Vishkanya 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalpana performs kalimaa pooja. Her mother comes and says she is feeling very ill. Kalpana leaves pooja in between and rushes her mother to hospital in a taxi. Apu and Mittal family perform Kali maa pooja next . Jaii maa kaali…song is played in the background. After pooja, Mandira signals Laila and Laila mixes her blood in Malay’s prasad ladoo. She serves it tor everyone. Avi tries to pick Malay’s paket, but Laila asks him to let elder brother take prasad first and gives blood mixed one to Malay. Nandita asks Malay to go and meet some guest and he tries to keep back prasad and leaave, but she asks to take it. He goes to meet guest. Laila then signals Mandira and Mandira goes and asks Malay to finish prasad. He is about to eat it when he gets someone’s call and leaves. Laila and Mandira fume.

Mandira’s husband and daughter come to meet her. Apu greets them and asks to give surprise to Mandira. Daughter goes and hugs Mandira. Mandira pushes her and asks who is she. She even does not identify her husband. Apu thinks her doubt about Mandira’s was right. Mandira’s husband says he is her husband Rajeshwar. Mandira says she does not want to talk to them as they did not inform before coming. Husband apologizes. Apu picks child anda sks what is her name. Husband says her name is Rajshri. Malay comes and takes child to give chocolates. He gives her many and asks t choose one. Apu taunts Malay gives work to everyone and is make small child work by choosing choc. Malay says it is better than spoiling work. Rajshri asks them to stop fighting and leaves. Malay and Apu’s verbal argument starts. Apu says she has one more chance to prove black smoke pocesses this house. Rajshri touches Mandira while running and Mandira fumes.

Mandira rests in her room and sees smoke building all over her room. Apu enters room with smoke machine. Mandira shouts what rubbish is this. Apu reminisces Rajshri telling her that her mom has severe asthma and cannot withstand smoke. She asks Mandira show her inhaler pump. Mandira asks what rubbish. Apu says she knows she is not Mandira and is a black smoke. She removes mirror and is shocked to see very very old chudail as Mandira.

Precap: Mandira confesses in front of Apu that she killed Mandira and Chikki, but wil not kill her as she will do something else to ther. Apu says she will inform her truth to Malay. She sees MMS in which Kalpana is kidnapped and tied.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Hi guys
    Love u apu as always.

    1. Kathy

      First to comment…. Means… Yesterday’s gold medalist…..?
      Congrats dear…

  2. Anika

    What rubbish is going on this serial ! Totally fed up with this blacksmoke track . We tolerated Vardaan somehow but can’t take this nonsense track. Why CVs always forget that it is Vishkanya-ek anokhi prem kahaani not Vardaan- ek mahaan patni or Black smoke-a budhiya chudaili :-/

    1. Exactly! fed up of this track

    2. Kathy

      Agreed dear…

  3. Thanks for the update mam

  4. Interesting

  5. Such a nice track… now only supernatural elements need to be brought in. Get in some more dayans, and all that stuff and viola! another ssk

  6. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Holy marshmallows!
    what a show! (notice the sarcasm)
    U guys copy Game Of Thrones and pretend to make a whole new Supernatural track.
    The black smoke(aka Old Fudging Chudail) is just a copy of melisandre in GOT. You make a whole new version of the Red Woman only with the fact her real face can be seen in mirror.
    Apu please contact the Winchester brothers if u can’t handle all these witch and ghost stuff alone. You know a matter-of-fact

  7. Seen more vardan-malay than appu malay and now this is going to end without giving malay appu some good scenes together. Very disappointed. The start was so good.

    1. Agreed Dear

    2. The start was indeed good now there is nothing to watch in this serial

    3. Kathy


  8. Hi guys, the epi is okay, this black smoke track is ridiculous nd malay y he is behaving like this. Show the love track of apulay before it was vardaan now this mandira.

    1. Kathy

      Agreed Dharhu…. How u doing???

  9. Well same old story, evil force ?

  10. Elsa

    Hi guys ab mujhe Pata chal Gaya ki black smoke track ke baAd vishkanya 16 ko cmplt Ho jaayega….

    1. Anika

      Wow Elsa your Display Photo is just awesome!
      I also love Kartik-Naira.
      Infact I’m kaira holic.
      Why don’t you join yeh rishta kya kehlata hai family ?

    2. Elsa

      Yeah actually der I’m silent reader bcz I watch serial only fr Karthik nd naira

  11. Kathy didi wish you a happy belated birthday ? nd its too late to wish you bt still nw you can enjoy your birthday ?

    1. Kathy

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  12. Wish you a happy belated birthday kathy didi nd too late to wish you bt till now to can enjoy your birthday ?

  13. Who is the black smoke ?And why she is behind apulay?

    1. I don’t know exactly but may be the black smoke is the old lady chudail and wants apulay’s child

    2. Kathy

      Lipi…Mandira is a chuidail… N she wants to get her youth back. Malay and Apu’s vishkanya and human mixed child’s blood will keep her youth alive….. Once she said this to laila…

  14. Wt the hell is going on??????

    1. Nagma after soooo much time Dear where were u we all missed you Dear and specially Kathy Di she missed you all alooooooot she is busy in some work that’s why she didn’t came here otherwise if she came then she will be sooooo much happy seeing you here after sooooo long and take care of yourself and your’s

    2. Kathy

      Oh dear… Am glad to see u back…. Happy u comment .. It’s been ages… How u doing???

  15. Vardaan track was more interesting than the evil force track, some of you have to agree (if not at all). Now it is toooooooooo boring. I am only waiting for the end.

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