Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 4

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Vivah…A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part4
It was Alia.
Alia stared at her:Who is he?
Meher did’nt have the guts to look at Alia’s face.
She looked somewhere else and replied sweating:No one.

Alia:Don’t lie to me.

Soumya came there with a dull face.
Alia:Soumya…I am sure that you may be knowing about Meher’s secret romance.I am your jethani.So don’t hide it from me.Tell me who he is.
Soumya was worried.
Alia:What is his name?
Meher’s lips shivered:Abeer…my college mate.But Aliaji…please don’t tell this to mom dad.They don’t know about it.
Suddenly Alia laughed:See…how scared you are.Don’t worry Meher.I won’t tell this to anyone until the right time reaches.
Meher and Soumya were relieved.
Alia:Tomorrow is a holiday for you.Right?So you also join us for the trip with your Abeer.
Meher and Soumya were stunned.
M:But…mom dad…
Alia:They said they are not joining us.Only we youngsters are going for the trip.So let him also join us.
Meher was excited:Are you sure?
Meher hugged Alia:Thank you Aliaji.

Meher rang up and told Abeer about Alia catching her red handed.
Abeer was shocked:Oh my what will happen?
M:Don’t worry my cool guy…she supports us and told me to call you for the trip.

Abeer was surprised:Really?
M:Yes.We will pick you up on the way.
Ab:Great.I was thinking how to spend the weekend without you.Now I can be with you.Thanks to Aliaji.

Meher smiled.

Soumya was in the kitchen.Alia came to kitchen.
Soumya:Bhabhi…please tell me what Harmanji likes to eat.I want to cook accordingly.

Alia:Ok..I will tell you.
Alia gave her the list of Harman’s favourite dishes.
Alia:I will help you.
Sou:No bhabhi.Tonight I will prepare dinner on my own.
Meher:Soumya jeeji is adamant about it.She did’nt let me also help her.
Alia:That’s so sweet.

Soumya started cooking.

Dinner time…
Alia:Harman…Soumya has cooked your favourite dishes.Eat and see how they are.
Harman smiled.
Niranjan:Serve food to Harman Soumya.
Soumya served food to Harman.Harman smiled at her.

She served dinner to others too. tasty Soumya.Devarji…tell how is my devrani’s cooking?

Harman smiled:Very nice.
Soumya smiled.
Zain:Ya…really nice.Dad and mom missed it.

Alia:No problem.After marriage daddyji and mummiji can have Soumya’s food daily.
Zain:Right.Anyways Harman are lucky to get a wife who can cook nice food.Just like my Alia.
Zain and Alia smiled at each other.
Harman Soumya smiled at each other.
Everyone smiled.

The next day…

They all got inside the car and on the way they saw Abeer waiting and he too got inside the car.
Abeer:Hi..I am Abeer.
Zain:We know you very well buddy.The courageous singer who dares to fall in love secretly.
Everyone laughed while Abeer gave an embarrassing smile looking at Meher.

They reached a beautiful area.They got down.

They stood near the river.
Harman:Wow…so beautiful.
Harman took his camera.Then he looked at stand here.I will take photos.
Soumya:But when you take the photos of scenic beauty why should I stand here?
Har:Because no photo is complete without you.Even this place won’t look beautiful without you.
Soumya blushed.
She posed as per Harman’s instructions.Harman took photos.

Meher sat down.Abeer lay on her lap.
Ab:This place looks so romantic.I feel so nice to be on your lap.
Meher smiled.

She caressed him.

Zain Alia sat near the river.
Zain:Alia…I feel like we are during our honeymoon period.During our honeymoon time too we used
to roam around like this.
Alia:Yes Zain.But our honeymoon never got over.Still we are the same romantic couple.

Zain:You are right.
He pulled her closer and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Zain:Hey Harman…river is here.Shall we start?
Har:Why not?
They both jumped into the water shocking Soumya.
Alia:They both are like this.They love swimming.
Abeer:That’s cool.Hey buddies..can I also join you guys?
Zain:Why not?Join us buddy.
Abeer too jumped into the river.
Zain:Hey Alia..why are you not coming?
Alia:I am coming sweet heart.
Soumya was surprised:Alia too?
Alia:Yes..we all are in one gang.
Alia joined them in swimming.
Abeer:Meher…you too come.You know swimming.Then why are you hesitating?
Meher jumped into the river.
Abeer Meher,Zain Aliya held hands together and swam.
Zain Alia were looking at each other passionately holding each other’s hands.

Abeer gets cozy with Meher.

