Vish 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Aditya to fetch his first prey in wedding party

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Vish 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts when in morning Alia wakes up to find herself on floor, her head banged badly. She recalls falling faint after Aditya kissed her on her neck. She goes looking for Aditya. She opens the door of bath, Aditya pushes her aside and leaves. Alia was shocked to see Sabrina in the bath. Sabrina greets her with good morning, and says Alia had slept last night, she had to spend the wedding night with him. She fakes shying away. She recalls Aditya had wanted to get close to her. Aditya got an electric shock and was taken aback. Sabrina told Aditya that in their Vishloke there is extreme strictness, as he is a husband now he can’t get closer to any stranger. Aditya says he will finish Alia right now. Sabrina tells Aditya that Alia is a Suhaagan (married woman), and Aditya is her toughest shield right

now. For seven days of marriage, none can harm her. God Shiv had blessed Satti that every pious Suhaagan will be protected. Aditya says alright, from now on he will use Alia as a toy, she will herself beg for death. Sabrina tells Aditya that a woman breaks at the thought that her husband doesn’t belong to her anymore. In the bath, Aditya comes behind Alia and shares a flying kiss with Sabrina. He tells Alia to go and get some nutritious and filling breakfast for him like a good wife.

Later at the table, Alia serves Aditya’s favorite Halwa. Aditya’s throat burns at once, he coughs and screams what she had mixed in it. His throat bleeds. Alia tells Aditya she had even presented the Halwa to Shiv’s temple. Sabrina comes to take care of Aditya and says what’s Prasad for Alia is poison for Aditya, he is a Vishprush now. She gives him a dose of poison through her sting. Aditya breathes, and thanks Sabrina for saving him. Aditya questions Alia if she intended to kill him. Alia was apologetic. Aditya tells Sabrina he feels weak. Sabrina says she has kept a party where he might find a prey; till then there is a small prey for him. She goes to get a cage of hen. Aditya holds the hen in his arms and bites on it. Alia feels disgusted. Afterwards, Sabrina mocks Alia that Aditya is her husband, she will have to get used to it now. She was determined to turn Aditya into a complete animal in the next seven days. Alia will be helpless, and her Sindoor would be of no help. Alia deters she can’t let this happen. Sabrina and Aditya leave. Alia thinks she must stop Aditya from preying anyone.

Alia hears someone’s head bang from inside the freezer. Mohit thinks Alia has surely heard his bang. Alia goes to open the freezer but Sabrina forces it down. Alia says something is there inside. Sabrina says there is animals, like cattle; feed for her husband. She tells Alia to leave, and not to intervene between her and Aditya. Alia threatens her to stay away from her and her husband. After Alia has left, Sabrina decides to change the position of cold storage.
At night, Aditya looks towards a lady while dancing. Sabrina comes to dance for Aditya, and says whoever he points is his. She is extremely excited for his first prey. Aditya wonders whom to eat and whom to leave. Sabrina and Aditya lit the party with their dance performance.

Alia finds Sabrina giving poisonous drink to a guest girl. She then chases Aditya about to attack a girl on her neck. She thinks she must warn that girl. Sabrina stops Alia in the hall, and says she can’t let the bride leave wedding party. Alia says she can’t let Sabrina win in her filthy game. Sabrina says this is her game, and her rules will be followed here. Alia thinks she must get away from here and find the girl.

On the stairs Alia speaks to a girl that she is aware Aditya called her. The girl replies she is engaged, and only came for washroom. Sabrina comes there and tells Alia this girl was never their target. Their target girl is with Aditya in her room right now. Aditya must have done his job by now. Aditya lay a girl in bed.

PRECAP: Alia comes to find the girl turning blue. She slaps Aditya. Aditya was being wild. Alia hides herself in a corner. Sabrina comes to the room. Aditya says he has a lot of energy that his nerves are bursting, he wants to know what to do. Sabrina takes him along.

Update Credit to: Sona

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