Vikram Betaal 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rani Bhanumati beheads Raj yogi to give justice to Manglu

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Vikram Betaal 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani Bhanumati thinks even Raj yogi couldn’t find the way into this mountain and thinks she has to listen to the music coming from the mountain carefully and blindfolds herself. She hears the sound and follows it. She starts walking and is suddenly thrown somewhere by a heavy wind. She sees Jeevan Dravya falling down on the ground and tries to hold the golden jeevan dravya, but she couldn’t hold it. Danav Raj/Demon comes and says whose death brought her here? Rani Bhanumati gives her intro and says Raj yogi died because of her. Danav says this is not the place to do penance and asks her to go. Rani Bhanumati says she couldn’t live and die because of this injustice. She asks for his help. Danav asks what I will get in return? She says anything which you want. He says

I want your age. Rani Bhanumati agrees to give her age. He says ok and turns her into an old woman. Rani Bhanumati is shocked to see herself as an old woman. Danav Raj says now you can take this Jeevan dravya, one drop is enough to make a person alive, but remember that you can make only one person alive. Rani Bhanumati takes 3 drops of jeevan dravya in the bottle. Betaal tells Vikram that Rani Bhanumati was justice loving that she sacrificed her age to make Raj yogi alive. He says will her sacrifice will be fruitful or not?

Rani Bhanumati comes to her Palace. Senapati shows that the ashes kept at left side is of Raj yogi and the other is of his killer. She says I gave my age to make him alive. She puts Jeevan dravya on his ashes and makes him alive. Raj yogi gets surprised to see him alive and asks her what happened to her. She says your saying was right. He says you gave me a new life by jeevan dravya. Rani Bhanumati says you died because of me and says I am happy that I have done the justice. Senapati says justice was not done fully and says Manglu was given death sentences as he killed Raj yogi but as the latter is alive now, we shall make Manglu alive. Rani Bhanumati says my justice is my identity and makes Manglu alive. Manglu says how this Raj yogi became alive. Rani says I made him alive. Manglu says you have done a big injustice. They blame each other. Just then Danav Raj comes and says I told you that you can make only human alive, but you made two humans alive, and says if you don’t kill one of them then you all three will lose their lives. Rani Bhanumati and others are shocked.

Betaal asks Vikram to tell whom Rani Bhanumati will give death sentence and says the moment is difficult, what will be the solution. Vikram increases yakshiyum yantra speed. Betaal asks the yantra to listen to him and lower the speed. He tells Vikram that even yantra is not supporting him and asks him to tell whom Rani Bhanumati will kill. Vikram says Betaal. Betaal gets happy. Vikram says what is your problem and says I will not go without taking you. He says your story is incomplete? Betaal says my story is complete. Vikram says I understood when you said that Manglu didn’t tell anything when he got death sentence and says he didn’t kill Raj yogi for the necklace, and says he was not a thief. He says a thief apologizes and asks for forgiveness, but Manglu didn’t feel any repentance to kill him andasks who was he?

Betaal says you said right and says Manglu was a farmer who used to grow grains and make the soil alive. He says when he returned home, he saw Raj yogi hypnotizing Sevika in her house and asking her to leave her husband and come to him. She agrees in his magic influence. Betaal says Sevanti was not Raj yogi’s wife, but of Manglu’s wife, whom he hypnotized. Manglu comes there and says I will not leave you. Raj yogi hypnotizes him and asks him to do as he said. He asks him to leave his wife and let her go with him. He says she is my Sevika now. Manglu gets hypnotized and agrees.

Raj yogi laughs and says you are my Sevika now. Vikram asks betaal to tell what happened when Manglu came out of the magic. Betaal tells. Raj yogi tells Sevanti that he is happy with her service and wants to gift her something. He asks her to wear necklace and is about to make her wear, but just then Manglu comes there. Raj yogi runs out and tells that your wife came with her wish. Manglu kills him. Betaal asks Vikram whom Rani Bhanumati will give death sentences and to whom she will give life. Vikram says it was obvious Raj yogi betrayed Manglu and trapped him, but he didn’t right to kill him and he deserves death sentence. Betaal says you want to say that Rani Bhanumati shall kill Manglu. Vikram says justice says this. Rani Bhanumati asks Senapati to give her sword. He gives her sword. She beheads Raj yogi. Sevanti and Manglu unite. Betaal says you said wrong being a justice loving king, but don’t have even a single quality of Rani Bhanumati. Vikram says I told that Rani shall kill Manglu, but sometimes justice shall be changed. Betaal asks him to tell straight.

Vikram says Raj yogi haven’t murder anyone, but he has done wrong. He says Rani Bhanumati shall kill Raj yogi, and shall give best wishes to Manglu. Rani Bhanumati asks Sevanti, why didn’t you tell me before? Sevanti says I thought you will not believe me. Rani Bhanumati says justice is my identity and I would have listened to you. Vikram says if Raj Yogi was not punished then he would have misused his powers in future too. He says Rani Bhanumati’s justice was right and she did right justice with Manglu and saved the society from Raj yogi. Betaal says you have given the right answer, now I will flee. Vikram tries to stop him and follow him in the yakshiyum yantra. He thinks I don’t understand why Betaal confuses me in his stories and leaves.

A lady comes to Vikram and tells that her husband is killed and shows the murder weapon. Vikram promises to kill the guilty. Padmini is brought to the court as the murderer. Vikram is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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