Vikram Betaal 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev marries Devi Parvati and she kills Banasur

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Vikram Betaal 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parvati throwing the net in the river to catch the giant whale and says nobody can save you from. Nandi comes to his avatar and says I want you to catch me, but if I get caught by you, then my aim to become giant whale will be unsuccessful. Parvati tries to lift the net and falls in the river. She comes to the sea shore. Kirat sen tells that he will get his daughter marry to the person who catches the giant fish/ Maha Matsya. Mahadev comes to Kirat Sen’s house and asks if he can go to catch the giant fish. Kirat Sen says ok and says if you succeed to catch it then I will get you married to my daughter. Mahadev looks at Parvati. He looks at the river and sees Nandi. Nandi tells that he was waiting for him and it is his fortune that he is going to help their union. Mahadev smiles and throws the net. Nandi comes in the net. Mahadev catches it. Kirat Sen tells Parvati that he is the right guy for her.

Betaal reminds Vikram about Banasur and says after winning the swarglok, he has attacked Kailash. Asur tells Banasur that he can’t find Mahadev and Parvati. Banasur says how can they leave Kailash.

Mahadev and Parvati take rounds and get married. Banasur tells that it seems Mahadev and Parvati got afraid of him and escaped. He says he will rule three worlds. Parvati hugs her parents and leave with Mahadev. Banasur sees Parvati and Mahadev going, and tells Parvati that he will make her his wife seeing her beauty. Mahadev says this woman is my wife. Banasur asks him to go and find some other fisherwoman. He asks Parvati to come. Parvati says I am his wife. Banasur says I will use my force and take you. He tries to take her. Parvati asks Mahadev to protect her. Mahadev says I am an ordinary fisherman and he is a dangerous Asur, how can I fight with him. Parvati says you have weapon. Mahadev says I can’t protect you and asks her to protect herself. He gives her weapon and asks her to protect him from Asur. He says women are more powerful than men. Parvati says I have never used this weapon. Mahadev asks her to take the weapon. He gives bow and arrow in Parvati’s hand. Banasur laughs. Parvati aims arrow at him. Banasur moves and tells her what happiness your husband will give you, who is hiding behind you. Parvati fires arrows at Banasur. He moves and says this fisherman is attacking me. Parvati says my aim never go waste.

Banasur says I like your courage, first I will make you lose and then will marry you. Parvati aims arrow at Banasur. Banasur thinks how can fisherwomen’s aim is right. He vanishes. Mahadev says I knew that you can do this. Banasur vanishes and fires arrow at them. They move. Banasur asks her to fire at her. He says only the person can kill me who see the invisible me. Mahadev asks her to concentrate. Parvati concentrates and fires at banasur. The arrow hits Banasur..Banasur becomes visible and tells that nobody can kill him. He becomes invisible again. Parvati closes her eyes and fires arrow at Banasur’s chest. Banasur dies. Mahadev tells Parvati, I told you that you are more competent than me. He says you have killed this Asur. Parvati says I can’t figure out how I can do this. Mahadev says but I know. He becomes Mahadev and tells that your curse ended and asks her to come to Kailash..

Betaal says story is ended and asks Vikram to give the answer. Vikram says answer is ended, to kill Banasur, Mahadev cursed Parvati to become fisherwomen. Betaal says she could have kill him by becoming Durga etc. Vikram says Mahadev had given the boon to Banasur that no dev can defeat him and the only person can kill him who can see the invisible. Betaal asks why did he give her curse to become fisherwoman? Vikram says Mata Parvati practiced to see the invisible thing and that’s why Mahadev cursed her to end Banasur. Betaal appreciates him, and says you have spoken and I am leaving. Vikram asks him to stop. Betaal says I am pret ghaati’s Raja and asks him to leave.

The chudails haunt Ujjaini. Pingla possessed by Chudail stabs Vikram.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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