Vishkanya 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira tells Apu to sleep with Malay. Apu gets shocked and says she is a Vishkanya and what would happen. She asks Mandira why she wants to kill Malay. Mandira says she wants their first child. Mandira says she will take Apu’s daughter to the chudail world so that she can regain her youth,powers and immortality.

Apu refuses but Mandira forces her. Mandira says Malay hates her and loves Vardaan, although she is dead. She says will she chose her finished love story over her mom. Mandira threatens her by showing her mom held captive. She thinks about her moments with her mom and love moments and favours by Malay. She tells Mandira that her mom taught her humanity, Malay taught her love and Vardaan sacrificed her love and she can’t cheat them.

Mandira talks to her chudail form in the mirror. She says if Apu doesn’t accept, then she will make Malay do it. She says taht only she will win.

Precap: Mandira acts as falling down. While Malay takes care of her, she sprays something on him and instigates him to sleep with Apu. They sleep. Malay’s lips and body turns blue. He becomes unconscious.

14th September 2016 Written Episode Here

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    Mandira mixes something in Malay’s kheer to make him under her control. But understands and acts as if she is choking. When Malay comes near her, she pushes the kheer down and saves him. That’s all about the kheer.

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    She also re-watches the video of her mom and finds that she is in Durgapur hospital

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  11. Today’s episode is blockbuster 🙂
    Malay and apu plot against black smoke ….eagerly waiting for Tomorrow’s episode….I’m sooo happy…while seeing the precap…mandira reaction on angry and betrayal is so satisfied for me….

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