Violated PEARLS & Broken CANDLE – 1


“Sofi, why don’t you deep fry the pakodas until I am giving the final steam to this biryani…Nouman’s family would be coming any moment” shouted Abeeha from the kitchen.

“i am not interested Baaji, also I am busy seeing the dresses your mother in law has sent.” trying the maroon dress’s look on her, Sofiya answered from the room.

“Sofi, I am giving you 10 minutes to come here, otherwise it won’t be good for you.” sprinkling the brown onion slices on the biryani Abeeha gave her the last warning.

“whatever.” ignoring her elder sister Sofi made herself busy admiring her own reflection.

Suddenly a thought came to her and she searched for her phone stuffed under the gifts.

“here it is.” switching on the front camera she clicked a perfect selfie showing the beautiful girl in the beautiful dress.

“tum aaj milne nahi aye na, ye lo aur ab tarso mere liye.”( you didn’t come to meet me. Now miss me.) typing the message below the picture she clicked SEND and Blocked him.

She very well knew how desperate he was going to be after seeing her photograph but now he would be unable to talk with her.

Smiling to herself she went for the other dresses and bent to grab the deep green long Anarkali.

“sofi!!! What is this?!” Heena’s voice boomed in the room.

“what happened Ammi, I was just trying …” with a slight embarrassment, Sofi tried to cover the thing.

“do you even understand what are you doing, this is Beeya’s wedding dress which you have been admiring yourself in.” their mother was angry on this childishness.

“what happened Ammi?, she just tried it, nothing big.” Controlling the situation Abeeha saved Sofi from their mother’s wrath.

“ I am not taking it, was just trying.” sofi replied with tears forming in her big eyes.

“Sofi,… it is okay. Now change and help me in the kitchen.” Beeha told her lovingly.

“wearing someone’s wedding dress is not a joke Girls, I don’t want such jokes from now on,” Heena instructed strictly before going in kitchen for other preparations.

“by the way, your dress is so beautiful Baaji…” Sofi commented as they both changed for the guests arriving.

“hmmm.” Abeeha hummed as she was busy making her hairs.

“Baaji, would you like to tell me a thing?” Sofi asked taking the comb and making her hairs.

“i won’t answer any of the wild questions of you.” sensing the sudden seriousness in Sofi’s attitude Abeeha eyed her.

“arey No, no…” Sofi sat in front of her. “ do you feel the excitement of your wedding Baaji?,I mean it would be a surreal feeling na.”

“and why are you asking me all this …haan?” Abeeha asked her. “ something cooking inside your brain!!!”Tapping on her head she left the dressing stool.

“you are so boring Beeha, don’t know how Nouman Bhai loves you this much.” Sofi sighed annoyingly.

“you are going to get beaten by Ammi someday Sofi if Ammi hears all this nonsense.” Beeha left the room smiling inwardly on her question.




“See, Jameel Bhai, I don’t want to make any delay to do the Rukhsati of my Abeeha.” Mrs Sayyed, Beeha’s mother in law declared lovingly.

“we understand you Bhabhi but you also understand our situations na, just last month my Bhai Sahab passed away.. it won’t look good na.” Beeha’s father kept his point.

“alright as you say Jameel, it was her wish to fix the date today only.” An ex-army man Mr Sayyed replied.

“where did these kids go, it is getting late?” Mrs Sayyed asked taking the tea.

“Heena, call them… I don’t like all these shamelessness.”Jameel muttered under breath with anger clouding his face.

“calm down Bhai Sahab, there is nothing wrong if they are together…even, even Sofi is there.”Understanding her mistake Seema said hurriedly.

Seema had only one kid “Nouman” but she always craved for a girl child though Allah had other plans so in Abeeha she has found that daughter.

She could not let her Abeeha get scolded by her father, anyway, this man named Jameel Ahmad looked very strict with his girls.




“Ammi is so excited about the wedding, she has already done a lot of shopping for you,” Nouman told the excitement he was witnessing nowadays.

“but you know about Kaka’s death, Nouman… Abu can not do anything at this moment,” she said defensively.

“i have a feeling you don’t miss me Abeeha!” Nouman complained suddenly.

