Vish 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Aditya worries about Alia

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Vish 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sabrina brings Shekhar in a room and says I missed you. Shekhar says then why didnt you call me? Sabrina says I was shy to call you but I wont be shy today.

Aditya lies in bed and says you have to sleep with me if you want to save Maria’s son. Alia recalls Maria pleading her to protect her baby. She wipes her tears and goes near bed but Aditya covers himself with blanket and vanishes from there. Alia says he cheated me again.

Sabrina seductively dances around Shekhar and takes off his shirt. Shekhar thinks that I have to stay with her till Alia does her work. He starts romancing her. Sabrina sees Aditya going upstairs and thinks crow’s time ends. Shekhar keeps Sabrina busy dancing on ang laga de re.

Aditya comes to Maria’s kid and shows him hot water,

he says I will boil you and eat you. Kid cries for his mother. Alia comes outside room and thinks I have to save this kid, I cant fight him physicall, God please do something. She sees a fan and gets an idea. Aditya turns kid into a crow and is about to put him a boiling water but suddenly smoke fills room, its neem smoke which makes Aditya stop.

Sabrina smells neem smoke and thinks Alia must be doing it. She tries to leave but Shekhar stops her and says we just started. She says I am coming but Shekhar locks her to door with cuffs. She says let me go. Shekhar says why are you in hurrt Sabrina naagin? Sabrina thinks he knows about me.

alia takes kid and runs from Aditya.

Sabrina breaks cuffs with her tongue and pushes Shekhar away, she says I will handle you later.

Alia brings kid to a store room. She makes him stand on stool and asks him to jump from window. He jumps and leaves house. Alia starts leaving but Aditya comes there with knife and grabs Alia’s foot. Alia asks kid to run. Adita says you cant do anything. Alia asks kid to run, he leaves. Alia falls down. Aditya grabs her. Alia shouts you want blood? She cuts her wrist, blood drips.. Aditya is shocked and says are you mad? what if anything happens?

Sabrina stops kid and is about to grab him but Shekhar comes and pulls him closer, he points gun at Sabrina and says dont try to stop me, she is about to attack him but he shoots her.

Aditya is going hysteric and tries to save Alia. Alia is in tears and thinks my Aditya is back. Aditya applies bandage on her wound and caresses her face. Alia hugs him and amiles. Alia’s wrist is bleeding, she faints. Aditya screama for her to wake up. Saathi re plays.

Shekhar runs away with kid before Sabrina can stop him.

PRECAP- Sabrina says Aditya’s will-power is low, what if Alia takes benefit and takes out poison from him? Sabrina says what happened with Shekhar, I cant let it happen with Aditya, he is my vish prush.
Shekhar gives herbs to Alia which can be used to take out poison from Aditya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why no one is commenting?? I kinda like this series I mean its superstious but who cares,I really want Alia to kill Sabrina before she kills Aditya I will keep watching thanks Atiba for the update.

  2. Where is our vishera.we want him back.he was very much exciting

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