Vish 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina gives more poison to Mohit

Vish 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia asks Mohit who she is so afraid of.

Sabrina tells Bhandari that none of these pictures have that mark. He tells her that he has scanned every corner of earth and scanned people up and down. Tell me why did you spend lacs of money to find that mark? How does it look? Sabrina thinks of the mark. She thinks it isn’t simple. I cannot show it to anyone. The core reason of problems is that humans cannot be trusted. I will lose my life otherwise! She tells him to not use his brain. Find a body with marks and I will do the rest. He asks for another 5 lacs. She readily gives him a cheque but Aditya enters just then. She notices the photos on the desk.

Alia is speaking to Mohit. I lost Dad because of a rare illness. I have promised myself I wont let anything happen to any of my patients. I wont let anything happen to you! Mohit looks on as a snake covers his legs. He starts shaking wildly. Alia keeps asking him as to what is wrong. She notices his heart rate increasing. She finally follows his gaze but the snake has disappeared. She points out that no one is there. What is scaring you? She leans closer to hear. He takes Sabrina’s name which shocks her.

Sabrina asks Aditya what he is doing in her office. He asks her if she meant her office indeed. Bhandari leaves. Aditya asks Sabrina when she got the power of attorney. Did Bhai give it to you before or after the stroke? I know you don’t have the answer though. I need 25 lacs. Don’t embarrass yourself by asking for where I will spend it. Sabrina readily agrees. Alia storms in just then. Aditya tells her that he hopes she has proof of what she has come here to say. You also need to knock and come in. Do it now! Sabrina tells him to let it be. She is new here. She will learn. She hands him a blank cheque. Fill in as much as you want. Aditya says of course. It is my money after all. This cheque had not been blank if it wasn’t the case. He advises Alia to do her duty. Take care of Bhai. Saying so, he leaves. Sabrina apologizes to Alia for witnessing all this. The situation isn’t actually right at home. Alia admits that she should have knocked before coming. I came to tell you that Mohit Sir tried to say something today. Sabrina says we know it but he just cannot say it. Alia shares that he did say something today – Vish. Sabrina’s eyes turn white for a brief second. Alia repeats it. Sabrina asks her if he said something more. Alia denies. Sabrina says he has said many times that he wants to share his Wish. Alia says it might be Vish and not Wish. Sabrina says I am not asking you but telling you this. Stop your spelling game with me! Alia goes quiet. Sabrina says you are new here so you don’t understand. I have shown Mohit to best doctors. There is no hope. Don’t show me a false hope. My life is full of problems already. Don’t complicate it anymore! Alia apologizes to her.

Sabrina thinks I will save Vishaila once I find the guy with the special mark. I have killed 11 people already. I had to replace a heart every 13 days. This world is about survival of the fittest. Once Vishaila gets inside the body of that special man then we will spread our family. I will have to give another dose of poison to Mohit so I can buy more time to find the guy with the special mark!

Sabrina greets Mohit. Surprise! I am upset with you as you don’t listen to me. I told you not to fight with death but be afraid of it. Flashback shows Mohit witnessing Sabrina killing a guy and taking his heart out. He tries to run but she blocks his way. He assures her he wont tell anyone. I am your husband! She shushes him. You don’t have to be afraid. You wont be able to tell it to anyone. Let’s seal it with a kiss. She bites him. Flashback ends. Sabrina says I became Mrs. Sabrina Kothari to gain power to find the body with the special mark. I must give you the dose of poison to make sure you don’t die but you also are up to no good! She pretends to cry resting her head on his chest. I cannot kill you though. It will attract people more towards me. I don’t want it! Aditya doubts me already. Till when will we continue talking? Give me a kiss. He holds his shirt in defence but she bites him again. His eyes turn black and his entire body shakes badly. She says I fail to understand how you humans are such fools. No one can stop me! He is staring blankly at the ceiling by now. Sabrina thinks he wont even dare to even move his tongue now.

Alia is with Mohit again. Sabrina Ma’am thinks you were speaking of a Wish but I am sure it is Vish you were talking about. I want to send your blood sample to hospital for test. It will help me explain my theory strongly. Please give me a hint / permission to do so.

Aditya catches up with his female friends. They dance seductively on Ude Dil Befikre wearing doctor’s coat.

Alia asks Mohit to give her a hint. She keeps looking at his hands but then notices him blink his eyes. Thank you so much Sir. She collides with Maria on her way down. She stops Alia from going outside but Alia insists it is a very urgent matter.

Aditya introduces Alia to his friends as she barges in on his party. He tells his friends that Alia is a real doctor. Alia shrugs his hand away. I don’t have time for such cheap games. He pulls her angrily. I warned you not to cross me. You must pay fine now. Forget it. Just play a game with us instead. She repeats she doesn’t have time. He reminds her that he paid her for her time. Take money and do as I say. She tells him not to live under the misconception that he has bought her. I came here as a doc and not for his entertainment. Learn to respect your family. They might bear your arrogance or tantrums but I wont bear it ever! She walks away. Aditya’s friends tell him that all the girls swoon over him but this doc isn’t even willing to try him. Aditya says there is no girl who can say no to me. I will make her say yes to me.

Alia gives Mohit’s blood sample to a driver. Take it to hospital asap and bring the blood reports. This will help me find out the truth.

Precap: Vishera makes a sign in the sky. I have come so far. You too must take a few steps towards me now! Vishaili / Sabrina sees it. Aditya drives menacingly to scare Alia. The car breaks down. Alia asks him what he will do with it now. He replies that he has no interests in useless things like her. He sets it on fire. Sabrina comes to a party looking for the guy with the special mark. It turns out to be Aditya but Sabrina does not see it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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