Vivah: HaYa ZaYa MehBeer SS Part 10 (Last chapter)

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Vivah…A journey from Engagement to Marriage… Part 10
Dedicated to Piyali who wants to see Zain Soumya bonding.

Doctor:By God’s grace the operation is successful.
They all were so happy that they hugged each other.
Niranjan:Thank you so much doctor.
Dr:But Soumya has to stay here for a few more days.
Harman:It’s ok Doctor.I will be her by stander.I will look after her.
All looked at him in surprise.
Dr:Soumya is lucky to have a man like you.It’s difficult to find a man like you these days.May be your love saved her.

He smiled.
Dr:Harman…Soumya’s burns will get healed slowly.It will take time.You have to be patient.But sometimes some marks will remain forever.Soumya may feel insecure.But you should make her comfortable.You should not make her feel that she is imperfect.
H:Yes Doctor.I won’t make her feel insecure.Because in my eyes no one is as perfect as Soumya.
Everyone smiled.

Niranjan hugged Soumya:My are alright now.I don’t have words to thank God.

Mihir:Yes…we can’t thank God enough.God bless you Soumya beta.

Soumya smiled.
Juhi kissed Soumya’s forehead.
Juhi:My daughter is alright.I had faith that Mataji will save my daughter.

But still I got scared.
Soumya became emotional seeing Juhi’s love:Maa…
Juhi hugged her happily and emotionally.
Alia:Mummiji was so tensed.Now only she got relief.
Zain:You too was tensed for your devrani.But you controlled it.
Alia burst into tears:Ya…for a moment I too got scared.

She hugged Soumya.
Alia:Thank God you are back Soumya.I am so happy for you.
Soumya smiled tearfully.
Zain:Soumya…get well soon.My little bro Harman needs you very badly.
Soumya smiled.
Zain:We are not best friends not we chat often.But I have always considered you as my little sister as I don’t have a sister.I always wanted a little sister.But it never happened.So I thought may be I will get a little sister in my Harman’s wife’s form.When yours and Harman’s marriage got fixed itself my sisterly affection towards you started.Still I was shy to express as I was’nt sure if you will accept me as your brother or not.But when your condition got critical I was scared to lose my little sister.Thank God..He kept my little sister safe for her brother.

Soumya smiled emotionally holding Zain’s hand:Zain bhaiyya …don’t hesitate to behave like an elder brother to me as I am your little sister.For me you are my elder brother gifted by God as I too craved for an elder brother since childhood.
Zain smiled caressing her head.
Alia Juhi Mihir Niranjan smiled emotionally.

Kalpana sat near Soumya tearfully.
She held her hand and wept:I am sorry Soumya for hurting you all these years.Now I understand your value.You defeated me by your unconditional love.You saved me by sacrificing your life.Thanks a lot Soumya.
Soumya wept:Mamiji…please don’t talk like this.You are my aunt.I don’t expect apology or gratitude from you.
Kal:You are great.But Soumya…now onwards I will be your mother too.
Soumya became so emotional that she hugged Kalpana with a tearful smile.
Everyone smiled seeing it.
They all came and hugged Soumya.
Meher came with Abeer.Soumya was surprised.
Abeer:How are you Soumya di?
Soumya:I am ok.
Meh:Jeeji…mom too approved of our relation.
Soum:Is it?I am really happy for you Choti.
Meher and Soumya hugged each other.

Harman came.Everyone else left.
Harman Soumya shared an emotional eye lock.
S:Harmanji…We are not married yet.You still have time to leave.
Harman’s heart was pricked.
H:Why Soumya?Why are you talking to me like this?
Soumya wept:You know my condition.Some of my body parts are burnt.You will get a healthy girl.Why should you spoil your life by marrying me?
Harman became upset.
H:Soumya…you are perfectly alright now.It’s just that time will be taken for all wounds to get healed.
Doctor had ensured me that nothing will affect your health.
Soumya was silent:Are you trying to hide the truth from me?
H:So you don’t believe me.Ok fine.But just say if I was in your position would you have left me?
S:No never.I can’t think of leaving you.
Harman smiled emotionally:Then think about me.
Soumya’s eyes were full of tears.
Harman held her hand:I held your hand once and had decided that moment itself not to leave your hand ever.I have right on you Soumya.No one can snatch it from me.
Soumya became emotional:Harmanji…
H:See..even my family wants you.

S:You all are so nice.I think I have done some good deed in my previous birth to get you all.
H:In this life too you are an Angel.That’s why everyone wants you.
They shared a sweet eye lock.

Harman took care of Soumya very well in the hospital being with her.He fed her food,

he made her sleep by singing,When she sleeps he holds her hand and keeps looking at her as a guard.

He read books for her to get rid of boredom,showed her good dance videos and others kept visiting Soumya which made her happy.

After a week Soumya got discharged.

Time passed…
Soumya recovered completely.

