Vishkanya 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardaan breathes her last breaths. Malay says he will rush her to hospital, nothing will happen to her. Vardaan says she will not survive. Apu says she should tell that. Vardaan says her time is over, asks Apu to tae care of Malay, asks Malay to forget her and not cry remembering her, and passes away. Malay and Apu cry loudly. Kasturi also dies apologizing her boss that she could not get him Apu’s poison.

Serial takes a 3-month leap. Kumkum decorates house for Av’s engagment. Apu serves breakast to Malay and says they just found girl for Avi 1 month ago and today it is his engagment. Malay yells at Apu and gets up without having breakfast. Apu asks him to carry lunchbox at least as servant has to drop it everyday. He shouts she is not his wife to order him. He looks at Vardaan’s photo on wall and leaves. Apu looks at photo and tells Vardaan that Abhi misses her a lot.

While decorating house, servant removes protective lemon chilli threads from door and thros it. Kasturi’s boss/black smoke enters house. Avi complains that he does not like his fiance and does not want to marry her. Kumkum scolds him that already Malay ruined this house, she will not let him ruin it further. Avi feels disheartened. Kumkum goes to her room and black smoke comes there. Kumkum senses someone’s presence and goes out to check. Black smokes sees herself in mirror and sees a horrible looking chudail/ghost. Kalpana returns but Apu calls her to check sweets and goes back.

Nandita goes to kitchen and yells at Apu. She tells Kajaria’s are coming and she will fix Malay’s marriage with their daughter. Nandita then speaks to her sister Mandira who informs that she is coming tonightt. Nandita gets excited. Apu goes out of house and sees lemon chilli thread on ground and sees lemon turning blacks, gets worried.

Engagement party starts and Nandita greets guests. Kajarias come and she starts showing too much affection on them.

Precap: Malay asks Nandita how can she think of his marriage so soon and scolds even Apu for being on Nandita’s side. Kasturi’s boss takes Mandira’s form after killing her

Update Credit to: MA

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  3. I’m malay love apu r not???
    how can he forget apu after getting married to vardhan???
    and now after death of vardhan he scolds apu for giving food and taking care of malay is a mad man????

    1. Kathy

      Same doubt here maanu…

    2. i don’t think that he ever loved apu

    3. Nandana

      i don’t know dear what kind of man is he and why he is scolding appu . as appu is not his servant to scold her and she didn’t do anything in vardaan’s death . what is this malay thinking ????????

    4. he is titled as dhokeaaz mittal by one of our family member(Shai) due to his this unique characteristic

    5. I too have d same doubt☹️☹️☹️

  4. omg again engagement and marriage drama… this serial will alwz get stick to these shit. they don have any story, don wanna read update even

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    2. exactly!! same track of marriage going on even after the leap

    3. some things never changes

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  5. hai vishkanya family ..i am new to this site…before i used to hate vardan but now i love her..misss u vardan..u saved apu..

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  6. Nowrin

    Finally Vardan is dead… Again Malay’s marriage! Oh please how many time Malay is gonna get married?! I guess even Malay has been tired and board of marriages lol?

    1. Kathy


  7. Viashkanya is becoming boring

  8. Missing vardaan

    1. she can’t come back so what’s ur plan about the serial

  9. Apu was looking beautiful in that purple Saree …. Today …

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  10. Feeling bad for apu… she’s not at fault. And what is this Malay doing? I agree that he’s in grief but that doesn’t mean that he can yell at apu

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    Thnx for the update mam!! This malay is worst.. He can marry any ——-apu pls marry another new lead

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      Hi Kathy akka.. Akka tmr I will send rettai Vaal kuruvi ff.. where is rufina?? Anyways.. I have decided to write for 15epi!! Shaadi spl.. and many knee qubool hai show shaad(varun rookey) he is villain for the story which u write????????

    3. Kathy

      Wow…. So happy to hear.. Am gonna read RVK again.. Missed it a lot… Thanks naren….

    4. Nandana

      yes bro that maly is a stupid and should marry another new lead

    5. True but only if the writers introduce a new male lead

    6. agreed

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  13. chalo accha hai k vardaan mar gya.apulay made fr each othr..when he leaving frm home his shrt btn get stuck wd apu’s dupatta.datz so nice..

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  14. Can anyone plz tell why cvs made Malay love Vardhan and again Vardhan died… Is this a love war or competition that Malay had to luv as many as he can till death

    1. Kathy

      It because these CVs are idiots… N hi dear.. How u doing??? After long time…

    2. don’t know Dear but may be they had the same plan as u describe happy to see u

  15. Hi guys, feeling Pitty for apu they could have shown chipkali existing from the show by some other way as nw this malay is really wrong, guys i think wen this Mandira tries to atck apu then this idiot malay will realize his love for apu nd really this chipkali is so mahaan nd instead of crying they could have taken to her hospital. Chipkali is dead bt also the show is boring they could have shown her as alive nd could have united malay nd chipkalli nd also showing apu paired with a new hero nd nt like malay. They had spoiled the character of malay nd hw many times marriage nd this marriage also get cancelled?. This show has lost the charm.

    1. Well said

    2. Kathy

      Agreed Dharhu….. N CVs.. Spoil the show… N now it’s out of track… N the concept is totally changed…

    3. agreed. they have spoilt the character pf malay and even of apu

    4. Nandana

      u r correct dear

    5. agreed Dear but the I think the cvs r using their idiot mind best to spoil the serial

    6. Agreed dear

  16. I don’t know what’s going on this show. Guys I don’t think that the writers make a new lead for appu . I just hate that Malay.he is worst

    1. Kathy

      Don’t know what this writers are upto.. Will wait…

    2. even i don’t want him for apu

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  17. Kathy

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    Poor Apu…. Felt bad for her…. How Could Malay treat her like this… ???? stupid….

    1. Agreed Kathy .he himself admitted it in the serial as “idiot”

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  20. Kathy


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    Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could go no farther. Then the man decided to help the butterfly, so he took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily.

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    Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If God allowed us to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been.

    And we could never fly.

    1. Nandana

      nice thought

    2. Such a nice message

    3. anything which happens it happens because it needs to be happened and every incident happens to teach others their required lessons for the life

    4. Well said ooshi???

    5. Happy u commented me

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