Vish 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Alia fakes being dead; Sabrina after Aditya’s life

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Vish 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya tells Alia that he can be bit by the spider. Alia says he saw her body, and a lot many bodies that were heartless. She thinks someone is surely controlling all these poisonous creatures. Whoever it is, it wants to kill her. She wonders how they will reach the truth. Aditya says they must hide the truth, by not letting the other person know that she is still alive. He offers her to stay in his room, in hiding for some time. She can follow everyone and find out the real culprit meanwhile. Alia thinks that the plan might work.

Sabrina appears out of the tree from front. She spots Aditya’s car pass by. Alia had coincidently bent to pick her cell phone, and Sabrina couldn’t spot her. Sabrina was relieved that Aditya hadn’t seen her, she plans to kill Aditya now as he is the only person left. Then she will find a body for her Vishaila and live happily ever after.

Aditya helps Alia up on the balcony from the backdoor way. He smiles that he used to jump this balcony to save himself from Papa, whenever he was late. They go inside. He brings her his shirt to change. Alia asks about some trouser. Aditya says he has nothing else, she must wear this shirt or sleep in her dress. Alia says this can’t happen. Aditya jokes that she must be afraid of him, and he can be mistaken. Alia backs off as he walks closer. Aditya says she isn’t his type anyway. Alia was relieved as they straighten up.

Sabrina was singing in the bath. The bald man comes to the room. Sabrina was irritated and comes out of the bath. The man tells Sabrina he has disposed all the old furniture, and even found a mirror in her wardrobe. He sent it as well. Sabrina slaps the man and shouts at him to go and get the mirror back. The man curses himself, and claims Sabrina is a strange woman. Sabrina thinks she won’t spare this man if she loses that Vishera. She decides to focus on Aditya now.
Alia was playing some pictures and spots the symbol on a man’s back of neck. She thinks this symbol seems familiar. She opens her father’s diary and spots it, she wonders how her dad knew about that mark. It feels whatever the last words of her father were, he meant something else. Aditya comes with a water bottle for her. She was frightened. Alia wore Aditya’s shirt and hides her legs with a pillow. She tells Aditya about a dream in which she felt Shiv Jee was staying something to him, she discuss about the mark. Aditya had that mark at the back of his neck. He takes the diary and instead wraps it. Aditya tells Alia to keep an eye over Sabrina, he suspects Sabrina is behind all this.
There, Sabrina sings across the corridor.

Alia convince Aditya that Sabrina cares for him a lot, and he is always dubious of Sabrina. Aditya wasn’t convinced that this symbol was important. He decides to show Alia a symbol. He takes his shirt off and reveals his back. Alia turned her face away. Aditya says this is his birth mark. Alia hadn’t seen the symbol. Aditya says fine, he doesn’t want to see the mark either.

Sabrina knocks at the room door. Alia was tensed who it is. She looks through the door that it was Sabrina. She opens the door of washroom. Aditya was inside. He tells Alia to let her knock, he doesn’t want to see Sabrina’s face at this time. They wait inside. Sabrina emits a reptile that unlocks the room door from inside. Aditya and Alia were shocked. Aditya asks Alia if she left the room unlocked. Aditya tries to remember.

Shekhar was in the Path Lab with his team, staring at Dr. Abhi’s body. An inspector brings a card of Aditya Kothari found in the lab. He decides to call Alia, and thinks Alia is surely in some problem.

Aditya tells Alia to handle the lady. He says he is in shower. Sabrina calls from outside that she is his sister in law, and sister in law is like mother. They watch the handle of bathroom door move. Sabrina appears from the door. Aditya had draped himself in bathrobe. Alia lay in bath tub, pressing her breathe under water. Sabrina was about to sting Aditya from behind. Shekhar comes inside, calling Mr. Aditya Kothari. They go outside. Shekhar asks about Alia as she is missing, her phone is also powered off. Sabrina poses to be tensed. Shekhar shows Aditya’s card. Aditya thinks he can’t even tell Shekhar that Alia is with him and safe. Aditya tells Shekhar why an explanation is needed, its Shekhar’s work to find Alia. Aditya was tensed for Alia, as she might die if she stays in water for longer. Shekhar was stubborn and stood right there for a reply.

PRECAP: Aditya comes to hold Alia out of water. Alia was at Shiv Jee waiting for her replies. A man.

Update Credit to: Sona

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