Vishkanya 16th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Apu gets ready in yellow sari thinking of Malay. Malay comes calling Kumkum and asking if she gave medicine to Nandita. Apu hears him and seeing him passing by calls him and asks to tie her blouse lace. He nervously says he will send Kumkum. She insists. He hesitantly ties lace. She says she bought yellow sari today and asks how is it. He says it is nice. Vardaan enters and fumes in jealousy. Apu sasks even she wore yellow sari, what a coincidence. Vardaan angrily leaves. Malay walks behind her and tries to explain that he did not go there himself. She says he need not explain. He tries aAgain. She keeps hand on his mouth. He says he will change, but she does not move. Their nok jhok continues.

Apu’s skin turns blue and she panics. She sees her herbal paste and everything missing. She thinnks if there is something in sari, but then ignores it. Vardaan knocks door. Apu reminisces Vardaan warning her that she will know who she is and realizes Vardaan is the culprit. Vardaan reminisces stealing Apu’s herbal items and tells Apu that she found her herbal kit in dustbin, servant must have thrown it thinking it as garbage.

Apu opens door and stands turned. Vardaan asks her to turn. Apu turns and shows her blue skin. Vardaan stands shocked and asks who is she. Apu says she wanted to know who she is, she is vishkanya and poison runs in her body, now she wants to know what she did with her. Vardaan shows her sari border and says it is of silver and any evil spirits other than human cannot tolerate silver, she is vishkanya and got affected. She starts harrassing Apu that she will expose her in front of everyone. Apu holds her leg and pleads not to expose her identity and tells how Kalpana told she is vishkanya, she does not want to harm anyone. Vardaan reminisces Apu throwing Nandita outside home and asks Apu to leave her home right now.

Precap: Apu fumes that Vardaan does not know whom provoked, nobody can get rid of vishkanya. Vardaan asks Malay if he still loves Apu. He says yes. She says she wants to tell something about Apu.

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  1. HarSHaN

    What’s the pblm in TU server?
    couldn’t connect for the past days..Hw r u frndzz?☺
    A mythic story 3:Dev is searching a long lost language..He finally meets Sona n her grandma who knows the language..Now…..Dev asks “What was there on tat empty of image actually?”Sona’s grandma says”A clown faced man hanged by a rope”..Dev n Sona shocked..While saying,Grandma see Aara is seeing them from steps of upstairs..Grandma calls Aara n tells her go to play outside..Grandma continues the story afr Aara leaves…“Long time ago,at the time of continental migration of human,a crooky n handsome magician-like clown also traveled..His name is not known bt Ijo,a believed name….…..”Story comes as FlasHBack……..Loc:Unknown..Time:Unknown..The people with their families migrated to other a long journey…A long hair n bearded man performs magic for childrens in his way..Actually,*Ijo..(*Ijo is none other than Dev)Childrens were surprised while seeing a bird sitting on his flute also follows his flute musicby its imitate..“Parade De La Bastille(Instr version)(Tamasha)” in tribal style plays in bg..(Sona’s Grandma says its a tribal music?)While playing the flute,Ijo also surprised..Bcoz,He saw near tat bird ,a petal of a small flower also there on flute..actually on his hands in playing mode..N saw the bird again..The bird saw him n was strting to fly..Ijo (Dev) stopped his flute n took the petal onhis hands n saw the bird..The bird reached a girl’s flower on her head,*Sono(*none other than Sona) in tribal style,colored beads n feathers attached on her dress..Ijo saw her n thinks”Like her beauty,Maybe She had gud hearted”..Again the same bg music played..Ijosaw some people playing musical (old) instruments n thought”Like this music,She looks..”Sono(Sona) accidentally saw Ijo (Dev)..“ same bgmusic)”people’s musical voices make the eyelock magical…Hope U like tiz frndzz..Tanq for reading n write ur cute thoughts..

    1. Bhai u have a great writing talent bhai….A beautiful story…i hope that ljo is not hanged to rope..

    2. HarSHaN

      Tanq Sis..Tats man is also Ijo..Hanged for a reason..I find tat twist for writing in thoughts yesterday..Today U’ll enjoy tat

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      Tanq Shai.n Rufina..I m unable to write today..time passing with powercut n battery is waiting to go very low .Till the content is not get in minds..TU also again strting its error again a little..U’ll get the epi Tom sure..Sorry for tat..

    5. Kathy

      Good going harshan… As always good episode keep writing…

    6. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy

  2. Badddd

  3. lol..vardan aunty knows everything ryt
    still she is bhvng lyk a Naive
    if she didn’t know, saadi kiyu malay se
    kiyu alaag kiya apulay ko..

  4. Thanks for the update MA mam. .

  5. ohhhhhhhh apu kill vardhaan

  6. HarSHaN

    Tanq ma for the updates bt the track goes again bad

  7. Apu just get lost

  8. Nandana

    Hi friends how r u ? Nowadays I am little busy and the tu also was not available so I didn’t comment and my exams starts on tomorrow so for three days I won’t be able to comment and I will start commenting on Wednesday evening as my exams will get over on Wednesday only 3 days but one day there will be 2 exams each so I want to study more I will try to comment if I gets time .

