Vish 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aditya gets arrested because of Alia

Vish 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishera comes near an almost empty well. It means that this smell is coming from here only. He uses his powers to find out what’s inside. Sid’s body surfaces out of the well. He realises that he died by Sabrina’s hands. I can smell her poison from his body. He laughs evilly. What if I cannot go to Kothari estate? It will alert her black dogs! I need peace so this body will go there. I very well know how to tackle a Vishkanya! Come in front of me once and then I will rule you and your powers!

Sabrina comes to the party. Who celebrates the birthday of servants? I got invited too! what all do I have to do for my image!

Aditya collides with Alia and apologizes. She blames him that he did it on purpose. He reasons that it happened by mistake but she taunts him back. I know you did it on purpose.

He accepts it and throws champagne on her clothes shocking her. He suddenly pulls her towards him out of the blue and they share an eye lock. You said it with so much love and confidence. I would have looked rude otherwise! He goes to refill his drink.

DJ plays a song. Sabrina recognizes the tune. It is Vishera’s tune. How did the DJ find out about it?

Flashback shows Vishera meeting DJ in a car. He records the tune as Vishera plays it for him.

Sabrina thinks her game will be up if Vishera comes here.

Vishera is nearby. This was just my first move. The second move will happen now.

Sabrina starts floating in the air against her wish. She holds the table to save herself. She even asks Alia to tell the DJ to change the music. Alia asks her if she is fine. Sabrina nods. I don’t like this music. My head is hurting. Please tell him to change it. Alia goes to the DJ but Maria diverts her towards something else.

Vishera uses his powers to send Sid’s body inside Kothari Mansion.

Sabrina floats out of the party hall. I will be caught if someone notices me! Everyone is busy partying. One guy notices Sabrina in air and tells Aditya. Aditya does not look up thinking he is drunk. Sabrina holds a window corner. She notices Sid’s body in the air and recalls throwing it in the well. It surely is Vishera’s plan. I wont be able to escape today!

Everyone looks up at Sid’s body. They think he is making an entrance in the party in a cool style.

Vishera is positive now Sabrina will come to him herself.

Sabrina switches off the music. The body falls down on the floor with a thud shocking everyone. Vishera laughs. The real fun has just begun! Aditya is shocked to see Sid thus. Alia checks Sid’s pulse. Past memories flash in Aditya’s mind. Sabrina wonders why Vishera did this. She also reprimands herself for being careless. Vishera would sniff his way to me too! I cannot let my truth come out. Vishaila’s life will be in danger though. I must tackle this Vishera asap. Seems like it is time to fulfil his wish!

Sabrina notices one of her spider crawling out of Sid’s head. Hope no one notices it. She notices it crawl away and walks away carefree but then Alia notices it return. She looks at Sid’s eyes. He has the same mark which was in Dad’s eyes and Mohit Sir’s eyes too. I have to find out the connection between all this! Why are all these incidents pointing at Aditya? There is a missing link which I cannot find. Is my doubt right or wrong?

Everyone is taken aback to see police come to Kothari Mansion. Inspector tells his constable to send the body for post-mortem. Constable says people take drugs in such parties. I know this family! Aditya asks him if he knows Sid or anything about him. He holds him by his collar. Inspector stops him. Aditya warns them not to even touch his friend’s body. Inspector reasons that the body needs to be check to find out how he died. We will then question everyone. Speak clearly if you know anything. Alia takes Aditya’s name. I am sure he is behind it! All the eyes turn to Aditya.

Aditya asks police to leave. Inspector warns him that he is intervening in police matters but Aditya isn’t bothered. Leave in 2 minutes or you will lose your job!

Sabrina tells Vishaila that their enemy is back. His eyes widen in fear. She assures him she wont let anything happen to him.

Inspector arrests Aditya. He looks at Alia before he is being taken away by police.

Precap: Sabrina’s story is shown in flashback. Vishera tortures Sabrina to give him her poison. I will torture you till then! She shouts for help. Vishaila gets stabbed while saving her. She finds out that she can only save Vishaila by finding the guy with the special mark. Sabrina marries Mohit so as to make her search possible.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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