Vikram Betaal 26th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram takes Betaal from Pret ghaati to Bhadrakaal

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Vikram Betaal 26th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that Adharm was initiated in the world, pataal and devlog, but there was a power of Gyan and says Putlis’ work was incomplete without knowledge. He says one can’t change emotions, but can’t change the knowledge. He says Maha Maya did Brahmadev’s Avahan to change gyan shakti. Brahmadev asks why did they want gyan shakti. Maha maya says when we can control all the world then why can’t your gyan. Brahma dev says Gyan stabilises the emotions and refuses to give gyan power. Maha Maya says they will snatch his powers from him and puts some rays on Brahmadev with her hand. Other putlis also did the same, but their power/rays return to them. Brahmadev says when their is gyan’s powers then bhav/emotions doesn’t work. He says the putlis who were supposed

to take care of the emotions have done Adharm by misusing their powers. He curses them to become ugly like their thoughts. Maha Maya gets shocked and asks him not to curse them. They become ugly. Brahmadev asks them to go from the world and stay in a corner.

Betaal tells Vikram that all putlis are locked in Andh koop and all the bhav/ emotions were freed. He asks Vikram to tell how the putlis will be freed from brahmadev’s curse. He asks him to answer else he will beheads him. Vikram thinks I will not speak today. Betaal sees them reaching the border line of the betaal ghaati and asks him to answer. Vikram doesn’t say anything. Betaal says I will tell you an answer, and then says even he don’t know the answer. He asks him to say something and thinks to return to Pret ghaati, but he can’t fly. He asks Vikram to leave him. Vikram says you are tied by your words, until I speak, you can’t leave. Bhadrakaal gets happy and thinks Vikram is bringing Betaal to him. Betaal sees the prêt ghaati ending and asks him not to break his destiny. Vikram smiles and walks out of prêt ghaati. They come to land. Vikram speaks up now and tells you have come out of prêt ghaati, and says your 1100 wait is over. You have come out of prêt log. Betaal says I have won and says I told you a story whose answer I didn’t know. Vikram says you don’t know what you are saying. Betaal says I am very happy today. Vikram asks him to think of his friend Bhadrakaal. Betaal says you made me remember him and asks him to take him to Bhadrakaal. Vikram says he will take him.

Betaal asks him not to forget the stories and use him in his life to get way in his life. Vikram says I will make you see your death. He takes Betaal to Bhadrakaal’s place and says I have brought betaal from prêt ghaati and fulfilled my promise. Bhadrakaal as a snake comes infront of them, and welcomes Vikram. He says today you have proved that you are not just Vikram, but Chakravartin Samrat Vikram. He calls Betaal as Vishnu gupt and then calls him Betaal. He says you was hidden from me since 1100 years, and says I feel like I got the happiness of 1100 years. Betaal says you said truth and says I was waiting for this moment since 1100 years. Bhadrakaal says I have waited for you and took 32 births. Betaal asks him to come out of his illusion and tells that I have waited for his moment as I knew that only I can kill you. Bhadrakaal says a prêt will kill me, who has lost his body and is just a reflection. Betaal says my aatma tatva is enough to kill you. Bhadrakaal says if you are so powerful then why you was hiding in prêt ghaati and says I brought you here with Vikram’s help.

Betaal says he lived with truth and died with truth. Bhadrakaal asks then why did he wait till here. Betaal says I wanted to end you. Bhadrakaal says I will give your Ahuti in the fire and will get your Aatma tatva and will get the 6th Tatva and then all the humans, animals and everyone will be my Servant. He proceeds towards Betaal, but Vikram comes infront of him and asks him to stop. Bhadrakaal says you are bounded by the promise. Vikram says I have fulfilled my promise and returned your favors. He tells that nobody can do any adharm in this world infront of him. Bhadrakaal asks if he wants to become another Betaal. He tells that even Betaal used to talk about Dharm and now standing beside you. Vikram says you have to wait for 1100 years to get Betaal and says how he will handle two people. Bhadrakaal says you have brought Betaal here and have become adharmi himself and asks him to go. Vikram says I have fulfilled my promise and now will protect Betaal, and says your wait is over and not your mission.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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