will be outside near the beach.
Om: No it’s okay Aradhya.
Aru: Relax Om I can understand that you need some time to spend with her.
She left leaving the two brothers behind with Omika.
Om sees his doll. He goes near her.
Om: Omika he is my brother Shivaay.
Omika looks at Shivaay and smiles, in less then a second Shivaay lost his heart to her smile.
Shivaay: Hi Omi.
Omika smiled brightly at the mention of “OMI”.
Omika: Hello Uncle.
Both shook their hands. ShivKara settled themselves on the floor beside her.
Om: So what are you doing doll?
Omika looked at him questioningly and repeated
Omika: DOLL?
Om: I am sorry if you didn’t like me calling you that.
Omika: No it’s nothing like that, no one ever said that to me before, it felt like a connection.
Om smiled at her.
Omika: Well! I am painting. Surprisingly neither mommy nor dada have any interest in painting but it feels really relaxing to paint, as if I have entered my own world of dreams. I love painting.
Om was listening to her keenly so was Shivaay, for Shivaay Omika was nothing but just the female replica of Om, same sweetness and melodious voice as Om’s, entirely filled with patience and calmness, her eyes are just another proof to this fact that she is Om’s daughter, her smile, her hair, her face everything is more or less like Om. He came out of his trances and what he saw in front of his eyes was a marvel, a miracle whatever it was it took his soul away.
Om was helping Omika to paint. Shivaay couldn’t help smiling at the duo. What not! What not would he give away to see both of them together like this in front of his eyes for his entire life. He took out his phone and clicked their pic. It was the most beautiful pic he had ever seen. Om looked up at Shivaay and on finding his eyes moist he smiled at him and pointed towards his eyes Shivaay just smiled back. The air was filled with innocence and life.
Omika a bit nervously: So what do you do uncle?
She asked both of them.
Shivaay: We have a business in India.
Omika: Oh!
She looked up expectantly at Om, who looked back a bit confused, bitting her lower lip she managed to say
Omika: Aren’t you the famous Artist Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi from India.
Both ShivKara got shocked hearing her.
Om: Ya! But how do you know that?
Omika smiling brightly.

Omika: I love your paintings and your style, I am a huge fan of yours. You are my inspiration.
Om was shocked and his happiness knew no bounds. He felt like jumping in the air, his daughter loved his work.
Omika stood up from her place and forwards her hand to Om, he gets up and holds her hand confused.
Om: What happened?
Omika: Come I will show you something.
She took both of them to her room. She sat on her chair and switched her computer on. Both ShivKara bent down.
Shivaay: What are you doing Omi?
Omika: Just a second.
Om: Okay.
Both looked on curiously but she wasn’t able to switch her computer on so she was looking here and there confused that why wasn’t it switching on. Both ShivKara look at her.
Omika: Why isn’t it switching on?
Shivaay presses the power button and the computer switches on. Omika bites her tongue innocently, both ShivKara pull her cheeks from either side and kiss her, while she smiles at them.
Om: Okay doll at least now tell us why have you brought us here.
Omika: To show this.
She says opening a folder on her computer. The folder contains picture of each and every painting and sculpture that Om has made till date.
Omika: See I told you na that I am a die hard fan of yours. I love all your paintings and sculptures.
Om smiles with pride and kisses her forehead and nods in positive being unable to speak anything.
Omika: Like you even I love ancient art. But why don’t you like modern art?
Om: Oh ho! So you have collected all the information about me.
Omika nods.
Om: Hmm. It’s not that I don’t like Morden art but ancient art has it’s own magic, it’s more beautiful and technical. At the same time it’s very difficult as you got to be very careful about small small things it demands precision and devotion equally. Both the art forms have their own peculiarity but it depends on the painter that what he is good at.
Omika nervously: One more thing please.
Om smilingly: Go on.

