Vitharv made for each other (Episode 8)

Recap: Atharv, ravish, Arohi, vividha reach Disney world

Ath: (talking to himself) why she didn’t reached yet

Viv: (hiding behind comes with smiling face) hello Atharv

Ath: hello by the way she is my secretary arohi(showing Arohi)

Viv: nice meeting Arohi

Arohi: same here

Rav: (he comes after parking the car) shall we go inside?

Ath: oh sure

All four of them first enters The great movie ride, visual centrepiece of Hollywood studios

Vividha, ravish take selfies at the entrance of park

Atharv staring vividha

Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Ho akhiyaan kare jee hazoori
Maange hai teri manzoori
Kajra siyaahi, din rang jaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye plays

Arohi: Atharv Atharv by giving movement

Ath: ha tell me

Arohi: I was calling from 10 minutes where​ were u?

Ath: nothing nothing come we will take selfie along with our new business partners

Then all four take selfie and go inside

Then all four will enjoy each other’s company

It’s night 10 pm

Viv: ok it’s late we have to go home

Rav: ya ok

Ath: (sadly) but it’s only 10 pm we can stay for half an hour more

Viv: no have to go

Ravish, vividha get into car and goes

Viv in car: rav I feel attractive whenever I meet Atharv

Rav: oh why so?

Viv: I don’t know what connection we have? But I feel very happy whenever I meet him

Rav: ok ok, we reached hotel it’s we will discuss about it later

Ravish in room rememberering all park moments

Rav: (talking to himself) why I don’t feel anything weird abt closeness of Atharv, vividha
If I love her I have to feel​ jealous I think I just like her she is not my soul mate
Anyway I am happy to get bestfriend like vividha

To be continued

  1. Sunanda12345

    That’s a cute episode dear. ..keep gng on…

  2. superb
    do continue…

  3. o my god I really liked the episode as i always say so keep writing and hope they fell in love with each other very soon

  4. Veer

    Nice episode. Again ending with no precap, love this because you can’t miss the next episode.

  5. Its really nice …waiting for vitharv moments ?

  6. RAOne

    great carry on good work… really liked it..

  7. Superrbbbbbbb continue the very next episode

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