Vishkanya 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu pleads Vardaan to have mercy on her and not inform about her secret to family. Vardaan says she will not, but she will not have leave this house right now. Apu says it is midnight now, she will go in the morning. Vardaan says she will not let her stay for even a minute and will get outhouse cleaned. She should leave in the morning and tell family that she will never come back here. Apu agrees. Vardaan says we will meet in the mornign then and leaves. Apu fumes that Vardaan did wrong by making her enemy, now she will repent. Nobody can get rid of vishkanya, she will not go from this house.

Malay wears Vardaan’s gifted night dress. Abhi comes to take laptop and says he did not want to wear bhabhi’s gifted dress and now he is wearing hit. Malay nervously asks him to take laptop and go. Vardaan enters. Malay points at dress. She asks if he still loves Apu. He says yes, but he has moved on and does not want to talk about her. She says if he trusts her. He says yes. She will tell she will test him later. Malay things why she is talking like this.

Vardaan goes to kitchen to prepare food and walks out hearing bell sound thinking Nandita must be calling her. Apu enters and mixes some chemical in food. Vardaan comesback and Apu hides under table thinking Vardaan cannot do anything.

Kumkum loudly cries wandering around house that her aunt is ill. Abhi asks to stop crying as they are going anways and brings bags. Apu stands in a corner and smirks thinking Kumkum is a fool, she is panicking with just one fake phone call. Kumkum cries that Vardaan did not come say her good bye. Vardaan comes and thinks if Malay goes with Kumkum, she cannot kick out Apu. Apu brings food for Malay and says she has prepared bengali dishes for him, he can it on the way. Vardaan reminisces temple lady’s warning that she should not let anyone eat Apu’s prepared food. She tells Avi that food will be cold by afternoon, so they should have lunch in a dhaba. Avi says okay and returns Apu’s food. Vardaan says Apu wants to say something. Apu says Vardaan was tired yesterday….Vardaan threatens her, but Apu stands smirking. Kumkum says she will listen to her later, she has to reach her aunt first and leaaves…

Vardaan threatens Apu why did not she tell that she will leave this house, she did drama yesterday. Vardaan strangulates her neck and says she did wrong by trusting her. She breaks glass with her hand, blood falls on floor and catches fire. Avi calls Vardaan, but Apu kicks phone away and warns Vardaan that she cannot gid her rid of this house, so she should keep her mouth shut, and leaves. Vardaan hurriedly blows off fire.

Kumkum on the way sees her aunt and says she got a call that she is dying. Aunt says she is fit adn fine and is going on a holy trip with her team to Kolkota. Malay thinks Vardaan wanted to tell her something, she must be in trouble.

Precap: Apu threatens Vardaan that she will drop Nandita with wheelchair from stairs if she tries to expose her secret. Vardaan says she will be exposed eventually even if she kills her. Apu pushes her towards railing saying whatever she likes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  4. I really don’t know what to say about the epi..but only say this its boring..lost interest even to read the written update…

    1. Kathy

      Same here rufina dear…

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  10. guys please update me on something.
    As far as i know and remember, i remember that Vardaan knows that Aparajita is a Vishkanya.
    She saw her in full blue avatar just before her and Malay’s marriage.
    Vardaan also wanted to tell the family about her truth but Apu and Kalpana blackmailed her.
    Then she went to the library and got a book and came to know that Apu is a Vishkanya.
    The why suddenly now the writers are showing as if Vardaan does not know anything?
    Why is she still trying to find out who Apu is?

    Are the writers having a memory loss or are they thinking us to be fool?
    Or did i miss something or misunderstand something?

    1. Kathy

      Mandal… Ur write …. Earlier they showed that … As chipkali/ vardhaan knows the truth… N even she informed about this to nanditha… N now am sure that cv’s has a serious amnesia …. N should b treated soon… Else will have to suffer by their show..???

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  12. Boring malay is gng to fall for that chipkali atleast bring another hero for apu yaar really my hope is totally devastated of apulay reunion wat they showed first nd wat they’re showing this malay nt even trying to know the truth really this serial is nw borrrrring?

    1. Kathy

      Even I want someone better for Apu…. This Malay is hopeless ….

  13. Really getting bored of this serial tbese days. Hate hate hate vardaan.feel like slapping her every time she is shown!! Vardaan and her boring talks and ways to fasao malay!! Ufff. ANd this malay turned out to b so damn spineless!!
    Also vardaan knows that apu is vishkanya…why is it shown that she dsnt know/remember anything? Has she lost her memory??!??! Previous epi was shown that vardaan saw apu in vishkanya blue form…kalpona told to kill her but apu spared her then vardaan reads in library book abt vishkanya etc. so why now behaving as if she dsnt know anything?? Vardaan verrrry irritating!

    1. Kathy

      Give a tight slap from my side too…. ?? i think more than chipkali … Cv’s having a amnesia …. A serious one…. N ofcourse she is so irritating….

  14. Muslima

    There is nothing wrong with Vardaan. I actually like her character. I don’t know why people hating. Just Saying. 🙂

    1. Kathy

      Tnx for the comment muslima… It because .. This serial is about vishkanya n her anokhi prem kahani… Even we all members start to watch this serial because of it different concept… N we loved the pair Malay n Apu… Together … We are the witness of their luv story we saw how much they luv eachother how Malay loved Apu n stood for Apu in all her difficulties all the way …. Chipkali/ vardhaan came here to attend their marriage ceremony only….

  15. Vardhan save yourself , apu iis too dangerous.p

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  19. Kathy

    I just hate the story…. it’s getting worse nd worse everyday. Still this chipkali Scene is going on when you will stop this nonsense…… N now she is acting as she doesn’t about apus vishkanya thing… ??
    People are watching TV to come out their pressure and just relax their tension and media is supposed to entertain and educate. While watching the show now a days, the work pressure and other tensions are better than getting irritated by watching It…. All serials are sailing in the same boat i.e. stories are similar only….. I thought its in a different concept but I was wrong …

  20. Yeah human and poisonous human love story is different love story and normal human love story is bakwass.
    Malay marry apu and then die then it will become anokhi prem kahani.

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