Vish 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Shekhar comes back

Vish 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alia is looking around for Maria’s kid. She sees Aditya going out of house and says he must be behind that kid. She follos him. Some boys in a car ask Aditya to move away from road. Aditya takes snake’s avatar and scream at them. Alia looks on. Aditya leaves.

Aditya comes to a bar. Some girls eye him seductively. Aditya takes one girl from there after beating a man. Alia comes there and says Aditya must be here.

She goes in a corridor to see Aditya hugging a girl. He smirks at her and leaves. Alia says he will kill her. She tries to open door but he looks it. Alia calls police. Aditya is about to hurt that girl but police comes there. Alia says I called you people. She turns to see Shekhar there. Alia is worried. Shekhar says you called police? She looks away. Shekhar

says I know you saw me badly but you know Sabrina can use power of poison and made me do all those things, I realized it and then a woman came to help me. She took poison out of me and made me fine. He says look at me, I am fine now. Alia says Sabrina has made Aditya like her, please stop him. Sehkhar says dont worry.

Aditya is taking girl away but Shekhar comes there with police and point gun at him. Police takes girl from there. Aditya says welcome back Shekhar, I wont spare you next time. Shekhar says if you threaten me again then I will send you behind bars. Aditya says to Alia that you called him? Shekhar gets angry but Alia says its okay. Shekhar leaves from there. Alia says to Aditya that I cant let you walk on this path. Aditya pulls her closer and says you havent see my animalistic side till now, you saved this girl but I will kill Maria’s son and eat him, he leaves. Shekhar comes to Alia. Alia tells him about Maria’s son and says Aditya will kill him, I am helpless. Shekhar says relax, focus on Aditya, I will handle Sabrina.

Scene 2
Aditya comes home. Sabrina says you seem worried. Aditya says I am so hungry but this Alia is making me lose patience. Sabrina says I hate way more than you, I think its time to eat that crow. She brings crow her. Aditya smirks and says I can eat it now but peace will be when Alia see this kid die infront of her. He takes crow from there. Shekhar comes there and hugs her from behind. She thinks how did he come here? He is in mood, if Aditya see us like this then we are gone. Shekhar asks if she didnt miss him? Sabrina says I cant believe you are back, I was missing you, lets go in room to fulfill our passion. She takes him from there. Alia comes there. Shekhar gives her a thumbs up. Alia thinks I have to find Aditya till Shekhar keeps Sabrina busy.

Alia comes in room. Aditya comes behind and pushes her. He says go and cook this crow. Alia says to Aditya that I cant let you kill this crow, its Maria’s son, how can you do it? Aditya says dont you see my pain? He shows her marks on his body and says I need it. Aditya says I will kill and eat this crow. Alia pleads him. Aditya pushes her away and

PRECAP- Sabrina dances seductively around Shekhar and takes off his shirt. He sees Alia running behind Aditya. Aditya tells Alia if she wants to save that crow then sleep with him, she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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