Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 3

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Vivah….A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part3
Niranjan caressed Soumya:I am so happy that very soon I will be able to see you as a bride.
Soumya blushed.
Nira:You remember…?When you were small you used to play with a bride doll.

Soumya became shy:Yes and you used to play with me.
Nira:Yes…I too used to talk to your bride doll with you.
Soumya smiled:It was so cute.

Flash back…

Soumya was very small and was playing with her doll.
Soum:Mamu…I want my dolly to get married.

Niranjan laughed.
Soumya dressed the doll in a bridal wear.

Niranjan sang while Soumya enjoyed it:Chhotaasa Saa Saajan Nanhisi Dulhan
The groom is small and the bride is a kid
Doli Saji Hui Dwaar Khadi Hai (x2)
The decorated wedding palanquin is standing on the doorstep
Jisakaa Vivaah Rachaayaa Jaaye

Meher and Soumya dressed in bridal wear for fun.Niranjan laughed seeing it.

The one whose marriage shall be done
Beti Kahaa Abhi Itani Badi Hai (x2)
That daughter isn’t so grown up yet
Aaj Hi Le Jaayegaa Widaa Kar (x2)
He shall take her away today itself
Dulhe Ne Ye Jeed Pakadi Hai
The groom is stubborn about this
Beti Puchhe Babul Se Are Bhejane Ki Kyaa Jaldi Padi Hai (x2)
The daughter asks her father that why do You want to send me off in such a hurry


Mihir rang up Niranjan:Hi are you?
Nir:I am fine.How are you Mihirji?
Mih:Me too fine.Actually here Zain Alia and Harman are thinking of coming there…planning to take Soumya for a trip.Do you have any problem?
Nir:What problem?I am only happy.Before marriage itself Soumya interacting with Harman is good.There will be an understanding between both.But one demand.They have to stay with us.

Nir:Please don’t feel awkward.After all we are going to be relatives.Then why to hesitate?

Mihir smiled:That’s so sweet.

Niranjan told this to Soumya and others.
Nir:Harman is coming here to stay with us for 2 days with his bhaiyya bhabhi.
All were surprised.
Meher whispered in Soumya’s ears:Wow…Harman jeeju and Soumya jeeji under the same roof.So romantic.
Soumya ran away blushing.

Zain:Wow…Harman can interact with Soumya.
Harman blushed.
Alia:It will so much of fun to roam around with my devrani Soumya.Especially to stay with Soumya.
Alia stared at Harman smiling:Right my Harman Devarji..?

Harman was shy:Bhabhi…

Juhi:See how my son is blushing. too?
Mihir:So go enjoy the trip.
Zain whispered to Harman:The time between fixing the marriage and wedding is very romantic.So your romantic time starts bro.

Harman blushed.

Soumya was waiting for Harman restlessly.
Meher came:Waiting for jeeju?
Soumya:Choti Meher…stop teasing me.
Meher laughed:See how you are blushing.You look so cute.
Soumya blushed.

Meher :O Jiji Kyaa Kehake Unako Bulaaoge Dulhaa Banake Jo Aayenge
O Jiji (Elder Sister), What would You call him by, the one who will come to marry You
O Jiji Bolo To Kyaa Kehake Unako Bulaaoge Dulhaa Banake Jo Aayenge
O Jiji, Tell me, What would You call him by, the one who will come to marry You
A-Ji O-Ji Hum Naa Kahenge Hum To Isharon Mein Baate Karenge (x2)
A-Ji O-Ji I will not say anything to him, I will talk to him in sign language
Sab Jaise Apane Unako Bulaate Hai Waise Hum Naa Bulaayenge
What all others call him by, I will not call him in the same way
O Chhoti
O Chhoti

Meher:Shaadi Hai Dilli Ka Laddu, Laddu Ye Har Man Me Phoote
Marriage is like the Laddu
it creates desire in everyone’s heart
Isakaa Lage Har Daanaa Bhalaa
Every piece of it is tasty

