Vish 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina kills Siddharth by mistake

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Vish 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya and his friends enjoy the pool party. Alia is also there. Aditya notices her there and blocks her way. Do you have a habit of crashing in the party uninvited? She points out that Sabrina has invited her here. Aditya says it means both of you are crashing my party. She thinks that Sabrina shouldn’t have called her here in the first place. He notices her murmuring to herself. Are you mumbling I love you Aditya? Say it loudly. She tells him not to be mistaken. He makes fun for wearing salwar kameez in a pool party. Enjoy the free food. I don’t care! She leans back as he inches closer. He takes a shot and walks away.

Sabrina also comes to the pool party. Aditya removes his shirt. The mark is seen on his back as he dives into the pool. Sabrina is sure the guy must be around. Sid tries to calm Aditya but in vain. He is furious seeing Sabrina there. Alia is looking at him as he sets the bar’s area on fire using a shot. She recalls the previous incident. Sabrina is looking for the guy with the special mark. A girl has her arms around Aditya’s shoulder. His tattoo is hidden when Sabrina looks in his direction. He stops Alia from going anywhere and dances forcibly with her. They both end up slipping in the pool by mistake. All his friends cheer on and even Aditya is smiling. Alia gets teary eyed. He gets serious and tries to say something but she slaps him before that. How dare you! I told you many times that I am a doc and not his puppet! I wish you could buy some manners with money. You wouldn’t have been like this then. You are a Casanova. This slap was a reality check for you! Wish your mother had done that instead of me! She runs away from there. Sabrina thinks Aditya’s party is done courtesy Alia but my party will begin when I spot the guy with the special mark. I am sure he is around!

Aditya covers his back using a towel before Sabrina can notice his mark. A guy approaches Sabrina but she touches his chest turning it into ice for a second and he falls down in the pool. She finally spots the mark and walks towards him. He is gone by the time she is near the pool. She decides to find out the guy at any cost. She sends a poisonous spider from the bar area. The spider bites the guy with the mark in the pool. He itches onto his back in pain. Sabrina calls out to everyone. The guy steps out of the pool and falls down on the floor. She drags the guy inside the mystery tree. She excitedly tells Vishaila that she will be able to revive him after 113 years. We will kill Vishera together then and expand our lineage. She looks at the guy. It turns out to be Sid. She laughs evilly. He receives Aditya’s call but Sabrina disconnects it. Her poison does not affect her. He seems to be dying. She wonders if that mark was temporary. It would have sparkled because of my poison if it was real! It is just a tattoo! She asks Sid from where he got this mark. I must know this. Sid recalls getting the same tattoo on his back as Aditya’s birthmark. She asks him to tell her the truth before dying. He only says goodbye to her as he breathes his last. Sabrina shouts angrily. He ruined my plan! Vishera is coming closer and I am still away from that mark! I must do something asap.

Alia reads Mohit’s reports. She is stunned by what she reads. I was right. His condition is because of poison! It is the same poison which was inside my Dad. I must take him to hospital urgently but I have to take someone’s permission. Sabrina Ma’am?

Sabrina tells Vishaila that they wont survive if they don’t take their lineage forward before the completion of 113 years. I must do something before that!

Alia asks Maria if she has seen Sabrina. We must take Mohit Sir to hospital. It is an emergency. Maria dials Aditya’s number instead as Sabrina is nowhere to be seen. Aditya is lying on the edge of the balcony. He disconnects the call hearing Alia’s voice. Alia takes the decision to take Mohit on her own.

Sabrina returns and walks over the blood report. She stops in her tracks realising something is on the floor and turns.

Alia assures Mohit she wont let anything happen to him as they put him in the ambulance.

Sabrina reads the report. She receives Alia’s text just then and runs to the balcony but it is too late. The ambulance drives away. Sabrina does not want her truth to come out.

Alia asks the driver to drive fast.

Sabrina looks at the ambulance as it reaches the river side. Alia and the ward boys wheel Mohit towards the boat. Sabrina decides to teach Alia a lesson. You will now understand the power of my poison!

Precap: Sabrina uses her powers to fail the engine. She shouts and the weather changes. Spiders surround Alia from all the sides. She screams out in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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