Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 5

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Vivah…A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part 5
They all reached home back after the small outing..

Some kids came to the house for Soumya’s dance class.
Alia:Why so many kids here?
Niranjan:These are Soumya’s dance students.They came here for class.
Alia:Great.Can we watch Soumya’s dance class?
Harman:We know that Soumya is a dance teacher.But could never see her dance.We would love to see her dance.
Soumya smiled:Yes Sure.

Soumya danced while her students danced imitating her dance movements.

Chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli
Haan chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli
Bachke tu rehna dildaar sajnaa
Ho mehnga padega tujhko pyaar sajnaa
Baja re baja re baja band baaja
Arey iska dekho baja re band baaja

Harman was lost in her dance.

Haan chamak challo chel chabeli
Kehtein hai mujhko raas raseli
Bachke tu rehna dildaar sajnaa
Ho mehnga padega tujhko pyaar sajnaa
Chamak challo chel chabeli
Haan ho..-Rowdy Rathore

After the dance got over Harman clapped hands without any control.Meher Zain Alia felt like laughing.Coming back to senses Harman became embarrassed.
Alia:You dance so well Soumya.Your students are lucky to get a teacher like you.
Zain:Really excellent.
Harman:Yes beautiful dance.Very beautiful.
Soumya smiled:Thank you ji.
Alia:Guess my dear devarji enjoyed his fiancee’s dance very much.
Harman and Soumya blushed.

Meher was in the library.She was looking at the books in the shelf.
Suddenly Abeer came there and pulled her closer.She was stunned.
She got relieved seeing his face.
Meh:What is this Abeer?You scared me.
Ab:Don’t you know that it can only be me?Who else will hold you with so much of passion?Then why are you scared?
Meher blushed.
Meh:Leave me Abeer..anyone will see it.
Ab:Now only we are there in this compartment and the librarian is sleeping and snoring.No one will see us.
Meher smiled.
Ab:During the trip Zainji and Aliaji did’nt let me romance you properly.So I am not satisfied.So I want to compensate it now.
Meh:You naughty..
Abeer moved towards her lips.She pushed him.
Meher smiled:Be in your limits Abeer.
Abeer pulled her closer:Ok darling.But I can romance you with my eyes.Right?
She blushed.They shared a passionate eye lock.

Meher became shy seeing the way he was staring at her and embraced him.He embraced her back smiling.

Harman thought:Tomorrow we are leaving.Before that I want to gift the jewellery set to Soumya.But how?
Zain and Alia came.
Z:What are you thinking bro?
H:Before we go back I want to give a surprise to Soumya.
Alia:That’s so sweet.
Zain:Great idea Harman.

H:But how?I don’t know.

Zain:I will give you an idea.
Zain gave an idea to Harman.

After dinner when Soumya went to the wash room Harman came there.
H:Tonight after everyone sleeps can you please come to the terrace?
Soumya blushed nodding her head.

Harman smiled.Soumya walked off.

Zain Alia were decorating the terrace.They both looked at the moon.
Z:Are you reminded of anything?
Alia blushed:Ya..we used to hold our hands together and look at the moon sharing our feelings.
Zain pulled her closer.They shared a romantic eye lock.

Alia:Let’s go back to our room.Harman and Soumya will come here soon and they should have privacy.
Z:You are right.We should not disturb their romance.
They smiled and went back.

After some time…

Soumya reached the terrace and was surprised to see the decoration.She smiled.
Harman appeared before her.
H:You liked it?
S:I loved it.Very beautiful.
H:Thanks to bhaiyya bhabhi.They did it.
S:They are so sweet.
H:Yes they are very sweet.
Suddenly Harman took the box of jewellery.
H:This is for you.
Soumya was surprised:Harmanji…
H:Don’t say anything.
He took the jewellery out.

He adorned her ears with earrings.

Tujhko Jee Bhar Ke Mein Dekhu
Mujhe Haq Hai

He admired her looks making her blush

He placed the necklace around her neck and caressed her ear softly.

Mujhe Haq Hai

He put bangles in her hands.

Bas Yuhhi Dekhta Jao
Mujhe Haq Hai

He moved towards her ears.
H:You are looking gorgeous.
She blushed.

Piyaaa Piyaaa
Piyaaa Piyaaa

He caressed her lips.She shivered due to shyness.

