Vish 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina captures Vishera

Vish 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sabrina planning a faceoff with Vishera in the Vishloke. A Vishkanya’s powers are doubled in Vishloke. She spots blood over the mirror in front of her and laughs devilishly. There, Vishera wipes a same blood spit from the mirror in front of him and says he must have come to hell as well to meet her tonight. He returns to pick up the green Vishdan which complete him. He needs its support because Vishaili isn’t a common Vishkaniya. Sabrina reads a few verses to reach Vishloke. Her eyes blink white, the insects crawl around; every room of the house is captured in grip of deepening roots. Sabrina reaches the Vishloke and calls Vishera. Vishera replies he is just around her. She turns around to spot Vishera sitting on a chair.
Alia dreams of a Shiv temple where bells ringed vigorously. She wakes up and was terrified to see the roots around herself. She wonders what’s all this, if it’s a dream.
Vishera was happy to have a glance of Sabrina. Sabrina says she must welcome his death today. Vishera reminds what he had done to her in their prior meeting. Vishera says she will be in his grip before she can get a body for his Vishaila. Sabrina thinks that Vishera might be powerful than her in the other world, but in Vishloke they are equal in power. She has only thirteen more minutes to finish him. Vishera blows a horn, Sabrina screams of pain but then mocks Vishera as she had worn Voice cancellation ear plugs. They have a face off, Sabrina flies to Vishera and marks a cut over his face.
Alia walks out of the room and was troubled to see the whole house in grip of the roots.
Vishera marks several attacks over Sabrina which she counters efficiently. He finally uses his green Vishdan stick to capture Sabrina in electric strings. Sabrina deters him. Vishera says the Vishdan holds the black powers of a number of Vishkanya he has captured. Sabrina thinks she is left with three minutes only and must use all her powers to counter Vishera.
Alia hears the voice coming from basement and walks downstairs.
Sabrina exerts a powerful blow freeing herself from the electric strings and giving a set back to Vishera. She boasts there was no Vishkanya like Vishaili in the history. Both run to each other, and hit one another in the air; only to be pushed away from each other. Vishera says he would now take all her black powers from her. His Vishdan attract a lightening of all the energy from Vishaili’s body. Sabrina screams, while her eyes turn white. There was a strong dust storm which attacks Vishera. A cover of black smoke encircles Vishera, while he Vishdan stick fell on the floor. Vishaili takes the stick and captures Vishera inside a mirror on the wall. She mocks he is nothing without Vishdan. Vishaila notices that her powers were decreasing, she feels dizzy herself.
Alia had walked down to Vishloke and calls who is there. Vishaila was cautious and feels her decreasing powers. She walks into a wall and vanishes there. Alia wakes up from a dream in her bed and wonders why it all felt so real, if Shiv ji is giving her some hints.
Sabrina comes to her room and place Vishdan beside a door. She speaks to Vishera that once she finds the man, no one would be able to part her from Vishaila. She has kept his Vishdan protectively, and she will keep Vishera’s mirror solicitously as well.
Alia comes to the corridor, wondering if whatever she had seen here was true.
Sabrina faints in her room as she was weak now. Alia spots Sabrina on the floor and runs to save her. Sabrina had high fever. She helps Sabrina on the bed and place wet cloth piece over her. She thinks someone must have tried to kill Sabrina as well, what if the poison is still in her blood. She takes a sample of blood from Sabrina.

PRECAP: Alia gets a call that something is strange in the blood sample she had brought. Sabrina held Alia in the air, questioning who permitted her for the blood test.

Update Credit to: Sona

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