Vitharv- I am sorry (episode 4)

Hi guys I am really very very sorry fir the late update. I was really too busy. For few weeks I’ll not be able to post the next epi. But I’ll try my best to upload soon as I can.

Epi 4:

Atharv was still sitting beside the lake crying.

“Huh. Now its enough. What do she think of herself? No, I’ll not let her break my heart again.” With high rage in his eyes he got up,” Not Vividha not this time”. He left from there.

At hospital:

“Sujata chachi where is Atharv? When will he come?” Vividha said with high excitement. She was a little bit nervous too. But her heart believed that everything will be good.

On the other hand Sujata was quite tensed. She was pretty sure it was not going to be that easy for Atharv. She knew how his anger reaches its level when he use to hear her name. She was of course that now he must be in a vulnerable situation. She was too worried. How will Atharv react? What if he got too much tampered? How will Vividha react knowing his hatred towards her all these years? All these questions were continuously running in her mind.

And finally the moment came for which Vividha was excited whereas Sujata was tensed. Atharv returned back to the hospital.

He entered Vividha’s ward. Vividha had teary eyes at that time. This time she didn’t let them stop. She let all her tears flow. She just wanted to enjoy the fact that finally his Atharv was back. Finally they’ll be together, forever.

She quickly got off her bed. She ran towards him. She reached to him. She placed her one hand on his cheeks. She started crying.


She pulled him into a hug. She hugged him tightly not wanting him to go. She was so happy but suddenly she became confused when Atharv pushed her apart and shouted.

“Vividha… Just stay away from me. Understand that?” She became shocked.

“Atharv…. What happened? I know you’re angry with me but now no more anger. I knew you’ll come back Atharv. I love y…”

“Shut up. Just shut up. Don’t you dare say the word love. It doesn’t sounds good from your mouth. Do you even know what is love?” He shouted. With each word he said he loosed his temper more and more.

“Atharv… Calm down” she placed her both hands on either sides of his cheeks. “I really love you Atharv. Please don’t leave me again. I know you’re angry with me but…”

“Angry? You really think that I am only angry with you. You have misunderstood Vividha. I am not angry with you I hate you Vividha I hate you, I just hate you” The more he said the word hate the more her heart tore apart. She felt immense pain. She was numb. Gathering some courage she spoke up,” Hate?? You hate me?”

“Yes I hate you. I hate you to the core.”

“No, Atharv you are joking right? You love me. I know you love me. You saved my life because you love me.”

“Can you just stop this nonsense. You really think I saved you because I love you. It was just for the sake of humanity. Nothing else”

She kneeled on the floor. She covered her face with her hand and cried. Atharv started leaving. He stopped at the door and turned back,” And remember Vividha don’t show me your face again”. He left. Vividha felt broken inside. She felt as if her heart had broken into 1000 pieces. Sujata came to her.

“Vividha I am really sorry Atharv should not have done that.” Vividha started crying more.

“Why chachi why? Why he hates me so much? I know I have done mistakes but don’t I deserve a second chance? I know how all these years I have been living in guilt.”

“Calm down Vividha. It’s just that he is not able to forget the past till now.”

“No no no I can’t let this happen again. I can’t loose him. I have to apologise to him. I will do anything for him” she woke up and ran toward the exit of the hospital.

She found Atharv. It could be clearly seen on his face that how broken he was.
She rushed to him. She came behind him. She slowly placed her hand on his shoulder and softly spoke,” Atharv…”

Precap: Atharv was leaving for Delhi. Vividha tried to stop him.

  1. Loved the episode it was so nice and sad too keep writing dear only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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  4. sad episode waiting for vitharv union and ur next episode.

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