Vikram Betaal 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Betaal tells Story of Raja Vishwamitra’s revenge on Rishi Vashisht

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Vikram Betaal 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal waiting for Vikram and thinks whom to tell this story of . Vikram catches him by his hairs. Betaal asks him to leave him. Vikram makes him lie on his back. Betaal says you think of yourself superior and I am also superior. He says why Rishi Vishwamitra was called as superior man of the world even though he killed 100 sons of Rishi Vashist. He says you can’t tell, but I can understand. He says Rishi Vishwamitra was not Rishi by birth and says he was born to Shastriya and he was a veer and yoddha. He says there was no yoddha in the world like him. Vishwamitra is shown fighting war with the soldiers and roaring. Betaal tells that there was no rishi like Rishi Vashisht and says why did Vishwamitra killed 100 sons of Rishi Vashisht. He says that time he was not rishi and his name is Raja Vishwarath. Raja Vishwarath comes to Rishi Vashisth’s Ashram. Rishi Vashisth welcomes him and his soldiers. Raja Vishwarath asks what are you saying and asks what you will feed us.

Rishi Vashisht tells that they will have no problem to serve them. Betaal says Vishwarath thought that Vashisht will lose and was curious to know how he will feed his big sena. In the Ashram, Raja Vishwarath and the soldiers are having food. Soldiers have food and likes it too. Vishwarath asks Vashisht how he has managed to feed all his soldiers. Vashisht takes Vishwarath to a cow named Nandini and says she has the divine qualities and can feed any number of people. Vishwarath is surprised and says what this important cow doing in your Ashram, it should be in my palace?

Vashisht asks what are you saying? Vishwamitra says if I have this cow then all efforts to make food will become easy. Vishwarath tells that he got the cow after Devtas blessed him of his karma and says he can’t give the cow to him. Vishwarath gets angry. Betaal says Vishwarath asks his soldiers to destroy his Ashram. Vashisht’s son asks him not to do this else pita ji will curse him. Vishwamitra asks his soldiers to ruin the yagya which vashisht is doing. Vishwarath falls down due to Vashisht powers. He gets up and tries to kill him, but Rishi Vashisht gives him a chance to do penance and asks him to go. Betaal says Vishwarath realized that Tapobal was superior than anything else and that’s why he had taken an unpredictable decision.

Vishwarath disowns his royal life , singhasan and crown. He asks his Guru dev to handle his Rajya. He walks out of the palace. Maharani tries to stop him. He says he has decided this and asks her to think Raja vishwarath died. She asks what are you doing this and says we have everything. He says Rishi Vashisht defeated him in one go and says there is only one way to take revenge from him and that is Tapobal. He does Tapasya in the cave for many years and got divine years. He comes to Rishi Vashisht Ashram and kills his sons. He says I am Vishwamitra and my no enmity will be saved today. Betaal asks why Vishwamitra was called as the superior man.

Rishi Vashisht gets angry on his 100 sons’ murder and tells that he will kill Vishwamitra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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