To thank God Kalpana,Soumya and Meher worshipped God with aarti singing bhajan.

Radhe krishna ki jyoti alaukik tino lok me chhaye rahi hai
Bhakti vivash ek prem pujarin phir bhi deep jalaye rahi hai
Krishna ko gokul se radhe ko – 2
Barsane se bulaye rahi hai
Dono karo swikar kripa kar jogan aarti gaye rahi hai – 2
Bhor bhaye ti sanj dhale tak seva kaun itne mahamaro
Snan karaye wo vastra odhaye vo bhog lagaye wo lagat pyaro
Kabse niharat aapki aur 2
Ki aap hamari aur niharo
Radhe krishna hamare dham ko jani vrindawan dham padharo – 2(Vivah).
Within a week they started their pre -wedding rituals.

Mehendi function…

Soumya came wearing a beautiful lehenga which made Harman fall for her more.

They did mehendi design on her palm.

Soumya showed her mehendi design to Harman.

Seeing H on her palm Harman smiled at her.

H:I feel so happy to see looks as if I have entered your body and soul.
Soumya became so shy that she covered her face with her hands without touching it.

Sangeet function…

Harman Soumya danced romantically.

( Dhaage Tod Laao Chaanadani Se Noor Ke
Ghoonghat Hi Bana Lo Roshani Se Noor Ke )… (2)
Sharm Aa Gayi Toh Aaghosh Mein Lo
Ho Saanson Se Ulajhi Rahein Meri Saansein
( Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke )… (2)
Aa Nind Ka Sauda Karein, Ik Khwaab De, Ik Khwaab Le
Ik Khwaab Toh Aankhon Mein Hai, Ik Chaand Ke Takiye Talein
Kitane Dino Se Yeh Aasamaan Bhi Soya Nahi Hai, Isako Sula De
( Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke )… (2)
Umarein Lagi Kehate Huve, Do Labj The Ik Baat Thi
Woh Ik Din Sau Saal Ka, Sau Saal Ki Woh Raat Thi
Kaisa Lage Jo Chup Chaap Dono, Ho Pal Pal Mein Puri Sadiyaan Bitaayein
Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke
O Dhaage Tod Laao Chaanadani Se Noor Ke
O Ghoonghat Hi Bana Lo Roshani Se Noor Ke
Sharm Aa Gayi Toh Aaghosh Mein Lo

Ho Saanson Se Ulajhi Rahein Meri Saansein
( Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke )… (2) -Jhoom-barabar-jhoom

Zain and Aliya danced immersed in romance.

Suno Na Kahe Kya Suno Na
Dil Mera Suno Na, Suno Zara
Teri Baahon Me Mujhe Rehna Hai Raat Bhar
Teri Baahon Me Hogi Subah
Be Intehaan (Be-Inteha)
Be Intehaan… Hmmm
Yun Pyaar Kar (Yun Pyaar Kar) Be Intehaan
Dekha Karun Saari Umar (Saari Umar)
Tere Nishaan Be-Intehaan
Koi Kasar Naa Rahe, Meri Khabar Naa Rahe
Chhu Le Mujhe Is Kadar Be-Intehaan

Jab Saanson Me Teri Saansen Ghuli Toh
Phir Sulagne Lage
Ehsaas Mere Mujhse Kehne Lage
Haa Baahon Me Teri Aake Jahaan Do
Yun Simatne Lage
Sailaab Jaise Koi Behne Lage
Khoya Hoon Main Aagosh Mein
Tu Bhi Kahaan Ab Hosh Mein
Makhmali Raat Ki Ho Naa Subah
Be Intehaan, Be-Intehaan
Yun Pyar Kar Be-Inteha
Hmmm… – race-2

Abeer Meher danced with cute romantic expressions.

itni mohabbat karo na
main Doob na jaaun kaheen
waapas kinaare pe aana
main bhool na jaaun kaheen
dekha jabse chehra tera
main to hafton se soya nahi..

bol do na zara
dil mein jo hai chhipa
main kisi se kahoonga nahi
main kisi se kahoonga nahi

mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
khwaabon mein aaya karo
nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
mera tum sahara bano
ik tumhe chaahne ke alaawa
aur kuch humse hoga nahi

bol do na zara
dil mein jo hai chhipa
main kisi se kahunga nahi
main kisi se kahunga nahi(Azhar).

Mihir Juhi and Niranjan Kalpana danced.

Hmm…, ho…
Teri bindiya re, re aay haay, teri bindiya re -2
Sajan bindiya le legi teri nindiya
Re aay haay, teri bindiya re

Tere maathe lage hain yu, jaise chanda taara
Jiya mein chamke kabhi kabhi to, jaise koyi angaara
Tere maathe lage hain yu
Sajan nindiya…
Sajan nindiya le legi le legi le legi
Meri bindiya
Re aay haay, tera jhumka re -2
Chain lene na dega sajan tumka
Re aay haay mera jhumka re (Abhiman).