“no, why did you feel like that.” She asked shockingly.

“You never call me, or text me …even when we meet you are scared or hesitant like you are not here at all.” he expressed the thing bugging him from so many days.

“it is not like that… it is just Abbu doesn’t like our lone meetings so…” she reminded him about her strict dad.

“oh, and here I thought you were not happy with the wedding.” he teased her.

“Nouman, please… don’t say such things.” she blushed hard.





“but We never call each other, how did you call me.” smirking on his desperation Sofi asked him.

“well, seeing that picture itself was a boost.’ he teased her.

“and aren’t your sister’s in-laws coming today… go prepare for that.” he irritated her.

“Haan haan, don’t be smart…besides, they have already come and Baaji is with Nouman Bhai…now I didn’t want to be the kabab me haddi so I was in the balcony.” she told him furiously.

“huh, someone came to irritate me, looks like they are already irritated Sofi.” he smiled on the phone and she could imagine the soft eyes beaming with pure joy.

“okay leave that… what I was saying that after Baaji’s Rukhsati (Vidaai/Departure) why don’t you come to my house for our proposal!!!”


“Sofiiii, where are you?” her mother called her downstairs.

“listen I am going, we will meet tomorrow if you are FREE.” she ended the call with the taunt for not meeting her today.

And these childish Girl with a bold Diva was what he loved the most about his Sofia.

Though it was early, she was still in college but he also wanted to marry her soon and the idea wasn’t bad.

“to take the proposal to her house after her elder sister goes to her in-law’s house.”

Everyone was busy dreaming a beautiful future, unaware of the havoc coming in their lives, after which everyone’s life was about to change.



Hey everyone so here is the first part of this story buzzing my nerve cells for a while.

 It was hard to keep myself away from typing this so here without any more delay I am posting it.

If you read, tell me how you liked and if you find any mistake then without thinking twice inform me( it is a humble request of mine)

With love Morusya.


NOTE – In some parts of Northern India,Hindu Girls don’t go to their in laws house immediately after wedding, there is a ritual called GAUNA OR GAWNA where groom’s family come with gifts and sweets and take the bride to their house).


 A somewhat similar ritual is observed in Muslim community where after Nikkah, they perform this RUKHSATI and then groom’s family come to take the bride to their house.

Both the communities perform the ritual after 1 1/2 months to 2 or 3 or in some cases even 10 years of marriage.


Earlier marriages were performed in a very small age of kids so till the time girls were old enough to manage their married life they used to live with their parents and once they were 15 or 16 or so GAWNA/RUKHSATI was performed.


  1. Hey Morusya… This is a great start!! I’m looking forward to it!! I have tried reading stories on Muslim background before.. But all I got was like family forces heroine to marry despite her wish, hero always insulting and assaulting heroine, blah, blah, blah… Always the girls r shown the weaker one.. I swear, my inner feminist jumps out too fast to punch someone!! And now, I read ur reply to shekher bhai that this is going to be about triple talaq and all.. This is actually a good step!! I’m really looking forward for how this story turns out!! Sending lots of love to u????

    1. Morusya51

      of course , you are right… generally, we dont have great content but i have read and thankfully watched one of the finest work on Muslim background and they used to shake me with the reality.
      but i never tried one such thing, perhaps the time hasn’t come yet but finally, i am wanting to write this story and i just hope you guys like and understand the gravity of such big issues.
      thank you so much dear for the encouragement… i’ll be up with the next part soon.
      i apologize for the late reply ☻

  2. Luthfa

    Very good starting ????❤️
    People even now nurture some misconception before doing anything good.Your themes for this FF is very apt and strong.Girls are facing so much nowadays.Even their own home is not safe for them.They are given the excuses of society and reputation if they try to protest anything wrong happen to them.Individual choice to decide anything is a luxury for them……..Loved reading the first part.Hope you are going to explore more???

