Vish 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Alia’s love confession

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Aditya says it is the perfect weather for a long drive. She nods. She is thinking about all that has happened on this island till date. Aditya shakes her out of her thoughts. She says we have forgotten about the Vishkanya since Mohit Sir has recovered. So many strange things have happened since I have come here. There must be a reason! Nagina is following Aditya’s car. Alia says I couldn’t find out what had happened with Papa exactly. That mystery remained a mystery! He asks her if he should stop her again like last time. She realises that it was he who stopped her from going last time. You called at my hospital to stop me from leaving? You hated me a lot back then. He says who said I don’t hate you now. She asks him if this is why he is taking her on long drive. He says I was trying to kidnap you. Jokes apart, I can judge people. I saw that you really cared about Bhai so I stopped you. She admits thinking wrong about him earlier. I used to hate you earlier but now! He asks her if something has changed. She shrugs. How would that help? He says I will increase my general knowledge. Tell me what you think about me. She calls him a great person and a great friend and I! He completes it. Like me? The car runs out of petrol. He finds it strange and steps down to check. Alia picks her phone. Nagina surrounds Aditya. He is unable to shift a muscle or even breathe.

At home, Sabrina thinks Nagina would have caught Aditya by now. It is time to shift Vishaila’s soul in his body now. Mohit blocks her way and dances with her. She pushes him away. He tries to be romantic but she tells him to leave his acting in front of Aditya. You know what I can do if I lose my mind? Don’t you or Katrina dare to cross my path! She walks away. Mohit says cats have a habit of crossing paths. I must tell Katrina.

Alia wonders what is taking Aditya so long. Aditya is still struggling to break free from Nagina’s grip. His locket comes off. He manages to push the bonnet down. Alia sees him thus. She tries to step out of the car but the gear shifts. The car starts moving backwards. Alia shouts Aditya’s name while he looks on helplessly.

Mohit informs Katrina that Sabrina was in a rush. Katrina asks about Aditya.

Aditya thinks to save Alia. Alia manages to sit in the driver seat but the brakes have failed. Please help me Aditya! Aditya notices a tree’s extended branch and hurts Nagina using it. On the other hand, the car keeps moving backwards. Nagina lets go of Aditya who runs towards the car to save Alia. Nagina is following him. Alia looks panic stricken. Aditya manages to pull her out safely. Nagina reaches near the car and dies as the car explodes. Aditya tries to wake up Alia but in vain. It starts raining. He covers her using his jacket and lifts her in his arms. Romantic song plays. He gazes at her as he walks. Past memories flash before his eyes.

Sabrina shouts seeing Nagina dead. Where are they? I wont spare them! She finds Aditya’s locket lying there and laughs. Atleast Nagina did his job while dying! I wont let it go in vain. Now I am coming, Aditya!

Aditya helps Alia lie down.

Katrina also looks at the condition of Aditya’s car. It means I was right! Sabrina is after Aditya. She shouldn’t find that cursed mark before me. I must stop her!

Sabrina decides to find Aditya and Alia asap.

Aditya has draped his shirt around Alia. He rubs her hands asking her to open her eyes. Nothing will happen to you till the time I am here. She wakes up with a start. Are you fine? He says it was you who was unconscious and you are asking me this. She asks him why he risked his life to save her life. He says I had no other option. I could only see you going away from me when the car started moving backwards! I felt as if my heart will stop. I felt this way when Ma had left us. You don’t leave me ever. She says I wont leave you ever and promises him. He says I will die if you break your promise ever. You know I am a bit mad. Hit me if you get angry with me. Don’t leave me though. I wont be able to live without you. I love you Alia. She looks away. Tears stream down her cheeks. He asks her to say something. She suggests heading home but he blocks her way. I shared what is in my heart and you are saying this? I know you feel the same way for me. I know you love me. Please say it once. She says what is there to say. Whenever I have loved someone, they have left me. I am afraid of it. Is it a dream? He says you are afraid as you have started loving me. Do you think I will leave you alone? He throws a cushion at her. You are mistaken. I wont leave you so easily. I will get stuck like a gum. You will have to bear all my tantrums. He leans closer. Come what may, we will always be together!

Alia says I love you to him as well and hugs him. They share a long hug and spend some cute, romantic moments together. Sabrina and Katrina find the place where Aditya and Alia are. Sabrina decides to attack Aditya.

Precap: Sabrina looks at Aditya and Alia as they hold each other romantically. She extends her tongue to bite Aditya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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