Haldi function…

Soumya looked like a beautiful yellow flower .

Harman was lost in her.She blushed.
They shared a romanic eye lock.
All put haldi on Harman and Soumya’s faces.
Harman imagined Soumya puting haldi on his face.

Realizing that it was only his imagination Harman got embarrassed.Noticing that Soumya felt like laughing.Harman became shy.
They shared a sweet eye lock.

The credit for the edit goes to the unknown editor

Soumya got ready as a bride.

Bhaarat came dancing.

Dulhaa Ban Gayaa Hoy, Ban Gayaa Sadda Barkhurdaar
Ghodi Chadh Gayaa Hoy, Chadh Gayaa Chhadake Motarcaar
Seharaa Saj Gayaa Hoy, Seharaa Saj Gayaa Jalawedaar
Dulhan Dwaar Ghadi Sajan Sang Jaane Ko Tayyaar
Nachaley Hoy
Nachaley Hoy
Hoy Yaara Hoy Ho Mitraa Ho

Niranjan and family welcomed them.

Tere Dwaare Pe Aai Baraat
Tere Dwaare Pe Aai Baraat
Prem Ke Moti Loota De, Nain Swaagat Mein Bichaade
Prem Ke Moti Loota De, Nain Swaagat Mein Bichaade
Ho Jaraa Aadar Ke Sath
Tere Dwaare Pe Aai Baraat
Tere Dwaare Pe Aai Baraat

Harman Soumya sat on the mandap.

Vivaah, Shubh Vivaah
Vivaah, Shubh Vivaah

They exchanged garlands.

Dilli Kaa Rajaa Aayaa Warne Ko Madhupur Ki Raani

Harman Soumya took saath phere.

Hone Ko Hai Aaj Poori Inaki Adhuri Kahaani
Hone Ko Hai Aaj Poori Inaki Adhuri Kahaani

Harman tied nuptial chain around Soumya’s neck.

Phool Khushiyon Ke Khile Hai Badi Mushkil Se Mile Hai
Phool Khushiyon Ke Khile Hai Badi Mushkil Se Mile Hai
Haay Re Tarase Do Hath

He filled the parting of her hair with vermillion.

Tere Dwaare Pe Aai Baraat
Tere Dwaare Pe Aai Baraat

Soumya hugged Niranjan,Meher and Kalpana crying during the time of departure.

Teri Taraf Badh Rahe Hai Nanhaise Pag Beete Kal Ke
Sukh Dukh Ke Is Sangam Pe Naina Hai Kyun Chhalake Chhalake
Sukh Dukh Ke Is Sangam Pe Naina Hai Kyun Chhalake Chhalake
Rit Baabul Ki Nibhaade Apani Betiyaa Ko Widaa De
Rit Baabul Ki Nibhaade Pyaari Betiyaa Ko Widaa De

Soumya was welcomed by Harman’s family.Harman carried Soumya in his arms during grah pravesh making Soumya blushing.

Re Asison Ke Sath Leke Dulhan Ko Laute Baaraat
Baaraat Leke Dulhan Ko Laute BAARAAT – vivah

In the room…
Harman went near Soumya with a saree.
H:How is this saree?
S:It’s beautiful.
H:I bought this for you.I thought I will gift this to you on our nuptial night.

Mujhe Haq Hai

Soumya was surprised.
H:I want you to wear this now.

Tujhko Jee Bhar Ke Mein Dekhu
Mujhe Haq Hai

With a smile Soumya took it from him and wore it.
Harman was mesmerised by her beauty.He looked a her deeply.She could’nt stop blushing.

Bas Yuhhi Dekhta Jao
Mujhe Haq Hai

He came near her:You look beautiful.
She blushed.

Piyaaa Piyaaa
Piyaaa Piyaaa
Bole Mere Jiyaaa

He pulled her closer to him:Soumya…I can’t believe that finally you have become mine.
Now you are mine..
She blushed.

Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai


He looked at her deeply:i love you Soumya.
S:I love you too Harmanji.

Dhal Rahi Peghal Yeh Raat Dheere Dheere
Badh Rahi Hai Pyaar Ki Baat Dheere Dheere
Chudiyan Gun Guna Ke Kya Kahe Sanjanaa
Yeh Chudiyan Gun Guna Ke Kya Kahe Sanjanaa

He went closer to her passionately.

Raat Ki Raat Jagau
Mujhe Haq Hai
Chand Poonan Ka Churaaoo
Mujhe Haq Hai

He pulled her into a passionate embrace.

Piyaaa Piyaaa
Piyaaa Piyaaa
Bole Mere Jiyaaa

Soumya closed her eyes and melted in his soft embrace.

Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai
Tumhe Haq Hai

The room witnessed their love.

The end

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