Vish 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sparks between Alia and Aditya

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Vish 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

A prayer is kept at home for Sid. Sabrina thinks to shed some fake tears too so no one doubts her intentions.

Alia asks Aditya if he plans to drink in his room. He says I will ruin the person who did this to Sid. She requests him to come downstairs for some time. He refuses. She reasons that everything is done in a way. He tells her that she does not know what he and Sid used to share. You can tell the morals of life to someone else downstairs. She says you need to be with the one you love. It is time to show your emotions. It is closure, a final goodbye to the one we are bidding adieu to! She goes downstairs.

Sabrina thinks to keep a bottle of glycerine in her bag as she would need it in coming days. Water wont help. I don’t want to miss catching Vishera because of Sid!

Vishera stands outside the doors of Kothari Mansion. I am here, Vishkanya! Our game of hide and seek is over now. Now Vishera will not spare you! He enters inside too.

Sabrina pays his fake respects to Sid. She thinks she wont be able to act anymore. I am already late. I must find Vishera before he hurts me more. Alia thinks her concern is genuine and thinks well of her. Such people are rare to find these days! Sabrina sits next to Alia. They see Aditya bringing Mohit on his wheelchair there. Alia and Aditya look at each other for a second. Mohit is shocked to see Sid’s dead body. He starts shaking. Sabrina thinks Aditya cannot see her in peace. Mohit can see his future in Sid. He will also meet the same fate very soon! Pundit ji gives charnamrit to Sabrina. She thinks it is danger and pours it in a vase. Vishera looks at her. She made me wait a lot. I will abduct her today! Servant hands Sabrina a glass of water. She finds the taste weird and her throat starts burning. Flashback shows Vishera mixing charnamrit in her glass. This nectar will burn the poison inside her! Her truth cannot be hidden anymore.

Alia and Aditya cast a glance at each other. Pundit ji announces a 2 minute silence for Sid. Sabrina starts feeling uncomfortable. She notices Vishera sitting amidst the guests. It is his doing! Vishera thinks she is trapped. Sabrina knows she will take some time to heal. I must stay outside till then. She rushes out. Vishera thinks she wont give up easily.

Sid’s eyes open up. He shakes terribly seeing his condition and realises it is Sabrina’s doing. Aditya steps forward to pay his respect to Sid. Mohit falls from his chair. Aditya and Alia help him sit on his wheelchair again. Their hands touch in the process. Mana Ki hum Yaar Nahi plays in the background as Aditya and Alia exchange a long eye lock. Their past meetings flash in the background. Vishera wonders where Sabrina must be.

Spiders crawl over Sabrina as soon as she steps outside. Vishera has made my life hell! No one should see me like this! She notices the driver staring at her in shock. His hands are shaking badly. She says you are such a loyal driver. I will be pained to see you dead. He mumbles that he dint see anything. She says I did saw you looking at me like this though. I promise I will make it easy for you. She kills him using her poison and walks back inside all normal. Vishera looks at her. It is good that you came on your own. She murmurs that she isn’t afraid of his threats. He asks her to come to him herself. She assures him that she will meet him tonight in Vishloka. Wait a little more. He agrees. You should come yourself. I will be waiting eagerly. She smirks.

Alia asks Mohit if he can hear them. Can you feel something? Blink your eyes. Give us a hint. Aditya assures his brother everything is fine. Look at me. Your Bhai is talking to you. You will be fine. He tells Alia to make sure nothing happens to his Bhai. He asks Alia to do something. My Bhai should be fine. Just tell me what you want. He should be fine. Do you understand? She nods. She looks at him in surprise. I thought he is responsible for all the deaths but I think he cannot do this. He is so emotional and caring toward everyone. How can he kill anyone like this? Was I wrong? Who is killing the innocents then? Where will I find my answer?

Aditya is standing on the balcony. Alia stands next to him. She tells him about Mohit’s condition. It is like coma but Mohit Sir is awake. He can also feel everything to a certain extent but he cannot react. I somehow feel it isn’t because of a natural occurrence but because of a poison. He says I feel Sabrina is responsible for it. She calls him wrong. It is impossible. She looks after Mohit Sir so much. Have you noticed the black colour in his eyes? I saw the same thing in Sid’s eyes. She stops mid sentence while talking about her father. This is related to that poison! I was taking Sir to hospital. The boat stops all of a sudden. I saw so many spiders on my way back. I took one back with me but it just disappeared! It is a weird thing. He again blames Sabrina. She sees no reason behind it. He shares that they know nothing about her. She came in our life suddenly. My brother decided to marry her one day without asking me. He would never say so! It is as if she has possessed him! Till now no doc could speak of this illness. You may not believe it but my instinct is never wrong! She says I really don’t know how to believe it. my instinct tells me that things aren’t as they seem here. It is surely because of that mysterious poison. I will find out about it! he tells her she wont be able to. Till now I couldn’t find out what happened to Bhai. I don’t know how you will succeed. She says maybe God can show us a way. He walks away without saying anything. She looks back at the temple.

Alia breaks open the lock of Shiv ji’s temple. She recalls that the driver had told her it is closed. No one goes there. she still goes inside. I have heard that one can come here only when you call us. I called out to you from heart and you heard me. You are Neelkanth who drank the poison of the world. Only you can clear the poison out of my life. Please help me find out who is responsible for Mohit Sir’s condition, of my Dad and Sid’s death. I doubt Aditya but I feel he is going through the same pain as me. It is only you who can tell me from where it has surfaced. Please show me a way. The bells start ringing. Wind blows and the ash kept in front of the Shivlinga gets smeared on her face. She thinks of an idea.

Precap: Sabrina and Vishera stand facing each other. Sabrina tells Vishera he has pained her and Vishaila enough. I will kill you tonight! Vishera proposes to finish her tonight. She says you must have caught many Vishkanya’s but there isn’t any like me. They both use their powers at each other to tame the other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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