Vote for shocking closure: Manmarziyan or Badtameez Dil

All the shows are getting finite these days. Manmarziyan ended unexpected and disappointed many fans. Same case happened with Badtameez Dil going off air on Star Plus. The relief for fans is the latter will be airing on Hotstar. Still, the viewers would miss to watch it on tv. The two shows had a storyline targeting to the young generation. Manmarziyan brought a fresh concept and good actors which made it become instant hit. The show connected with the youth in few time and was becoming a rage online. The pairings of Manmarziyan and Badtameez Dil won hearts in few months. Sadly, both the shows got a closure.


Dosti…Yaariyan…Manmarziyan presented a nice story around Radhika’s career dreams and her step to move to Mumbai. It is around Radhika and Samaira’s lovely friendship which turns bitter by their love angles. The show which launched in April this year, is set to wrap up in four months. The show failed to generate good stable ratings. It was much appreciated for the content and lead actors. Dosti…Yaariyan…Manmarziyan got off air on August 29, 2015. Badtameez Dil showed an intense and passionate love story of Abeer and Meher. It aired on 29 June 2015 and starred Pearl V Puri and Asmita Sood. It has slowly unfolded their love, marriage, hatred and separation track. The show got instant hit being a musical romantic one. Abeer was much loved for his attitude, right from first episode. Abeer and Meher’s love made the show much followed. The show is getting a closure on the channel on 26th September, 2015. Between the two shows stated above, which closure became the most disappointing for you? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion in comments section below.

  1. Nauc was also such a nice show.. whivh ended so i started watching mqnmarziyaa.. both were lyk same youth shows.. i miss nisha aur uske cousins.. Kabir..♥ and manmarziya.. Aradhika..♥

  2. What’s the use of these polls??? we voted many times to stop dym’s closure, but in vain… Now also , i voted in this poll…i have done my part… Will u get back DYM???

    1. totally agree with u anu…previously also i voted for manmarziyan more than 10 times but it’s of no use…nobody listen to us..neither sp or swastik productions…no one is helping in getting our dym back…

    2. I too agree anu. ..even I voted so many times nd nothing happnd. ..If u can’t help us plz don’t ask this type of questions

  3. badly missing Manmarziyaan. as Anu said voted many times,tweeted to stop as well as to bring back DYM season 2..but no one their for response, no any positive respond fm SP or any one..really fed up..

  4. Miss manmarziyaan. But I dont agree with the first statement… “all the shows r getting finite these days”. I think only those shows which relate to younger generation is ending, while those boring, senseless saas babu serials keep draging for decades 🙁

  5. I miss manmarziyan

  6. After the end of nauc it was quite obvio dat these show also would not last for a long time. So the only shochk was when nauc ended after dat everything d(dym n bd going off air) was expected

  7. new nd fresh concepts shows are ending ..the saas bahu serials has been dragging wth any good storyline.whatever shows in that serial are useless ..either it’s revenge, ex relationships, etc etc drama..all are crap..its nt only the fault of such shows bt all we viewers give them more importance to such shows by giving them more trps….manmarziyan go off air due to low ratings..

  8. I miss manmarziyan a lot
    Omg im so depressed thatit got over but thanks to d one who is still continuing d serial track in telly updates (sorry I forgot your name)
    SP u can actually take up her story from telly updates and make it as season 2 of DYM
    pls do take my suggestion.

  9. I miss a lot…
    Batmiz DIl serial I like this serial story music & Starcast Chemistry…

  10. I miss dym they shouldn’t have off aired it ??

  11. i miss Manmarziyan….i thought Arjun,Radhika,Sam n Neil’s married life will b shown now bt i was so shocked when i watched its last episode…Producer n Director of Manmarziyan i request u guys pls start its season 2

  12. NAUC is the best NIBIR MISS U…………..

  13. Akanksha Gupta

    I love watching badtameej dil n
    I’m fan of it pls don’t off it change it time y r u closing it when it got many fans d chemistry of abeer n mehar it just outstanding n acting of abeer makes me smile when I remind it pls listen our voice n we want to see it atlast pls don’t off it pls 🙁

  14. Of course Badtameez dil….it was the serial I was watching these days and that also is going to close ??m gonna miss badtameez dil…..

  15. Pls dont stop badthameez dil…plssss

  16. ples dont sot badthameez dil

  17. bd is the serial.pls restarting the serial on star plus….

  18. why did you guys stop Manmarziyan :'( ???
    in this show there was so many passionate thing…….I loved it very much :'(
    plz plz plz plz!!!!!!come back with season 2……..plz plz

  19. plz start Manmarziyan again.

  20. Manmarzian is my best serial ever pls restart dym2

  21. dt star plus z ending all youth shws… u gyzz dnt desrve anything neww…. jst go to helll… I WANT PEARL AND ASMITA BACK… I WANT MY BADTAMEEZ DIL BACK…

  22. I miss manmarziyan .

  23. Shitty SP shows xcept BD,DYM,NAUC,YHM

    For me,both d shows were vry good…!! Both were so new n unique…!! Not like d same barso se chalta aaya hua saas-bahu crap…!! SP…u r so into those saas-bahu crapz!! YHM is watchable atleast bt other shows…they are shitty..yuckk…SNS toh…i can turn blind just to not see any of those crappy faces! That’s d best thing u cn do fr ur benefit-stop sns! Not shows like BD n DYM!! MehBeer n ArDhika sam n neil!! They were better than any other couple on SP!! Like srsly u ppl r impossible!! How stupid they r stop these amazing shows!!?? Even NAUC!! Frm which ws it bad or boring??!!! I used to enjoy it soo much!! Mishkat..d actor whom i hated in APHG…i liked him on NAUC! I became a fan of him!! The mad king shravan!! That’s wt he ws called on wen i saw him on DYM toh i ws like aww he’s sooo cute!! SP! I wont ur idiotic n highly superstitious shows!! Spclyy..SNS…maa ji anarth ho jaega! Anarth toh ho gya hai…in which century do they live? Go get a life man! 2day’s audience dont like these kind of shows!!
    BD n DYM n NAUC…is missed n will b missed…

  24. I agree with AS…..MANMARZIAN is best…

  25. the shows turn out to be saas bahu serials even badtamez dil is detailing such tracks and there is nothing new for the young in this the show should concentrate on the things that young are interested and not mil and dil tracks which is being shown now

  26. Plz star plus bring manmarziyan season 2. Stop this boring saas bahu serials. Guys i think colors shows r much better than star plus shows.

  27. How can they end Phir bhi na maane badtameez dil?
    I haven’t seen it from August I was thinking to read all the episodes but when I saw this I am so shocked.
    Why are they ending they can change it’s timing.

  28. I miss badtameez dil serial sooo much. i love abeer and Meyer chemistry. love you abeer

  29. Manmarziyan

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