Vish 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina returns to Kothari Mansion

Vish 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alia steps inside the ice chamber and is shocked to see Vishaila. Aditya comes running there hearing her screams. She points at the chamber. Vishaila gets pulled out of the ice chamber and everyone gathers in Sabrina’s room.

Sabrina is still struggling to find Jeevbooti flower. She hits her hand on the mirror by mistake and realises that the moment she will touch the mirror with her blood, the reflection will disappear. Only Jeevbooti will remain. She finds the flower. Just some more time. I am coming to you, Vishaila!

Aditya questions the security guard as to how and why no one could find out about the secret room existing inside his house! Alia recalls Aghori Baba’s words. It was entirely true! If he is Vishpurush then Vishkanya must be around. Who is it? Aditya says I know who it is. He takes Sabrina’s name. Who else could it be? We found the body in her room. What other proof do you want? Alia gets thinking.

Sabrina is unable to go back to earth. Someone has emptied my bowl! Who is it? How will I return now? What if something happens to Vishaila?

Maria is completely freaked out. Alia looks at her. Aditya asks Maria if this is the same Vishpurush about whom she was talking earlier. Maria shouts at him not to ask her anything. Mohit thinks I wish I could tell you it is the truth. Aditya reassures Maria she will be fine. Tell me whatever you know. She calms down. It is the same Vishpurush! She notices real Maria (Katrina) coming there and thinks to flee from the spot. She feigns a fake stomach ache. Aditya wonders if Sabrina will be exposed today or not.

Sabrina refuses to give up. Whoever it is has forgotten who I am! She produces a bracelet and a small miniature sand glass. I can go back to the time when this circle had actually begun!

Katrina tells Maria not to go inside. Don’t know how they found out that man. We will be exposed now! Aditya is very upset. He wont spare anyone who has supported Sabrina. Maria offers to talk to him but Katrina talks her out of that idea. Katrina wonders who will save VIshaila now. Maria looks shaken up.

Sabrina’s soul goes back to the time to find out who had thrown her bowl. She misses seeing Katrina. She is about to go after her but then decides to return to earth to save Vishaila first. She fills the bowl using her special powers and returns to present.

Katrina (in Maria’s avatar) looks at Vishaila. He shouldn’t live! She pours kerosene over Vishaila but Alia throws the container away. Calm down. Katrina wants to kill Vishaila before Sabrina returns. This idiot should just move out of my way! Alia tells Maria he is still a living being. I cannot let you kill him. Katrina is irked by her words. She requests Aditya but he tells her that the Vishkanya isn’t around right now. He wont be able to harm us in this condition. Katrina is upset with him too. She tries to make him agree to her idea but he stays put. Aghori Baba seconds Aditya. We cannot kill this Vishpurush like this! We have to follow a proper ritual.

Sabrina’s soul enters inside her body once again. She returns to earth / present. Please save Vishaila. She looks at the moon. It is full moon night. Don’t appear before Vishera or he will escape from the mirror!

The girl is getting ready. Vishera knows that it is full moon night. I can get out of this mirror tonight! He bangs his head on the mirror. Blood appears on the wall. The girl is surprised to realise that the blood marks are actually on the mirror. She touches it and is startled. It is inside the mirror! How is it possible? She calls out to her servants. Vishera thinks now only this plan will work. This mirror will be thrown out of the house and I will be able to see the full moon!

Sabrina enters and notices Vishaila on the floor. She looks at everyone. Katrina has noticed Sabrina. She tries to get away stealthily. Sabrina hides and covers her mouth to hold herself from screaming.

Servant throws the mirror outside in the garden. Vishera manages to free himself as soon as the mirror comes in contact with the moonlight. There is blood smeared all over his forehead. He shouts Vishkanya loudly. I am coming to seek revenge! Get ready!

Sabrina enters. What’s happening here? Why are there so many people around? She pretends to be shocked seeing Vishaila. Who is he? Where did he come from? Aditya asks her to answer. We were waiting for you only! Why dint you tell me about the secret ice chamber in your closet? What was this Vishpurush doing there? She feigns ignorance. He demands to know the truth. She points out that it is his house. I came here after marriage. How would I know about this? There would be so many other chambers where you hide your crimes! He calls her over smart. You are the Vishkanya, right? Mohit looks at the Aghori Baba. Katrina is watching everything from far.

Precap: Aghori Baba asks the servants to close every door and window of the house. I have to do a Shiva jaap. Vishkanya wont be able to stop herself from revealing her truth! He plays lute. Sabrina starts shifting in her place. Her body starts turning red. If my truth comes out in front of anyone today then no one will be able to get out of here alive!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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