Vikram Betaal 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram risks his life to save Bhootgarh’s people

Vikram Betaal 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram hearing tantrik’s voice asking him to identify the real pot among the pots which he can see. Vikram closes his eyes and keeps his sword on the real pot. He finds himself in the tantrik’s den. Tantrik says I know someone will come and meet me after Suraj bhan’s death. Vikram asks him to tell how to stop that strange powerful woman. Tantrik says all ways are closed and says Satakshi will not stop until she kills all people of Raja Surajbhan’s dynasty. Vikram asks do you know her and asks him to tell everything. Tantrik tells him about Princess Satakshi being Dakshpur’s princess. He says Suraj bhan was attracted to her and convinced her father for marriage. A fb is shown, Satakshi and Surajbhan are taking rounds, when Suraj bhan sees the bride face and says I

am getting married to Satakshi’s sevika. He says I will not leave you all and attempts to kill her father. Sevika tells him that Satakshi’s father doesn’t know about her. Suraj bhan asks where is she? Sevika says she went very far. Suraj bhan fumes in anger. Fb ends. Vikram asks why did Satakshi run from her marriage. Tantrik says Rajkumari Satakshi used to love yogiraj dutt. Yogiraj dutt and Satakshi are riding on the horse. He asks where are we going? She says they are going to a place where nobody can disturb them. She takes him to temple and says she wants to marry him now itself. He asks now? He says he has to make the arrangements. Tantrik says he was not an ordinary guy, but can do anything. He makes havan kund with magic and they exchange garlands and take rounds.

Just then Suraj bhan comes there and throws sword on his stomach. Satakshi is shocked. Suraj bhan asks how dare you to snatch my love from me. He stabs him again. Yogiraj tells that love happens between two persons. He asks Satakshi to take revenge from Suraj bhan and gives her powers which he has before his death. Satakshi shouts and gets axe in her hand with magic. She attacks Suraj bhan’s soldiers. Suraj bhan thinks to do something fast and beheads her. He laughs, but sees Satakshi walking still and gets shocked.

Vikram asks Tantrik to tell how to stop Satakshi. Tantrik says Satakshi will stop if she kills Surajbhan with her hand. Vikram says Suraj bhan is already dead. Tantrik says that’s why I said that Satakshi will not stop and says bhootgarh people’s destiny is death. He asks him to go. Betaal tells how Vikram will solve my confusion now. Pret pari says you are hanging here since 1100 years and now when Vikram wants to take you from here, you are refusing him. Satakshi comes to the Palace and kills the soldiers. Surajbhan’s wife runs. Vikram comes to the temple where Satakshi and Yogi got married. He thinks there must be some way to stop Satakshi. He keeps hand on the havan kund and gets Satakshi’s head with ashes in it. He picks some ashes. Maharani comes out of Palace and shouts for help. Satakshi walks following her. Maharani falls down.

Vikram comes and puts ashes on Satakshi. He helps Maharani get up. Maharani says everyone is over, this bhootgarh will become place of ghosts. Vikram says he has found a way to stop Satakshi. He puts the bhasm/ashes around Maharani and tells that these ashes are of Yogi whom Satakshi used to love dearly. Satakshi stops from entering the circle made of ashes. He says you are safe here and tells that he will go and protect the people, and also will get justice for Satakshi. He asks her not to come out of the circle. Maharani gets tensed seeing Satakshi. Betaal tells what Vikram will do now. Vikram comes to the cliff and thinks how to save people. He thinks he has to make Suraj bhan alive, and thinks to leave his body and makes his soul enter his body so that Satakshi kills him. Betaal thinks Vikram is taking a foolish decision. Vikram thinks I can’t see many people dying and closes his eyes. Om plays…His soul comes out from his body and he falls down. Betaal gets shocked.

Pret Pari tells Betaal that Vikram defeats your thinking. Betaal asks her to see. Some people sees Vikram’s body and thinks he is dead. They take him to give last rites. Vikram’s soul enters Suraj bhan and comes to Satakshi. He senses danger to his body.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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