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much for liking the part though i could not complete your wish i hope you like the coming parts. and Yes, you are apt about the safety of girls these days and i also feel that there is a big fault in our ministry that they don’t take big steps to stop such things.
      just read about this MLA and how he was escaping the prison for a long time… these things boil my blood but we cant do anything when we ourselves are not strong.
      anyway leave that, we’ll talk about that some other day. and Of course, i am going to explore all i can and i am comfortable writing without letting people feel awkward…inshaAllah

  3. Shekhar

    I felt my self standing at mid of all character being invisible and silent! You beatufully introduced all character without wasting useless descriptions of character, and keep readers thinking who is who successfully. You know, while going through a story, when reader felt him / her self being close to character, then only our writing gets the worth. I know, you are well player of words, you missed nothing to enhance the height of glory to the theme of story. Through actions of character, you beautifully described the bonds between characters, and left to jusge the nature of such bonds over readers. Any way, a good read!

    1. Shekhar

      When readers start to visualize the story in their imagination , believe me, our writing are good! No other certificate does we need then. That happen only when our story flow, keep flowing flawlessly without mentally torturing stuff. I am not fond of story, ff , os or what ever it is, but your writing really forcing me to read your stuff. It is not fancy words which make our writing good, but knitting of different sequences of happening being non biased made it worth to read. You buckled up each scenes beautifully which cause no controversy in theme we are upto.

    2. Morusya51

      also i’ll speak honestly… after reading such comments i take a moment to revisualise the work i am doing so i can match the expectations you guys expect from me.
      thank you so so so much for being this kind dear and always being a great support ??

    3. Morusya51

      first of all i apologize for i am late to reply back, but i was going through a sudden emotional block.
      leave that…i am happy you loved reading this attempt of mine.
      even i have high expectations from me for this story because these topics are such sensitive topics that i cant write anything just for my story…i have to give reasons and valid reasons for the things i am going to explore in the story.
      i cant cheat myself and my readers talking big but all i can try is giving something worth a read and most importantly compact. i hope you like the next part as well ☻

    4. Shekhar

      What I felt so far( from our first conversation to to date) is, you are standing at some kind of the threshold of something, from where you just can’t be decisive in which direction to go. Your whole being just get split , one imaginary one, other what you really are, which keep you hold where you were a while ago. We can call it stagnant. I faintly remember, once when i opined for TO BE DECISIVE, you politely took the stand on other side. For a moment, i thought, if it is by mistake, but no, now i realize, it was not mistake, but was the output of some kind of the turmoil going on at depth of your mind and heart . I am not conquering, who is right or wrong , but I always prefer to be on the side of facts we are living with, then what ever the facts may be . We can fight with the any odd facts, but can not materialize the dreams beyond our hand reach in a flash, and when ever we step out from our wonder dreamland, and again enter into reality, it pain, and hurt a lot. Our heart and mind just can not withstand the polar distance between duo. At any stage of life , our split being hold us at the point for the years of years, and we just can’t move on. I don’t know, whether me is right or wrong in my such observations , but if I made you hurt you in anyway, me is sorry.

    5. Shekhar

      And leave the topic, it is not a matter, atleast for me! What ever the topic may be, it require the talent to enhance the height to a very tiny incident, as you done successfully while describing the emotional turmoil going on in the mind and heart of a gal in love one sided! If there would be no talent, any topic would have gone in vain. We are not news subscriber who need a hot and exciting topic to keep and keep on pour in money!

  4. Prettypreeti

    So the start has gripped me hard. Specially the title of the story,its innovative and seems to be deep with reference to the story. Muslim bg stories r always intersting to read specially the vocabulary used in the story highlights the writing. Excited to read on this topic.Triple Talaaq concept increases my curiosity. Hope i will get the time to read this story regularly. ?

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Preeti 🙂 yes, the title has a meaning behind the name… and Vocabulary !!! of course even i love the URDU words, holding a sense of respect.
      i just hope i am able to do justice to your curiosity, i’ll wait for you whenever you get some time to read and i’ll announce in the ACTIVITY SECTION when the next part comes. ♥♥

  5. Meharin

    Awesome start rusi di loved it.Presented so beautifuly awesome.As a muslim saying that muslim girls r still in dark.They r suffocated even in big families and this triple talak people made it a joke.It should b removed i think..So looking forward to it.Love u di..

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Mehr, next part will come by sunday. right things should not be stopped ,thats what i believe.

  6. Meharin

    Yap di.

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