Vikram Betaal 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Betaal/Vishnugupt tells about his own story to Vikram

Vikram Betaal 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that he know that he wants to take him to Bhadrakaal and says I will go there, but today I will make you hear a story. Bhadrakaal hears him and says you can’t tell any story to Vikram today. He calls Panch tantra and asks him to make Betaal lose his memory for forever. Panch Tantra says I can’t do dharm to make someone forget her memory. Bhadrakaal says you are my Servant and refusing to agree to him. He harms Panch Tatwa. Panch Tatwa agrees to do his work. Bhadrakaal says there is no bhakti without shakti. Panch Tatwa tells that he can bind Betaal’s memory for a day and he will forget other stories only. Bhadrakaal says there is no other story. Betaal is about to begin the story, but forgets everything. He thinks I am 1100 years old, a treasure

of stories and says someone has bounded my memory. He sees Panch Tatwa and asks Bhadrakaal if he made him bind his memory. Bhadrakaal says yes and says Vikram will bring you here, then I will become Big Kaal.

Betaal says Bhadrakaal can stop me from telling you story, but can’t stop me from telling Aatma Katha. He says I will tell you why I have become Bataal. Who is betaal and who is Bhadrakaal and why Bhadrakaal wants to catch me. Bhadrakaal says you can’t tell him your Aatma katha. He asks Panch Tatwa to stop him. Panch Tatwa tells that I can stop him from him story, but can’t stop him from telling his own story. Betaal says today you will know who am I? why I have become Betaal and wandering in Pret ghaati. He tells that 1100 years ago, Bhadrakaal wants to rule on the world and that’s why he was doing Anusthan/puja to control Panch Tatwa since 100 years. A fb is shown, Bhadrakaal does Anusthan to control the Panch Tatwa. The Panch Tatwa come infront of him and tell him that they won’t let him succeed in his mission to control and bind them with his powers. They try to attack Bhadrakaal, but nothing happens to Bhadrakaal.

Bhadrakaal flies in air and absorbs them in his Trishul. Betaal says Bhadrakaal started thinking that he is superior than all as he has caught Sky, air, Fire, water, earth. He says I can destroy anyone and make my own people. He creates people and says he will kill the people created by God. Panch Tatwa appear and tells that he can’t destroy God’s creation and says you are incomplete even after getting us, as we can’t give life to your sena. He says you need Aatma Tatwa which sinner like you can’t get it. Bhadrakaal says 6th Tatwa, Aatma Tatwa and says I will get that. He says he needs a man whose heart is filled with heart and love, who bears pain for others, who is praised by all, for whom people don’t get tired of. He says that man is only one Vishnugupt.

A fb is shown, Betaal/Vishnugupt is shown, people are touching his feet etc. Betaal says Bhadrakaal came to know that he needs a man who is selfless and devotes his life to people. He tells that Vishnugupt was Bhadrakaal’s childhood friend and Guru brother. He asks him to look at him and says I was Vishnugupt before becoming Betaal. I was Sakhi, his Guru Bhai. I had sworn to make everyone pain go and used to take others pain. Two women are beating Vishnugupt with hunter badly. Devi Kaali comes there and asks why do you bear the punishment of others and risks your life for others. Vishnugupt says you have only said that Aatma Tatwa of everyone is same, and says whoever have done wrong, but I am also guilty. Devi Kaali says you are just one and can take many people’s pain. Vishnugupt says he wants everyone to be happy and fine. Devi Kaali tells that it is impossible for a human to do this. Vishnugupt says I am presenting all my life to you till my last breath and asks her to help him make pain go away from the earth. Devi Kaali says there can be no man like you. She presents food grains, treasure infront of him.

Kaali Maa tells that I have fulfilled your wish. Vishnugupt thanks her. He along with his people gives the food grains and blankets to the needy. The people touch his feet. His man tells that few more people are still here who wants help. Many men come there and as for the help. Vishnugupt says he can get the food grains and treasure only once. He asks God why he gives pain to his creation. Bhadrakaal comes there and says your God feels good to give you pain. Vishnugupt says friend Bhadrakaal.

Bhadrakaal tells Vishnugupt that if he supports him then he won’t let the day come when people have troubles in life. They sit for Anushthan. Vishnugupt sees many birds dying due to the Anushthan and asks Bhadrakaal. Bhadrakaal says I have decided to become God by giving your Ahuti and kills Vishnugupt and throws him in fire. Vishnugupt becomes Betaal and comes out of fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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