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Hiii….this is bharathi here….how r u guyzzz????hope everyone is good…i know everyone must be angry with me for not posting my ff nd ss …sry i was busy with my exms….soo now to entertain u all my sissy will post this ss…
She had some ideas soo she is writing this…full nd fully this story ideas are her only…just she is using my id thats it…soo guyzz do support her…tell ur reviews in the comments…based on that we will decide further…okay noo more bak bak…now we will go our promo….enjoy guyzzzzx……….

Here u gooooo…


Kasam sirf theen aksharo se bani huni ek shabdh.. lekin jab apno se ek rishtey mei phas jaye tho kasam ki zarurat hi nahi… apna rishta hi Ek kasam ban jatha hey…

Vow…its just a three words…bt when we get into a relationship there is no need of vow…bcoz the relatinoship itself becomes a vow there..


A girl was crying miserably..???

Seeing this the boy heart pierced…??
Boy(in mind) : I hate girls tears… i just ran away frm dat surroundingz… bt when those tears r frm ur eyes…i feel like someone is stabbing my heart…
Un anko ke pani ko rokne keliye iss duniya se ladne ke thayaar hu…(i am ready to stand against the world to stop those tears..)???…


Boy 2: sleeping on bed …( it seems dat he had a long day… lotz of works… bichara kaane key liyae bi waqt nahi mila)
Girl 2: (she was caressing his hair with a cute smile)Ishq ka to pata nahi lekin jo tumse hai wo kisi or se nahi❣❣(it is not love * smiled* but i havent exprienced the same before)


Man : kamini.. years have been passed… ( with a cute pout). Bt her habit didnt changed still now..always making me jealous with her attitude…
Women :(with a smirking face she was talking with some kids)beta u r my world ?… u r my bf.. darln… i loveee u??? dont stay away frm mee (making that man more jealousy she kissed that kids)

Done with my promo… hope u guyz like it… if u hve any suggestion plz do comment… im new to dis family.. if there is any mistake plz do forgive me.. the pairs have been decided… this story reveals around three pairs… for furthr epsz.. stay tune… tataaa take care….

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  1. Funny dear but awesome

    1. Bharu

      haha..thank u Sooo much dear…I’m glad that u loved it…keep commenting dear…

    1. Bharu

      thank u Sooo much dear…I’m glad that u loved it..keep commenting..

    1. Bharu

      thank u dear…I’m glad that u loved it..keep commenting..

  2. nice…

    1. Bharu

      thank u dear…I’m glad that u loved it..keep commenting dear..

  3. Dear it’s beautiful… Can u make it as raglak nd swasan dear

    1. Bharu

      thank u Sooo much dear…I’m glad that u loved it..abt the pairs u have to wait for that…don’t worry we will reveal the pairs soon..keep commenting dear..

    2. Bharu

      thank u Sooo much dear…I’m glad that u loved it..abt the pairs u have to wait for that…don’t worry we will reveal the pairs soon.. keep supporting dear..

  4. Abhi142

    Awesome dude

    1. Bharu

      thanks dude…I’m glad that u loved it…keep commenting dear..

  5. Seebu_s

    Nice but pls write in english?n hope pair is swasan? n raglak?

    1. Bharu

      thank yu… I wil try to write in english.
      .. keep commenting dear…

  6. nice..would love to read on swasan☺anyways all the best and pls post ur dreams ff on swasan

    1. Bharu

      thank yu da… I wil try to post it soon dear

  7. Asw

    Nice interesting welcome to swaragini family keep going

    1. Bharu

      haha.. thank yu da.. keep commenting dear..

  8. Hey diii I don’t know about others but I am super dooper angry with you!!!!
    You repeated the mistake which I did.. You started a new ff without telling me…
    And you didn’t messaged​ me back..
    I asked you hows your exam are going but you didn’t told me​ that also… I am very very very much angry with you*cute angry wala pout*
    But I can’t be angry with your ff.. Because it’s very nice.. Awesome..?
    I am waiting firstly for the life full of love, then I am waiting for your swsan ff then I will wait for your this new ff…
    Bye di
    Take care ????

    1. Bharu

      Sry sry choti..*holding my ears*pls forgive me naa…i am ur cute di na..i myself itself dont know that my di has this idea of writing thats y i didny informed u…sry…nd yaa my exms are stilk going on…ufff..its going very lengthy like hanuman tail….i will try to post my stories soon da…nd sry for not replying…i just came 5mins only to online…pls send all the links if ur stories to my account dear..after finishing my exms my first wrk is reading ur stories..keep supporting dear…tc..

  9. uughhhhh.. i saw your name that made me came by to this story.. but huh! you hide the pair naaa.. 😛 😛

    1. Bharu

      Thanks dear…sry for not revealing the pair..soon we will say it ….keep commenting dear..

  10. Kakali

    Waaaa welcome to SR family dear..!! Give a hug to Bharuuuuuu di from my side..!!
    Awesome part..!! Continue soon..! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Bharu

      Thank u dear for the warm welcome…thanks for the hug.. me too hugging u…i will surely tell my di that u have soo much support soo continue ur idea…its bharathi here dear…take care keep commenting..

  11. Arshaanya

    Wud love to read if its swasan

    1. Bharu

      U will get to know abt it soon dear..thanks for commenting.. keep commenting..

  12. Scooby

    Good ??

    1. Bharu

      Thanks dear..keep commenting ..

  13. IQRA222

    bharuuu di i am so so sorry
    i missed your ff by mistake
    but now i will correct it
    and the promo is really very intersting

    1. Bharu

      Thanks dear..its okay choti…keep commenting

  14. Tigeress

    Hii dii,this promo was super duper amazing , please tell ur sissy that she is an amazing writer just like her sissy(u) , but I m missing ur ff like hell, my raglak yaar I m really missing them, and swara and her kiddo too, haha , update as soon as u get time and I know ur exams will r going good(I m right na ) take care , and ask ur sissy on my behalf will she be my friend , I love making friends , amazing promo, bye dii

    1. Bharu

      Thank u dear… reading ur comment she got more courage to write …yaa me tooo missing the stories…soon i will be back dear..surely she will be friend with u…she is also like u only always loves to have friends..yaa..she is a great writer a agree with u…not bcoz of me she is a great writer…bcoz of being her chotu i am writing here…always i love my di very much…thanks dear…keep commenting…

  15. A.xx

    fab pal xx

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear….keep commenting..

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