Vish 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina has Maria’s son

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Vish 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alia comes in room and sees a girl in bed crying while Aditya buttoning up his shirt. She sees her all blue and thinks that she might be poisoned. Flashback shows how Sabrina and Aditya fooled Alia to go behind another girl while Sabrina took another girl to his room, flashback ends. Alia asks what did he do? Aditya says I do this to remain alive. Girl becomes blue and faint. Alia grabs his collar. Aditya says I should have done it with you but I feel disgusted when I go near you, I will do this everyday for next 6 days, Alia says I wont let you do it. Aditya says I will snatch your identity, your happiness and everything with you. Alia says we are married, we took pheras, you cant deny it, wife has to bring husband on right path, its my duty. Aditya laughs and says give these lectures on social

media to become famous. Girl starts coughing, Aditya says she is gone, I will hide her body but I want to torture you, I am not yours. Alia says you are mine, you are just not in senses, I am not scared, you are my husband and I will fight till death for that husband, not this evil person. Aditya says all the best, you just have suffering in your fate now. Alia says my love is true, he says you are mad, he leaves.

Alia is tending to girl and pray for her. Sabrina comes there and says she will become a live deadbody, you are just wasting time. Alia says what have you done with Aditya? Sabrina says I told you I will make him like mine. Alia applies her sindoor on Sabrina’s face, it starts burning and says you have made fun of my wedding, now see power of it, you have made Aditya an animal, now enjoy pain, I promise to take revenge of all people you killed and Aditya was mine and he will remain mine, Sabrina says you will regret this, she leaves.

Scene 2
Aditya is breaking things and going hysteric. Sabrina comes to him. Aditya says I have too much energy, do something. Sabrina says your poison is strong, it will take sometime. Alia comes there and hides. Aditya says I am going mental, I need peace. Sabrina says come with me, she takes him from there. Alia says what if she kills all humanity in Aditya? I have to stop her. She follows them.

Sabrina brings Aditya in basement and brings a crow there. Aditya says you think this will calm me? Sabrina says see its real avatar. Crow takes a kid’s avater. Kid is crying for his mother. Kid says she made me a crow and separated me from my mother. Aditya jerks him away. Alia hides and recalls how Maria said that she works for Sabrina as she made her son a crow and how she asked her to protect her son. Alia goes and hugs that kid. Sabrina says he is an irritating kid, I will make him a crow again. Alia says I request you to leave him. Sabrina makes kid a crow again. Sabrina says I will not make him a human. Alia says do anything with me but leave that kid. Sabrina says you couldnt save Aditya and he will calm down when he kills that crow, when he eats that crow, he will become fine as crow is medicine for us. Alia tells Aditya that crow is Maria’s son, she was like your mother. Aditya says that crow is just a prey for me. Sabrina hides crow from there and laughs. Sabrina tells Alia that only me and Aditya knows about crow’s location, Aditya will go and eat him, stop him if you can.

PRECAP- Sabrina romantically dances around Aditya. He kisses her neck. Later Aditya tells Alia that he will eat that crow at any cost. Alia begs him. He says okay if you dont want me to kill Maria’s son then you have to sleep with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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