Vikram Betaal 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Betaal tells untold story of Bhagwan Shri Ram’s beheading himself for killing Raavan

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Vikram Betaal 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Padmini doing Vikram’s aarti and worries thinking about Bhadrakaal. Vikram says I feel Betaal will end Bhadrakaal. He asks her not to worry and says Bhadrakaal can’t harm us. He leaves for Pret ghaati. He asks betaal where is he? Betaal comes infront of him and says big Taap is Paschataap/Penance. Vikram says for what you are doing penance, and makes him sit on his back. Betaal says I will make you hear the big story of God Shri Ram and says you will know why God Shri Ram did his sheesh daan for Raavan. He says when Ram returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravan. His Rajya Abhishek was decided. Rishi Vashisth is shown who tells about his Rajya Abhishek after 21 days. Lakshman and bharat says how we will wait for 21 days, he is auspicious and we shall do his Rajya Abhishek

now itself. Rishi Vashisth asks God Shri Ram about his opinion. Bharat says we shall do this now. God Shri Ram tells that he has come to the conclusion that he is not suitable to sit on the singhasan and tells that he can’t accept the singhasan. Rishi Vashisth asks why is he looking worried and says I want to help you. God Shri Ram asks her to tell how to do penance for killing an innocent guy. Rishi Vashisth gets shocked and thinks who was that innocent guy. Betaal asks him to hear the story fully to answer him.

Devi Sita comes there and asks what did he say and says she knows that he didn’t harm anyone. She says I know that you can’t do anything wrong and says your people are waiting for you since 14 years. Ram says it is my decision not to become king. He says I don’t myself suitable to become a King. He says until I do my penance, I can’t accept the kingdom. Devi Sita asks you are guilty of whom? Rishi Vashisth tells that if an innocent guy is punished then the guilty shall do penance by sacrificing his head as a charity. God Ram says I will do my sheesh dan. He tells that he has the guilt of killing Ravan and have to do penance and do sheesh dan. Betaal says God Ram thought himself guilty for killing Ravan. Rishi Vashisth asks what are you saying? God Ram says I can’t forgive myself for killing Ravan. Rishi Vashisth tells that there is no sin if an evil and guilty person is killed.

Ram says Ravan was innocent for me and I killed him. Betaal says Sheesh dan is sacrificing own’s life. He says what happened suddenly that guilty seems to be innocent for Shri Ram. He tells that during the 8th day of the war, it was Raja Dasharath’s shradh. Hanuman comes to Ram and asks why is he worried. God Shri Ram tells that he wants to do his father’s shradh, but there is no Brahmin in lanka. Hanuman says I know Saraswar Brahmin Raavan. Raavan is introduced doing puja. Hanuman comes and greets him. Ravan asks why did you come to me today and asks why did Ram send you to me. Betaal says nobody knew that Raavan will get ready to become purohit for Ram. Lakshman says Raavan will not agree. Raavan comes dressed as Purohit. God Shri Ram thanks Raavan as Purohit Dev and welcomes him. Raavan says Shradh time came. Ram does Dasharath’s Shradh. Raavan asks him to keep the pind in the river. Ram puts the pind in the river. Ram thanks Raavan after the Pind Daan. Betaal asks Vikram to tell what was the reason for Ram’s guilt.

Sita tells Ram that if he does Sheeshdan then it will be proved that Raavan was right and she was wrong. Ram says he did wrong by killing Ravan and beheads humself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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