Vitharv made for each other (Episode 15)

Recap: Vividha realiazes her love for Atharv

Vividha enters into house

Kailash: (shouts) ruk jao ? When u became independent to take decisions by urself? Suman sister called me and cancelled engagement

Viv:(with tears on her face) I really love Atharv.Ravish, me are best friends we don’t love each other

Kailash: mere Peet peeche ye sab chal Raha hai

I will cancel Ankit Naina wedding, how can Atharv look at my daughter, love my daughter
I thought they are respectable family

He immediately lifts phone and calls Ramakant but gets busy tune

Vividha falls immediately on his legs and says don’t do this
Ankit, Naina like each other plz listen to me

Vividha narrates all incidents happened in USA, how Atharv saved her from accident

Vivi: papa Atharv really loves me, I also love him very much. Papa I found my soulmate plz maan jao (tears are rolling from​ her eyes)

Kailash: (angrily) no I will not agree to it ,I will cancel Ankit engagement

Viv: papa suno ,meri baat suno

Kailash goes from there and shuts the​ door of his room

Vividha knocking door

Viv: please papa meri baat suno, don’t cancel Ankit engagement

Kailash didn’t open the door

After one week Ramakant family will have meeting with Kailash family in Ramakant house

Ramakant:Sry bhai sab i was in foreign tour there I was busy so I am unable to lift ur phone call.Today only I returned from foreign I thought me, Sujata should meet ur family personally to discuss marriage preparations

Kailash:(seriously) ha it’s urgent I want to talk to u personally abt ur Laadla beta Atharv

Ramakant: wat he did? He is very gud boy

Kailash: I don’t liked his behaviour during engagement ceremony how can he left in between without meeting guests(Kailash lies to them)

Ramakant: bhai sab he had urgent meeting that’s why

Kailash: I don’t know wat happened but this marriage will happen
When ur son Atharv didn’t participate in any upcoming marriage function

Flashback shown

Viv:(at the door) papa plz don’t spoil Ankit life

Guddi comes from college seeing vividha at the door she immediately runs towards her

Guddi: wat happened didi?

Viv: papa is telling that he will cancel Ankit marriage becoz I love Atharv

Guddi: please didi samalo Apne aapko

Viv: (falls on the floor) ok papa I will forget Atharv plz don’t spoil Ankit life

Guddi:(shockingly) wat are u saying? Hw can u forget Atharv? U love him

Viv: I will do this please papa open the door

Kailash opens the door

Kailash: vividha promise me that u will forget Atharv

Vividha: (crying) promise papa I will do whatever u will say

She immediately runs into room and cries loudly

Flashback ends

After listening Kailash decision that Atharv can’t participate in any marriage function

Ramakant, Sujatha stands up and they are shown from camera upper angle

Naina : sry uncle but I can’t marry ur son

Ramakant: beta wat are u talking

Naina: I don’t want happiness in which my bhai Atharv is not participating

Kailash: hw much attitude u have? We are groom side think twice wat will happen if ur marriage stops

Naina: uncle I like Ankit but I love Atharv much

Ramakant: beta stop it

Sujatha: shant ho jao beta

Kailash: mr Ramakant we are leaving, is this way to treat guests

Sujatha: bhai sab main maafi maangti huin plz sit

After six months

Naina: bhai get ready ur engagement is fixed

Atharv: didi u know I love Vividha a lot i can’t imagine my life without her

Naina: ok I don’t know, papa told to meet that girl

Wat happened to Ankit Naina wedding?

Stay tuned for more details

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  6. o god so sad episode hope vividha atharva meets very soon and hope vividha atharva marriage also takes place very soon and kk accept atharva but what is the problem with atharva if he can fix marriage with his sister than why can’t he but episode was so real really very good

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