Vishkanya 16th october 2016 fan fiction

The episode starts with Transgenders surround malay and asks for money..he searches for purse but he finds it is not there and gets shocked..he checks in apu bag and in all places..transgenders asks for money..Malay tells sorry i don’t have..transgenders tells do u think we are fools..??..u will come out with u r wife that too without money?apu tells them to leave as they forgot purse at home..Transgenders taunts of them comes near apu and blesses her and tells her to leave from here ASAP…she asks why?she tells apulay to leave from here soon..other kinnars asks u r our side or their side?she tells i am not ur side or their side i am in side of god..she removes her make up and they all gets is Soumya..all tells soumya to leave from here or they will kill her also..she tells them to kill her first..all stands shocked..

Malay asks her who is she?she tells u don’t know me?malay denies..she tells my real name is Temple bell falls down..vardhaan..all gets shocked..while apu gets stunned..she prays god that she needs malay..i won’t let anyone enter into our life..apu interferes and tells she is no more and tells her to stop her act and pushes her..malay gets concerned..apu falls down unconscious..Malay takes both of them to hospital..doc tells vardhaan is fine but apu…..malay asks how is she?they tells she is pregnant..Malay gets happy..vardhaan gets shocked and tells malay..i am leaving…he asks why r u leaving?she tells u r living a happy life why i should interefere

Vardhaan sheds crocodile tears..malay hugs her and tells her to stay here then only i will be happy and apu also..vardhaan tells she is not happy when i came there..she denied me and pushed me..malay tells she thought that u r not original..and we fired her..he tells i also have same doubt but i saw u r true i believe u r real vardhaan..apu comes out and sees malay speaking with vardhaan and gets angry and walks out..malay comes there and tries to stop her but she does not listen to his words and leaves from there in car..
He stands shocked..vardhaan keeps her hand on malay shoulder..he hugs her..Apu goes near gate and comes back and tries to call malay..but he was hugging vardhaan and does not see her..she leaves from there angrily..

Precap: Malay brings vardhaan to house..apu brings vardhaan to store room and makes her sit..and locks it,,cockroaches

  1. Nandana

    happy to see u updated it 🙂 and very nice …

  2. Nandana

    But why this vardaan again 🙁 ? Is she the true vardaan ? 🙁

    1. Ya..y vardhaan again… is she gonna separate apu and malay..plz don’t do that….after lots of issues they r united…so don’t do that…it’s a request…

  3. Siddhi

    Happy that you updated and the episode is nice very very vet much nice

  4. Nandana

    Good morning guys

  5. Nandana

    Hey where r u guyss ?

    1. I am here..

  6. Happy to see the update..It wa nice but again vardhaan hope she does not make apulay separate

  7. Siddhi

    Guys I am really happy as my forget today gifted me a branded mobile watch

  8. Guys where r u??missing u guys a lot.

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