VIVAH (swaragini ff) EPI 8

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Hello guys….so r u ready to know about swara’s dreamboy….?????

Swara run to her room…..

Swara’- how dare he call me his swara. .????

She takes out a photo and say:- I wish u never go from my life…I wish I get married to u….I wish u ever loved me…like I used to do…..BUNNY….why u leave me like this…..I LOVED U BUNNY…..

At sanskar side

Me:- dammit…y she is not ready to become happy….y she is scared of happiness….I know she has tolerate many things but I can’t let her live like this….she has the right to be happy…..

At some other place

A man is shown speaking on phone…:- what how it’s possible….what u want hmm….

Other person:-I want to kill shona

Man:- what ??? No no….plzz leave my shona …plzz tell me what u want…..I will give u anything….

Other person :- ohk….then I want ur company….and ur house too….

Man:- its nothing before my shona…..m ready

Other person:- good

The other person cuts the call

At maheshwari mansion

Panditji has came to reel MUHURAT for raglak ‘s marriage….

Guys I won’t drag it ohk…

Panditji:- its tomorrow

Ap:- so soon

Panditji:- another muhurat is after one ur

Laksh:- no no…we r ready…

All were happy except sujata…

Next day

Swara is making ragini ready

Rago is looking the most beautiful bride……she is a red and golden lehnga….

Swara wears a blue lehenga…both are looking beautiful….

Shomi and shekhar came to them
Swaragini ignores them…..( swara is angry as they didn’t stand for her….and rago hates them bcz in her opinion her parents are cowards)

At sanlak side
Laksh is in white and red sherwani and sanskar is in black sherwani with cream lower

Swara brings rago to mandap where sanlak first look at swara….

Sanskar:- beautiful..

Laksh gaze then move to rago and a smile came on his face …

Rago sit beside laksh and the marriage ritual begans ….

In dream

Sanskar at laksh ‘s place and swara at rago’s place….

Raglak pheras get completed….and laksh tie.mangalsutra ….rago looks at him with teary eyes…after all she is marrying a man whom she never loved and who loves her sister…..

Laksh too have tears in her eyes….he fills her hairline….and vivah sampurna hua…..noe they are MR AND MRS LAKAH MAHESHWARI….

BG music

Do has in tan man ka ek samjhota hai

Teesre k khatir hua hai

Ho banege kisi dil ki rahatein

Aisi hai ye hai mohobatein

all claps…the most happiest person is SWARA as she knows that laksh is best for rago

Another person who was happy is SANSKAR… as now his bro has no right on swara…..whom he wants to make his……( so now he wants to marry swara….. Oh god ye sanskar b na…..what will happen when he came to know about that bunny????)

Ragini ‘s grahpravesh….

Ragini thinks :- noe m here ….to help my Di….to punish this sujata….I promise u Di …I will take revenge of ur every tear….its starting of my revenge…..

Laksh’s room

Laksh enters and locks the door….rago was standing in balcony….

Laksh:- ragini

Rago:- ye rishta mahi samjhota hai…sirf samjhota hai……

Laksh:- aisa samjhota Jo kisi teesre k khatir hua hai….( its for sake of swara)

Lakah:- u may be tired….go n sleep….

Rago sleep on bed while laksh on couch

BG music

Na kahin khushi koi

Na kahin b GAM koi

Phir b ye rishta juda hai

Do haseen tanman ka

Ek samjhota hai

Teesre k khatir hua hai

Oo banege kisi dil ki raahtein

Aisi hai ye mohobattein…

The screen freezes at raglak ‘s face

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  1. Deeksha


    1. Mystery

      Thanks dear

  2. Rosey

    its amazing i would love to see ragini’s torture on sujhata

    1. Mystery

      Thanks dear

  3. Amazing dr….

  4. Arunika


    1. Mystery

      Thanks dear

  5. Nice

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      Ty daljeet

  6. Abirsha


  7. Amazing sorry I was unable to comment on previous due to some assjgment and is sanskaar ?

    1. Mystery

      Its ohk……tysm

  8. Fairy

    Pooor ragini!!!!hope sooon laksh started lovng her!! Ye sanky to bada fast forward nikla..hahahhaha!!!direct dreamng about marriage.. 😉 i thnk bunny is nly sanky 😉 😉 ..lets seeee wt wl happen nxt.keep rockng n stay blesssed ddr 😉 ..update ws fabulous 😉 😉

    1. Mystery

      Thanks fairy

  9. Priyashini

    That was really nice…. Keep continuing . Take care too

    1. Mystery

      Thanks dear

  10. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear from where come this bunny han my god soo suspense n who wana kill swara ahhhh plzzzz swasan ki shadi kardo

    1. Mystery

      Keep reading …..dear

  11. Awesome

  12. Nice………..

  13. Asra

    superbbb dear…

  14. Who the hell is bunny…. Plz update soon dear ???????

  15. Sweeta

    Fantastic episode. .. bohot sari suspense hai……its v interesting to read it….loved it

    1. Mystery

      Ty all and keep commenting

  16. Simi


  17. Mystery

    Thanks dear…

    Guys I have written the next epi 3 times and its got deleted …..omg now I will write it tomorrow

  18. A.xx

    fab yar but who is bunny i think he is that man who said he’ll give his property and i think lakshya is starting to like rago,,
    waiting to see how ragini takes her revenge..
    loved it and can’t wait for next post.xx

  19. Mystery

    Thanks dear

  20. Hemalattha


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