Zain:Don’t e so dirty Abeer.
Alia:Hey..we allowed Abeer to join us.But that does’nt mean that you both can do anything.Be in your limits.
Abeer Meher became embarrassed and stopped romancing while others laughed at them.
Harman stood near the shore and extended his hand towards Soumya.
Har:Don’t get scared.I won’t go that deep into the river.
Soumya smiled holding his hand.She got into the river holding his hand.
They both shared a passionate eye lock.

Zain Alia Abeer Meher were surprised to see this and gave a mischievous smile.

They go to a hut and changed their wet clothes taking their spare clothes.

They moved from there.They saw a fruit juice shop. favourite fruit juice shop.
They went there and bought juice for themselves.

Zain Alia looked at each other with the glass:Cheers..

They drank juice together.

Harman saw Soumya looking at the snacks shop.
Harman ordered for snacks surprising Soumya.
Soumya smiled:Thank you ji…
She started eating it.

She looked at him:You too taste it.
She fed him.

They both came back to senses and realized that she fed him and he was fed by him.
They both became shy.

On the way they saw a junk jewellery shop.
Alia looked at the bangles.
He picked up bangles and made her wear them.
She smiled.

Soumya was looking at the ornaments while Harman went inside the shop and bought a set of ornaments he liked.He hid it in his bag.

The next day…

They all went to the temple.
Zain Alia prayed.

They smiled at each other. remember…after our marriage got fixed due to horoscope issues our marriage got postponed.For removing all obstacles we visited temples together and prayed.
Zain:Yes..and our love won over supersition.
They shared a sweet eye lock.

Harman and Soumya prayed together in the temple.

Harman saw a lady making garlands.He bought them.
S:Harmanji…what is this?
H:Soumya…now we are in a sacred place.So I want to accept you as mine in God’s presence.Soumya…will you make me your husband?

Har Ko Jeet Banaaakar Badi Sachchai Se
Premane Dil Pe Woh Chaahat Kaa Asar Daalaa Hai

Soumya became emotional.She nodded:Yes.

Aaj Inkaar Ki Surat Hi Nahi Hai Koi Haar Hi
Rokaa Nahi Phoolon Ki Jaymaalaa Hai

Harman gave her the garland.She held it.
They both exchanged garlands.

Kuch Baate Ho Chuki Kuch Baate Abhi Hai Baaki
Bauchhar Ek Padi Hai Barasaate Abhi Hai Baaki

Harman held her hand.She ran away blushing.He smiled.

Khulake Naachane Ko Bekal Manakaa Mayuraa Hai
Khulake Naachane Ko Bekal Manakaa Mayuraa Hai

Harman Soumya hid their garlands.

Zain:Hey guys…get ready.We will go for a drive after lunch.
Harman Soumya smiled.

After lunch four of them went out for a simple drive.It started raining.
Zain:It’s cool.

They got down.
Harman Soumya too.

Soumya twirled around in rain.Harman smiled.

Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai

He moved towards her.

He held her hand.She shivered.

Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai

He pulled her closer.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai

Zain Alia looked at each other with romance burning in their eyes.

Mile Honge Radhaa-Krishna Yahi Kisi Ban Mein

They cupped each others face

sharing a passionate eye lock.

Prem Maadhuri Unaki Basi Hai Pawan Mein

They started dancing sensually.

Aur Bhi Paas Aa Gaye Hum Is Divya Vaataavaran MeinAur Bhi Paas Aa Gaye Hum Is Divya Vaataavaran Mein

They embraced each other.

Ek Man Diyaa Hai Kitane Sau Gaate Abhi Hai Baaki
Bauchhar Ek Padi Hai Barasaate Abhi Hai Baaki

He moved towards her lips.

Hame Milaane Mein Sabakaa Sahiyog Puraa Hai
Hame Milaane Mein Sabakaa Sahiyog Puraa Hai

She covered themselves with her saree pallu.

Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai

They got lost in each other.

Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai (Vivah).

  1. I think haya sence much not romantic. Sometimes its a boring. CAN YOU CREAT IT MORE HAYA SENCE AND GET IT ROMANTIC. Its can be touch our hearts. I think you umderstand what i say.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Yes i understand.HaYa r doing arranged marriage.They r not lovers.That’s why less romance.Thanks 4 ur suggestion

  2. i was missing mehbeer , happy that u added more mehbeer scenes in this part . aliya is so sweet , she invited abeer too to this trip . ZaYa scenes were beautiful . all of them enjoying in water was so nice and the mehbeer scene was very romantic . i loved the scene where harman and soumya exchanged garlands . the last part with ZaYa scenes was damn romantic and cute , loved the whole epi , i could imagine each and every part of it .

  3. Wow dear I like it soo cute somuand Harman… And also zain and Akita???

  4. Wow dear I like it soo cute somuand Harman… And also zain and Alia???
    Sorry dear name change mistakenly

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