Vikram Betaal 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Naintara tries to catch Betaal, warns Pingla

Vikram Betaal 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Padmini telling Vikram that he did injustice which he never did before in his life. Senapati says you have done their death without killing them. Vikram says rules shall be changed, there is nothing wrong in it. Naintara looks at the crow. Bhadrakaal talks to her and tells that Vikram will be known for his injustice. He asks her to be careful and says they will be defeated and we will win. Padmini asks Vikram to rethink his decision.. Vikram says I don’t need to reconsider, whatever I decided is final, nobody has the right to question me. Pingla says whatever I wanted, Naintara did it in a moment, and thinks the people of Ujjaini is Vikram’s enemy now. Vikram asks Senapati and Kalidas to go. He then asks Padmini to go. Padmini goes.

Betaal tells Vikram that he surprised everyone with his justice and says everyone is talking about you, so I came to praise you. Vikram asks him to tell clearly. Betaal says who enemies talk look sweet then loved ones talk look bitter. He says you used to answer correctly for my every question and asks why did he do injustice. Vikram scolds him. Betaal asks him to ask his Aatma Tatva, who is sitting on his tongue. Vikram says it is enough, first you doubted on my wife and now on me, and says you have filled evilness here and asks him to go. Betaal is shocked and says I came to stay at justice loving and humble king and not at injustice loving and torturous king. He says he can’t stay here even for a moment. Naintara hears and thinks this is what I wanted, I will handover you to Bhadrakaal and will get mukti. Betaal is flying in air and thinks he is feeling fresh air. Naintara says you shall thank to me, and says I brought you here from Palace.

Betaal asks sister, who are you? Naintara says I am the one whom you was searching in the Palace and says you didn’t know what I have to do to get you out. Betaal laughs and then cries. He says I am happy that I am successful to catch you and crying as your condition will be bad. Naintara laughs and asks him to think about his condition. She attacks Betaal with her powers. Betaal moves and laughs. He says your trick can’t work on me, as I am Betaal.

Naintara thinks she shall keep him here until Bhadrakaal comes and ties him with her powers. Bhadrakaal smiles. Naintara says you can’t go anywhere and says I will get mukti from this life once you get killed. Bhadrakaal says I am coming there, I will become Kaal-o Kaal Bhadrakaal after killing you. Betaal thinks I have to do something. Naintara says you can’t break this. Betaal sees Bhadrakaal coming there and thinks how he is alive. He vanishes. Bhadrakaal comes there and asks Naintara why did you let him go. Naintara says I used all my powers, but can’t stop him. Bhadrakaal says you putlis didn’t get the mukti and I didn’t get Betaal. Naintara is a putli and tells that she will catch him anyhow. Bhadrakaal says I have 32 ways to catch you, my 32 putlis. Naintara comes to Palace and thinks once I get Betaal, I will show him who I am. Dasi comes infront of her. Naintara kills her. Betaal returns to Palace and sees Dasi on floor. Naintara comes to Bharmal and tells that she is ready to marry him.

Bharmal says I can do anything for beautiful woman like you. Pingla hears them and asks what are they talking? Bharmal tells her that Naintara and I have decided to marry. Pingla asks what are you saying? She asks him to go out and says she has to talk to Naintara about something. Bharmal goes. Pingla asks Naintara to stay away from her son and says this marriage can’t happen. Naintara laughs and says this marriage is necessary to stay in the Palace. Pingla says I did a big mistake by letting you stay here and didn’t know you will bite my son. She asks her to go. Naintara says I will not go without doing my work. Pingla asks who are you? Naintara says you want to know my secret and says nobody is left alive after knowing my truth. She asks her not to interfere else she will tell Maharaj about her motive to bring her here. Senapati and Vikram see Dasi’s death and think Betaal killed her.

Precap: Betaal tells Vikram that Naintara is a pret. Naintara is sitting for engagement. Kalidas tells Padmini that they shall check her kundali and asks Acharya ji to see. Bhadrakaal gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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