Vishkanya 22nd december 2016 fan fiction

Sorry guys for late update..

The episode starts with malay holds apu hand and cries his tears falls on apu’s hand..suddenly her hand moves..tears rolls on happiness..Malay shouts for doctor..he comes there and tells malay to leave out..doc uses some machine and apu struggles for her life.Malay walks out and sees temple bell rings..he goes inside and shouts at god and asks why always this happens with me and apu?he cries..Kalpana comes there and consoles him..tapur and abhi also comes there and tells him to be strong..Vardhaan comes there and sees them happy and gets furious..he calls one man and asks is he is ready?he tells yes…all stands shocked after seeing vardhaan speaking to someone..malay comes there and asks her why she is here?

apu shouts…she removes her mask and shouts malay name..nurse comes there and calls malay..telling him about apu situation..suddenly a snake comes there and stands before malay.,he gets shocked..doc shouts only 10min more..if apu does not speak with u then she won’t take treatment..plzzz come malay..malay tells here is some problem..he cuts the call..snake slowly surrounds kalpana..she shouts in pain..malay tries to leave but snake face is tells him to be here otherwise kalpana will be dead..malay gets shocked..Kalpana tells him to go and save apu life..Naagin shouts not to move..malay stands..8min more..

Vardhaan comes there and smiles broadly and shouts at naagin to leave them and laughs..she tells malay that u should marry me infront of god and police..then i will leave kalpana and u can see apu also..if not..then nobody can be saved// she laughs..malay throttles her..she advices him only 7min more..he thinks about his moments with apu and cries..vardhaan advices him not to cry..she comes closer but he moves..vardhaan tells this is only chance or way to save kalpana and apu..kalpana shouts nooo..malay sits in mandap they take wedding rounds…3min more..he makes her wear sindoor and mangalsutra..kalpana shouts..Vardhaan signs naagin to kill kalpana..she kills..malay gets shocked..he asks why did u do this?vardhaan tells i am not savitiri to do as i say..she laughs..

malay runs side hospital apu face was covered with white blanket..doc tells she is no more..Malay stands shocked…he cries..Allah warriyan plays…

Precap: 5yrs leap……..apu organizes bd day party for her 4yrs daughter naina..Malay walks in road begging for food..

sorry guys for making malay as beggar..sooo next epi i will update whenever i find time..merry christmas and happy new year to vishkanya family members bye

  1. Shocking update bro.malay beggar seems to be funny for me..

    1. Kathy

      Ur the gold medalist of this episode dear… ?
      Congrats …??

    2. Narendran

      guess..there is a twist which u don’t expect..before jan 1st i will update one more epi

    3. Kathy

      Ur the gold medalist of this update dear…?

      Congrats …??

    4. congrats to our today’s gold medalist

  2. Kathy

    Thanks for the update naren….

  3. Kathy

    OMG!!!! What’s happening …??

  4. Kathy

    Malay bigger… Apu dead… What about kalpana… ???? ???

    1. Kathy

      * beggar

    2. Kathy

      Opss apu is alive …

    3. Narendran

      kalpana is not dead which u will come across in next few epi..full of magics,love my story guess what will be magic? epi there is 5 question which will be asked below update..u guys try to is not fan fiction pt of view it is show pt of view

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  7. Apu didn’t dead that so nice naren…but y vardaan let Malay to beg…I hope u have lot more twist in it….like the way of story…

    Hi my vk family,how r u all???I missed u all …
    Good morning and great day ahead.???

    1. Kathy

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      hi maanu how r u guys?actually yesterday i saw comment box is closed so i updated next epi soon to stay connect

    3. we r happy that u did this for us

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  8. Narendran

    i am gonna update new ff which will be based on vishkanya,matsh,pardesh mera dil and shakthi show..soon it will be updated plzzz check and is funny there will not be more senti scenes..only laughable scenes that tooo malay character and apu character is jolly

    1. Kathy

      Eagerly waiting for the new FF naren… Wish u good luck..

    2. best of luck for the new ff but also give required time to your studies how was your papers and will u had holidays next days

  9. Nandana

    Thank u for the update bro . And I really liked the episode but it was shocking and the precap too Malay as beggar is shocking and the twist behind appu …… And Merry Christmas and Happy new year bro . And waiting for ur new ff Bro……

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    now only i have sent soon tu will post..ff name is A new age love story..four shows as i told above..i will share link if possible or whoever gets link first plzz share..good evening to vk memebera

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