Soumya:Jo Khaaye Pachataaye Jo Naa Khaaye Wo Pachhataaye
The one who eats it regrets, and the one who doesn’t also regrets
To Khaakar Hi Pachhataanaa Bhaalaa
Then its better to eat and then regret
Ye Laddu Tujhako Ek Din Khilaayenge Tere Saajan Jab Aayenge
You’ll also have piece of this Laddu when Your beloved comes
O Chhoti
O Chhoti

Meher:Gaane Ko Tum Gaa Rahi Ho Ji Apaana Behalaa Rahi Ho
You are singing this song and at the same time You are enjoying
Nazar To Hai Rahon Mein Lagi
But Your eyes are fixed on the road
Chhoti Tu Chhoti Khoti Badi Hai

Soumya:Chhoti, You are very cunning
Behanaa Ko Bas Chhedati Hai
You are always teasing Your sister
Main To Yahaa Kamon Mein Lagi
I am here just doing my daily chores

Meher:Aane Do Jiji Tumhare Ji Ki Dashaa Jijaako Bataayenge O Jiji
Let Your Beloved come, I will go and tell him the condition of Your heart, Jiji(Vivah).

Harman,Zain and Alia reached.Niranjan and Kalpana welcomed them.
Kalpana gave them a fake smile.
Harman’s eyes searched for Soumya.Zain and Alia smiled noticing it.
Alia:Where is Soumya?
Meher and Soumya came.They all smiled.
Soumya and Harman exchanged a beautiful smile.

Soumya was carrying a tray of sweets.
Meh:Actually jiji made sweets as you all are coming.
Alia:Wow..Soumya makes sweets.That’s great.You know Soumya…Harman loves sweets.He will love your sweets.
Alia looked at are lucky that you are getting a wife who makes sweets.
Soumya and Harman smiled at each other.
Soumya served them sweets like laddoo and chocolates.
They took a bite of sweets.
Zain:Yes..very tasty.

Meher:It’s just the starting.Jeeji cooks very well.Tonight she will cook delicious dinner for you all.


Niranjan showed them their rooms.
Zain closed the door after they got inside the room and pulled Alia closer romantically.
Alia got lost in him.

Suddenly she came back to her senses.
Alia:Shameless fellow..what are you doing?This is not our house.
Zain:So what?Niranjan uncle gave us this room.
Alia:Zain..leave me.Somebody will see.What will they think about us?They will think that
their guests are romancing here shamelessly.
Zain:Don’t worry about that.I have closed the door.No one will see us.
Zain looked at her deeply:You are so sweet that I can’t stop romancing you.

She blushed.He pressed his lips on her pink cheek.

Harman lay on the bed.Suddenly hearing the door knock he opened the door.He was surprised to see Soumya.
Soumya:Mamu told me to give this blanket to you.
She handed over a blanket to him.
Har:Thank you.
Soumya was about to go.Suddenly Harman called her:Soumya!
Soumya looked at him.
Har:You gave us the sweets made by your hands.
Soumya became dull:You did’nt like my sweets?

Har:I did’nt say anything as I was waiting for an opportunity to give you compliments when we are alone.
She smiled.
Har:Don’t you want to know my opinion?
Soumya nodded.
Har:It was very sweet …just like you.I loved it.

Soumya blushed.
He took his phone and pressed the camera option.
Har:See…it’s a camera.

I want to click our photograph.Shall we take a selfie?

Soumya smiled.
Harman took their selfie

and showed it to her.
H:How is it?
She smiled:It is very nice.
H:Our first photograph together.
She blushed.

Meher was talking to Abeer on the phone.
Ab:I really miss you Meher.
M:But we were with each other till the college hour got over.
Ab:Yes.Still I miss you.
M:Me too.
Ab:Give me a kiss.
M:Are you mad?I won’t give you kiss.

Ab:You are talking as if I asked you to kiss me directly.I just asked for a phone kiss.

She blushed:Naughty boy.Here is the kiss for you.
She kissed on the phone.
Ab:Wow..what a sweet kiss it was.Here is my kiss.
He gave a kiss over the phone.She blushed.
M:Ok bye.Love you.
Ab:Love you too darling.

(Credit for the collage goes to the unknown editor)

Meher turned back after disconnecting the call.She was shocked to see someone behind her.

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