    Bye friends 🙂 🙂

  9. Nandana

    And harshan very nice and I really liked it and continue writing dear:) and Thx MA mam for the update

    1. HarSHaN

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  10. Ankit Gupta is main lead in vishkany and he will be paired with appu

    1. Shai

      What r the sources

    2. Thanks for sharing that peppy info Dipu.

  11. Nandana

    Happy to know the news about vishkanya and now get out chipkali and her pathi malay nowadays malay is after that chipkali so get out

  12. Nandana

    But malay’s acting is nice but now i started to hate him due to that chipkali. And dipu i searched about this in google but i didnt find it can u plz send the link

  13. I was not telling anyone till now but I don’t like Apu.want to give her a slap.u witch.

  14. what nonsense are u written.vardhan harassing appu.write clearly.otherwise stop writting.and precap also vardhan asks malay if i can tell something will u belive or not.but you didnt write

  15. HarSHaN

    A mythic story 4:
    “Granny..Granny..No one is playing out”Aara comes in her childish run..
    Dev,Sona n Grandma sees her n Dev said”Granny..I think we make the story’s remaining in stop..I’ll come Tom aftr school strts..Now Itz Aara’s time..”
    Grandma nods her head.Dev calls Aara n asked”Chocolatey..Now we r doing some magic here like in school”
    Aara asked”Really Uncle?!!”with excitement..
    Dev sees her eyes n said 3..2..1 by her empty hands…
    A Lil Teddy appears in his hand..Grandma n Sona also surprised..with Aara..
    Dev leaves aftr saying Sona n Sona’s grandma..
    Sona thinks”Maybe I’m wrong..He is gud”…with a undefined smile like Vinci’s Monalisa..
    Dev thinks”After a long struggle,I find the empty of that image..So,the image is not get in future..We made tat today artificially”..
    Loc:Dev’s house..
    Dev strted filling the image artificially in 32nd page..
    Dev thinks abt the perfect Ijo (oldDev in tribal mode) for drawing..n said in mind “Sure the hanged clown man was Ijo if the flute also there with woman as like as Granny said”..
    He closes the note n takes papers..
    N strts to try the two diff images of Ijo..-Ijo with a flute in first meet with Sono (OldSona in tribal mode)..and hanged clown faced Ijo..
    Taking the note,Dev strted drawing in new page..according to the story Grandma said..
    Hanged clown faced Ijo with a flute n the petal of the flower on his another hand..
    N with a smile with seeing Sono..
    And also by using the image in 32nd page,Dev draws also Sono’s Image..
    Sono with the flower n an eye tear like in the 32nd page n also the bird in her head..
    Aftr finishing the image,Dev sees tat..
    “I think it would be like tiz..Soon,I’ll find tiz mystery”
    Loc:Sona’s house..
    Sona thinks abt the little Ted..
    N makes Aara sleep..
    With another thinking”Y her name slightly like me..I ‘ll find tiz soon?”
    Few hours passed..
    Dev awakes frm his bed by some jerk..n sees the time..
    A voice inside in his mind says”U said U’ll find tiz soon..Tiz min the next day born..U want to turn the next page”
    By a flash in his mind,Dev opens the note n turns the next for the page in which Dev newly draws …
    Loc:Sona’s house..
    Similarly Sona also awakes after seeing the magic of Dev again in her dream…
    “Idhayam Udaithu Ennai Vaazha Solgiraai”((“U said me to live with a broken heart”)(Kanimozhiye-“IrandaamUlagam”(SecondWorld)) in female voice plays in bg of Dev n Sona on their places..

    Hope U like tiz,frndzz..

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      Tanq Shai

    3. Kathy

      Wonderful episode …undefined smile like vinci’s monalisa… Wow it’s awesome thought luv it… It is my favourite portrait of da Vinci…. Imagining with Sona… Luv the episode keep writing…

    4. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy..Sure I’ll..happy to see ur return?

    5. Kathy

      Happy to read ur ff after long days … Keep writing…

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    Sorry for the late frndzz ..Hope U like tiz n read tiz frndzz

  17. guys please tell me something. Vardhan already knows that Apu is a Vishkanya.
    She came to know about her truth before her and Malay’s marriage when she saw her blue avtaar through the window.
    But now why are the writers are showing as if Vardaan does not know anything.
    Am i correct or i am understanding something wrong?

  18. correct me if i am not wrong. as per i remember Vardaan already knows that Apu is a visshkanya. she saw her full blue before her marriage with Malay only.
    but why are the writers trying to show as if she does not know anything about Apu.
    Or did i misunderstand or miss anything?

  19. Ckap!vardaan alrdy know much much earlier tat Apu is a vishkanya. Has the director or script writer lost their minds. . Guess they are trying to fool us the viewers. !! Better luck next time. .?

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