Vish 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohit slips from his balcony

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Vish 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sabrina gets alert seeing Alia come there. She drags the dead body in one swift motion using her powers and hides inside the tree. Alia comes there but does not find her anywhere.

Aditya wishes Happy Birthday to his brother. I couldn’t see you in your own birthday party! I missed you. He gives him his favourite chocolates. He tries to feed him but Mohit does not open his mouth. There is no Sabrina. It is your brother, your friend. Aditya does not give up. He speaks of how they used to cutely bicker over chocolate in childhood days. It is the same thing if I eat it instead. I will eat it for you today. He takes a bite.

Alia is still looking around. A box appears out of boiling water. Sabrina looks at the dead body kept inside.

Aditya says I know you want to say something to me. Your silence echoes in my head at night. I cannot sleep but I will fix everything. I know that Sabrina has trapped you but I wont sit peacefully till the time I throw Sabrina out of here. I will remind Sabrina who she is. She wants to gain hold over everything but I wont let her do it. I wonder how to get everything under my control. He looks at the almirah and gets up. Mohit moves his hand and feet. Aditya browses through the documents in Sabrina’s almirah. Meanwhile, Mohit manages to get up.

Sabrina places the heart on the dead body which opens its eyes. I will not let anything happen to you Vishaila. I will keep you alive. I will bring a heart for you in every 13 days. The population has anyways gone out of control. I will be back soon. He looks at her. She says we will complete 113 years this year. Before both of us die, I must find out that body! Vishaila is locked inside the box again and it disappears in the boiling water.

Alia is still looking for Sabrina. She looked so upset. She came in this direction only. Sabrina passes through the tree.

Mohit is writing the word “Help” on the mirror when he slips. Aditya runs to catch him but it is too late. Even Alia rushes to his side hearing Aditya’s scream. Sabrina steps out of the tree just then.

Aditya holds his brother. Alia says he needs treatment. Guard says Aditya was the first one to find him. Aditya lies that he saw Bhai falling from his window. They wheel him inside. Aditya notices the open cupboard. No one should notice it or pose any question. He closes it stealthily. Alia tells Mohit the swelling will be fine soon. He argues with Alia for being manner less. Sabrina comes there and starts shouting on everyone for being careless. Alia reasons that she put Mohit to sleep but Sabrina asks her if a ghost woke him up then. He is so hurt. It will be your last mistake if anything like this happens. Alia nods. I understand your concern but patient needs rest right now. Everyone should leave him alone for some time. Sabrina continues her acting. Please take care. Alia thinks Sabrina was right. What would have happened to Mohit Sir?

Next morning, Sabrina opens her cupboard.

Voiceover – Sabrina:
Lot many Vishkanya’s came after me but I am still here. I am the most poisonous of all! I am the last one after all. She disappears inside the cupboard. I find my peace and power by lying inside ice. She lies under a blanket of ice.

A guy (Vishera) is looking at the dead bodies in a morgue. He finds Dr. Subhash’s corpse there. Now no one can save you from me Vishkanya! Your countdown has begun Vishaili. I am coming to find you! You got lucky last time but it wont happen this time.

Voiceover – Sabrina:
There is nothing that can even touch or harm Sabrina. Whoever will try to come close, will burn just because of my breath.

Vishera says no one can escape me. I will win this war! No one can stop me this time. I must get hold of your poison once. I will rule then!

Alia notices the Help word written on the window. Did Mohit Sir write it? I somehow feel as if the person who is responsible for his condition has used the same poison which killed my Dad. I will have to ask him everything. If it is the same poison then! She shakes her head in shock. I cannot let him die. I have to find out who is behind all this.

Sabrina gets up from her power nap.

Aditya is with his brother. How did this happen suddenly? Why did you jump? Why can’t I understand your silence? I am so alone after your stroke. I miss you very much. I don’t know how to control everything including me and you. He changes the topic seeing his brother serious. I have called Siddharth. We will fix everything. You have to get well soon so we can celebrate. Alia enters without knocking which irks Aditya. Dint anyone teach you manners? She replies that she is only focused on her patients. He says it is because of this or I wont even let you stay here. She refuses to waste time with him. He pulls her tightly. No one should cross Aditya Kothari. I will decide the punishment if you break the rule next time. Is it clear, Dr. Alia? She recalls that he was the first one to find Mohit last night. There is no window in your room form which you can see Mohit Sir jumping! Aditya is taken aback. Alia turns to go but he holds her tight. How dare you point fingers at me? Don’t dare to speak in front of me next time! He pushes her away ruthlessly and walks out in a huff.

Precap: Alia asks Mohit to speak up. Who is scaring you? Give me a hint! Vishera makes a sign in the sky. Vishaili / Sabrina sees it. I fall weak in front of him! Only he can scare me in this world! Where is the guy with that special mark? Aditya is partying with some girls. A mark is shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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