Vote for the most depressing marriage twist recently

Most shows nowadays are focusing on marriage tracks. The tracks are changed to get TRP rise. The hero and heroine separation which makes the viewers disappointed, is hit track these days. Listed here are few shows which turned from positive to weeping stories.

SwaraginiSwaragini started by the story of Swara and Ragini, who wanted to unite their parents Shekhar and Sharmishta. Soon, after entry of Laksh… the fate of the sisters changed. While Swara and Laksh loved each other, Ragini crazily fell in love with Laksh. Ragini married him by doing all manipulations and falling down even more. Ragini and Laksh’s marriage disappointed the viewers. The show followed Sanskaar and Swara’s collaboration to expose Ragini.

Tere Sheher Mein’s Amaya Mathur has been depicted as her dad’s super girl. Amaya was willing to support her family and save them from upcoming rivalries and problems. She fell weak after knowing Rachita’s birth truth of not being Rishi’s daughter. tere1 Amaya took a decision to marry Rama to keep her promise to Gajanand. She married Rama and insulted her mother Sneha by her verbally bitter words. Amaya broke Mantu’s heart and cheated Rama and her family too. She did the marriage to save Gajanand and Mathurs family respect. This marriage came as shocking thing, which saddened the fans.

SaathiyaSaath Nibhana Saathiya has two marriages coming up. Vidya and Shravan are getting married followed by Meera and Dharam. Kokila’s friend Gaura is taking revenge from Kokila for her brother’s death. Gaura has hidden the ashes pot and using her son Dharam as her weapon now. She got Modi girls as her bahus to control Kokila. While Vidya and Shravan’s marriage is also done by Gaura’s plotting, the worse will be Meera and Dharam’s marriage.

Thapki Pyaar KiThapki Pyaar Ki has shown special marriage episodes for many days. The viewers expected Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage will happen after many hurdles. But things took a turn when Bihaan took Dhruv’s place in mandap and married Thapki. This came as big shock for the show’s fans who wanted to see Dhruv and Thapki together. The show turned into a bad track after the marriage.

We would like to know which one do you think is the most saddening marriage twist recently. Let us know in this poll. You can choose two options in the poll and can leave your opinion in comments section below.

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  1. Juz for increasing the trp rates, u ppl r ignoring our opinions n wat we want to watch, we r not getting!

    Anyways……for me most depressing marriage is of LAKSH N RAGINI!

    I juz hope the truth comes out soon n we get to see shona’s smile back again!!

  2. Ovio it’s raglak…….want my shona’s pretty….smile back

  3. I didn’t lyk rama n amaya s marriage

  4. laksh and evil ragini … we want our SWALAK back

    1. I don’t like Ragini ether but if you look closely somewhere you can blame Laksh as well because he first agreed to marry her for his father then Sanskar. Every time he gave her hope and then broke her heart. So finally she decided that she will get married to him by hook or crook. She is wrong. And i don’t think Swalak will happen as Swara has clearly said she don’t want Laksh. I like both the pairs so for me i’m happy with Swasan and Swalak. Hope to see the old Ragini back.

  5. amaya rama marriage iz most dprsing mrige ..

  6. For me it is very hard to digest Amaya rama pair. But I love SANSKAR SWARA pair because I personally love varun kapoor a lot.

  7. Swaragini is big big…depressed marriage in the recent shows as well as irritating too…

  8. Obviously Amaya – Rama. It seems that Amaya did all that to save reputation of her family while, actually, she has broken the trust of her loved ones. Tsm was one of the only good serials in sp and now it has come down to typical sp level. The show is already losing trp but still Anjum Fakih (Rachita) tweeted that if u want u watch it otherwise no problem. Such arrogance! While Gautami Kapoor (Sneha) tweeted don’t lose faith in the show etc. So some have stopped watching tsm coz of Anjum’s behaviour towards her fans and I’m realy happy with it. Swaragini is fine because Sanskaar and Swara look good together. And Laksh himself told Swara to get out of the house without even giving her a chance to tell the truth about it.

    1. Did Rachita really tweet that???? What an arrogant individual. Stupid girl probably doesn’t realise that she needs the viewers otherwise she is out of a job!!!! Dumbass!!!!!!

  9. i am very sad…………pls marriage not joke dont play with emotional we want thapiki and dhruv together…

  10. Sabse bura twist tsm aaya h rama aur amaya ki shaddi k saath i just hate it
    maine yeh show dekhma bhi and kardiya h
    thebshow is irritataing me

    swaragani is better as i love swasan more than swalak

    Tpk mein i like dhruv and thapki

  11. Thapki and bihaan was totally depressing….. Swaragaini track was unexpected but to much extent intrstng but now its boring….. But what sns is showing… Totally blanked…..meera and dharam???? Means vidya will be bahu of meera…. What rashmi sharma want to do????

  12. Amaya amd Rama….remaining shows will get into track when the cuples start loving each other,,,,,,(laksh nd raginii,,,i dnt knw)….bt Amaya nd Rama…….blahhhh ,,,plz dnt make them luv each other,,,can’t even thinkkk

  13. Want ManYa back…………..

  14. most depressing ramaya …
    but u dont get depress so a good thought for u all and also for me 🙂
    “Life can give us a number of Beautiful Friends!” But.. “Only True Friends can give us a Beautiful Life…!!” 🙂

  15. I was the regular viewer of tere sheher mein.but I managed myself to stop watching this show just after the marriage of Amaya &Rama. This is totally unacceptable. Who is the writer. Had he or she lost his or her mind.??? Totally disgraceful.pls set up the chemistry between Amaya and Manto. I want them back together. Pllllsss. Otherwise I’ll take taataa.byye byye forever.

  16. bakwass kr diya tere shere mr plzz together mantu nd amaya lovly couple plzz chnge the track.of tereshere me

  17. i luv thapki & bihaan ki jodi awesome twist . I really want them togather.

  18. Amaya and Mantu’s pair was sweet and nice so we liked watching Tere Sheher mein but after this twist of rama and amaya getting married we were quite disappointed. Hope that ammu and mantu get together soon.

  19. Liked the Swasan jodi.

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