Vitharv- I am sorry (episode 2)

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Hi everyone. Thanks to all those who gave me so much of appreciation for the 1st episode. So without wasting time lets start the 2nd epi.

In Delhi:

Atharv came out of his car and entered his company ‘Sujata dairies’. He entered. Everyone wished him Good Morning.

He quickly headed to his cabin. He asked the peon to send Mr. Sharma to his cabin.
Mr. Sharma entered
“Yes sir. You called me?”

“Yeah Sharma ji I wanted to know the status of our project which we will be doing in collaboration with Mr. Mehta.”

“Yes Sir, the project is going good but actually there is a problem.”


“There is some legal paperwork which you have to sign. And actually for that you have to go to Ajmer”

“What? Ajmer?”

“Yeah sir as you know na that Mr. Mehta’s father owns Mehta company and he’s too old. His health doesn’t remain good. So he can’t come to Delhi”

“Then tell them to sent the papers through anyone I’ll sign them”

“Actually he wanted to meet you once before signing the deal.”

“Is there not any other option?”

“No Sir.”

Atharv became tensed and he quickly left for home.

He came home and quickly headed to his room. Sujata noticed him and went to him.

“Atharv…. What happened beta? Why are you so tensed? Is everything alright?”

“No ma nothing is right” He narrates the whole matter to Sujata.

“Maa you know I don’t want to go back to that place. I don’t want to enter my past again.”

“But beta it is your work. You should go. It’s just a matter of 2 days. It’s not necessary that you’ll meet her.”

“But then to maa I don’t want to go back there. It will remind me all those moments which I want to forget forever. ”

“It’s upon you Atharv. I’ll not force you.”
Saying this Sujata left.

Sujata was cooking in the kitchen and thinking. Hey murari is it your sign? Why I feel like it’s good if Atharv go to Ajmer. Hey murari please whatever I am thinking make it true.

Atharva came, ” Maa I have decided. I’ll go to Ajmer but I want you also to come with me. As you know I’ll not be able to handle all that alone. I need you”

“Ok beta. I’ll pack our bags”

In Ajmer:

Vividha was sitting in her room reading a book and she was continuously smiling.

FB showed:

Vividha was sitting in the tabela and was reading a book. Atharv was sitting beside her and was continuously passing glares to her.

She noticed and asked,” What happened Atharv?”

“What will happen to me? You only forgot that besides this book there is someone else too, to whome you should pay attention”

She smiled and pecked on his cheeks,” I am Sorry now my full attention will be on you only”

He smiled. He put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer.,” So, lets romance.”

She pushed him apart,” What are you doing? Someone will see us”

“Let them see”

“You won’t change no.” She headed toward him but she slipped and by mistake slapped him.


“Sorry sorry Atharv you’re Ok?”

“Vividha….. I won’t forgive you”

She ran toward the house and Atharv chased her. He finally caught her and pulled her closer.,” I love you Vividha.”

FB ends

“I love you too Atharv. I wish if I would have trusted you that time you shall be here with me” she started crying saying this.

Precap: Atharv and Sujata came to Ajmer. Atharv went to lake and started crying remembering something.

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Awesome yar nyc…??? precap ???

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you so much. Really Vikku is the best. ???????

  2. awesome super duper episode yar……plz write daily.

    1. Candyfloss

      I’ll try Vimala.

  3. The story is interesting… waiting for next episode

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you Aru

  4. Wow you are you are just amazing it was awesome episode hope Vividha atharva will meet soon really I love your ff till infinity it is just wow only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

    1. Candyfloss

      Thank you so much Aisha. Yes Vitharv will meet soon and there is many twists coming ahead.

  5. Sreelekshmi

    Awesome episode dear ??? keep writing next episode ???

  6. Good going! Purane din yaad aa gayi ?

    1. Candyfloss

      ??? Missing Vitharv very badly.

  7. Sandy17

    Omg mystery…precap??
    Tabela romance??

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