Bole Mere Jiyaaa

He held her hand and they both sat down looking at each other.

Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai

He lay on her lap.She caressed his head blushing.

Tumhe Haq Hai


Slowly he got up and carried Soumya in his arms.He looked at her romantically.She was shy.

Slowly she got down from his arms and they entwined their hands

smiling at each other.He leaned onto her back romantically.

Dhal Rahi Peghal Yeh Raat Dheere Dheere

He embraced her from back making her blush more.

Badh Rahi Hai Pyaar Ki Baat Dheere Dheere

He caressed her hand which tinkled because of bangles.She was shy.

Chudiyan Gun Guna Ke Kya Kahe Sanjanaa
Yeh Chudiyan Gun Guna Ke Kya Kahe Sanjanaa

They looked at the moon and stars.

Raat Ki Raat Jagau
Mujhe Haq Hai

Soumya became emotional.

Chand Poonan Ka Churaaoo
Mujhe Haq Hai

S:I feel my parents are shining in the sky as stars.
Harman wiped her tears.

Piyaaa Piyaaa
Piyaaa Piyaaa
Bole Mere Jiyaaa

He cupped her face in his hands.
H:Don’t be upset Soumya.My parents are your parents.Trust me…They will love you so much that you will never have to worry about anything.Then bhaiyya bhabhi…and then I too love you.

Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai

Soumya smiled tearfully.


They shared an emotional eye lock.


H:Soumya..I will miss you very much when I go back.

Kal Subah Tujhse Mein
Door Chala Jaunga

S:I will also miss you Harmanji.

Ek Pal Ko Bhi Tujhe Bhool Nahi Paunga
Yeh Chehara ,Yeh Muskaan
Ankhon Mein Bhar Ke

They looked at each other emotionally.

Yeh Chehara ,Yeh Muskaan
Ankhon Mein Bhar Ke

H:Within short time you entered my heart Soumya.

Mein Teri Yaad Mein Tadpu
Mujhe Haq Hai

Soumya blushed.

S:You too Harmanji.

Tujhse Milne Ko Mein Tarsuu
Mujhe Haq Hai

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Piyaaa Piyaaa
Piyaaa Piyaaa
Bole Mere Jiyaaa

He caressed her face.She closed her eyes.

Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai (Vivah).

The next day…

They packed bags to go back.
Harman Soumya shared an emotional eye lock.

H:Bye Soumya…
S:Bye Harmanji…

Harman walked towards the car.Soumya kept looking at him.He turned back.They both smiled at each other tearfully.They waved hands at each other.Harman got inside the car with Zain Alia who bid good bye to all of them.The car moved away.Soumya was very upset.

Niranjan Kalpana Meher and Soumya were in the room.
Nir:Meher…you should go with Soumya for engagement wedding shopping.Soumya should wear the best costumes and jewellery.

Meher:Sure dad.I will make sure that Soumya jeeji wears the best.I will choose the best for her.
Nir:Good.Kalpana…For the engagement Soumya should wear diamond or plain gold according to ou?I want to arrange money for that accordingly.
Kalp:Why are you asking for my opinion now?Did you ask for my opinion while fixing Soumya’s marriage?

Nir:Kalpana…when a good proposal came I fixed it.And you were quite irritated also.
Kalp:Yes I was irritated and now also I am.What is the need of wasting so much of money on the engagement?Soumya is only your niece.Not your daughter to conduct lavish functions for her.
Soumya became upset.
Nir:Kalpana..why are you talking so harshly?
Kalp:Because you are valuing your niece more than your daughter.
Nir:Kalpana..I told you many times that both are same for me.
Kalp:Don’t say anything Niranjanji..
Meher:Mom..can you please stop it?Why you are always making fuss when Soumya jeeji gets happiness in her life?Does’nt she deserve happiness in her life?

Kalp:You too are giving more importance to her than your mother. are misunderstanding..
Kalpana left the room.
Soumya burst into tears.

Meher:Jeeji…don’t cry.You know how mom is like.Don’t take her words into your heart.
Niranjan wiped her tears.
Nir:You know that your Mamu can’t bear your tears.Please don’t cry.
Soumya hugged Niranjan and cried.He too shed tears.Meher joined their hug weeping.

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