Vishkanya 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalpana sees Kasturi getting dagger from black magic to kill Apu. She tries to stab Kasturi with knife, but Kasturi catches and beats her. She falls unconscious. Kasturi smears knife on unconscious Kalpana.

Malay and Vardaan’s premarriage rituals start. Apu and Avi dance on Mujhse shadi karogi and other songs. Malay and Vardaan then dance. Apu garlands them and says they are made for each other. Vardaan says she got love in Malay and best friend in Apu.

Apu lights lamps and thinks Malay and Vardaan will be together forever today, then reminisces burning portrait and hopes nothing bad happens today. She then thinks where is her mamuni.

Kasturi confines Kalpana in a coffin and buries her. Kalpana wakes up and finds herself in a coffin. She shouts at Kasturi to get her out. Kasturi holding dagger laughs. Apu searches Kalpana at home and finds Kasturi’s letter that if she wants her mother back, she needs to come some area. Apu orders security to not let Kasturi in and shows her pic. Vardaan sees that and asks what is the issue. Apu says everything is fine. Vardaan insists and Apu tells Kasturi kidnapped Kalpana and has asked her to reach particular spot. Vardaan sees pic and tells where the place is. Apu rushes out asking Vardaan to stay calm and not stop marriage at any cost.

Kasturi waits for Apu and laughs on Kalpana that her daughter will come and once she comes, she will lose her life.

Precap: Vardaan thinks she cannot marry risking Apu’s life.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Siddhi

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  2. Nandana

    i think this vardaan will die

    1. Kathy

      Even I think so…

  3. May be vardaan will get killed when she trys to save apu

    1. Kathy

      Yes dear… Even am think so…

  4. Narendran

    Thnx for the update mam..

  5. Narendran

    Come on vardhaan mahaan pls sacrifice u r life..

    1. Naren be patient and see what will happen

  6. What the hell is wrong with this series. They are killing us with new drama every day

    1. It’s their ability shouldn’t we give medals to them for their this ability

  7. Halima Yahaya

    I actually like the direction this series is taking. …just bring a new hero for apu that will love her alot

    1. I agree to your demand

  8. Nice episode but avi should not be paired with apu and vardhaan should die

    1. What to say?

  9. Swati_bhardwaj


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  10. Such am evil lady Kasturi is!! why her track is even introduced… to torture the viewers more.

    1. Kathy

      What else can b expected from this cvs dear…. Just torture us

    2. Agreed Di

    3. We thought this about chipkali too

  11. I hope apu will be safe and i want malay and apu couple to be together..they both are made for each-other

    1. Let’s see what will happen but we don’t want our apu with a person whose decisions change time to time

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  13. What the hell is this.realy bullshit.i thought drama is about apu.i dontbknow actually is about vardaan!!!I dont hate vardaan anymore but I did not understand what shit is this!!!!

    1. U know what shit is this u yourself called it bullshit then what is the point to question just joking don’t mind

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  15. Nowrin

    Once it used to be my favourite show but it’s just getting illogical and worst day by day?
    Now what’s next? Will Apu die or that so called greatest irritating Vardan will sacrifice her and again be showed as mahan?!?

    1. What will be the show’s story it doesn’t matters we r here for our family and will be always and I don’t even read the updates

  16. Kathy

    Thanks MA mam for the update…

  17. Kathy

    Totally confusing plot…????

  18. Kathy

    Once vardhaan’s death .. What’s next ???? again Malay n apu wedding … Nanditha’s conspiracy … Revenge… Blah blahblah…. Same old story…

    1. Di don’t think much about the story take it casually don’t give it importance

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  20. Hello frnds thx for the updates.. because of my baby i cant watch the show i just read the story. Thx again. Good nite.. n see u all next week

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    3. Kathy… veer is very brave.. to be honest i cant understand how cme his mum left him n went. She is getting married to her ex ths december..

    4. What’s the baby’s name? Your age? And sad to know the tragedy happened with you but where r ur parents sorry if u don’t want to talk about it or if I hurt u very very sorry. sorry again

    5. Understood the part of question about parents answer the left ones Di will say u some thing Hopeful when she will read your comment

    6. Baby name is veer, im 25yrs. Actually i live in uk n wrk here. Mum n dad r in mauritius. Because of wrk i cant look after him so mum comes for 6 months then dad for 6 again as tourists. After the divorce of bro i took the baby n came here. Now the baby is my life. No need to b sorry dear.. its destiny

    7. Baby name is veer. Im 25yrs. I live in uk..Mum n dad r in mauritius. Every 6 months mum come then dad.. because of my wrk i cant stay wz the baby for long time. After divorce of bro i took the baby n looking after him. Ne he is my life. We cant stay without each other. No need to say sorry dear as this is destiny

    8. Kathy

      Vandana…. Yes We cannot change the destiny but we can overcome it… N am sure u must b a strong girl… N am glad to know that ur looking after ur little nephew … He must b very lucky to have such good family… Veer means brave right… Am sure he is brave as his name… Take care dear…

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    12. Veer date of birth is 26th september

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