Omika: How can we decide that which form will look better, when we draw it? I mean what art form is better?
Although she herself was confused about the question but Om understood her question.
Om: Well! It depends on the painter. Both art forms are equally challenging and have their own value. Now a days people prefer graphics more than paintings but that doesn’t mean that paintings have lost it’s charm, as people modernise even art modernises. So if you have to paint you got to practice alot and after learning all the forms you yourself can decide what will suits you best.
Omika: Will you teach me painting?
Why won’t Om oblige to her but what can he do he is also tied up due to lack of time, but in no way was he going to break her heart.
Om: Okay I will teach you painting today.
Omika smiled.
Omika: But why only today.
Om: Ahh.. Umm.. Actually I have to leave tomorrow. (He said sadly.)
Omika: It’s okay no problem.
Well! I have few more things to show you.
Om: Ya!
Omika gets off her chair and opens her cupboard and tries getting hold of something from the upper shelf but fails due to her small height. Om picks her up and she takes a box from upper shelf.
Om putting her down: What’s this doll?
Omika takes out a bracelet from the box.
Omika: You see many fans wear a bracelet of the name of their inspiration same way, even I have this one with your name.

She shows him a bracelet that had his name written over it. Oh goodness! he will die of happiness today. His daughter whom he didn’t know even a bit till past few day had known him since time immemorial. She had know each and every inch about him maybe not personal life but at least about professional life and for him his profession is god.

Omika: And this bead chain you always wear it na. (She says pointing to the black beads chain that Om is wearing he nods, even I have this one, she shows him, it’s replica.)
Om: You know what doll, by younger brother gifted me this chain.
Omika: WOW! I didn’t know this.
Om smiles and removes that bead chain and makes her wear it.
Omika: Won’t your brother feel bad.
Om: If I am giving it you then surely he won’t. Keep it safe with yourself it’s really precious to me, my baby brother gifted it to me. (he says emotionally)
He smiles, she too and then hugs him.
Omika: Thank you.
Shivaay has just two works today one is do go all Aww on the father-daughter duo and another is to click their pics. Om picks her up.
Shivaay: Okay aren’t you hungry.
Omika: Yup!
Shivaay: So what will you eat.
Omika: Whatever mommy has prepared.
Shivaay: Okay then let’s see.
They go to kitchen.

Shivaay: Well I think so that she left in hurry so there is nothing prepared.
Omika: Oh O! So now what.
Shivaay holds a spoon and rotates it on his hands.
Shivaay: Now I will make something.
Omika: You know how to cook.
Om: Of course he is our Master Chef.
Shivaay: So what will you have Omi.
Omika: Umm… Manchurian and chowmin.
ShivKara look at each other.
Omika: Weird! I know but even I love to eat this just like you.
Om smiles brightly.
Shivaay: Om call Aradhya as well she would be hungry.
Om: Ya.
Omika: Whose Aradhya?
Shivaay: Our friend.
Omika: Oh.
Om asks Aru to come and both ShivKara begin to cook.
Om: I wish Rudy was here.
Shivaay: Then that would call for an O BRO’S MOMENT.
Omika: What’s that?
Om: Well! Whenever we three brothers share a moment then we call it as O BRO MOMENT.
Shivaay gets a call.
Shivaay: Think of devil and devil rings the phone.
Shivaay picks the call from other side Rudra bombards him with questions.
Rudra: Bhaiya how is O? & how are you? Did you guys meet Omika? Did her family say anything?
Anika takes no she snatches the phone from him and
Anika: Is Om’s health fine? Did he have his medicines? Is he happy meeting Omika? How does she looks like? What did she call you?
Next Soumya snatches the phone and says
Soumya: Bhaiya how is Omika? Did she ask anything about us? What all are you guys doing? When are you guys coming back?

While on other hand both Om and Omika look on confused as Shivaay isn’t speaking anything so they shake him.

Shivaay shouts: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! YOU ALL.
Omika gets scared seeing him shout while Om comforts her.
Om: Shivaay what happened? Say na something?
Shivaay in rage: SHUT UP! If you all will keep quiet only then I will speak something. I haven’t picked up the phone yet and you all have started your questionnaire.
All: Okay sorry. You say.
Shivaay: Fine get on video call.

Video call…
The day continues…

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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