Vikram Betaal 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram prays to Devi Harsiddhi and gets his family saved from the evil souls

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Vikram Betaal 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Acharya asking Vikram to do the work before the morning and says if the souls captured their bodies permanently then it will be difficult to save them. Vikram promises to free them and asks Padmini to take care. Padmini, pingla and Bharmla are possessed by the souls. Vikram rides on the horse and it stops. He says I know you are tired and gets down from the horse. He thinks to reach the mountain somehow. Kavi Raj tells this soul is hurting Maharani’s body. Senapati says we have to tie her. Acharya says we have to be saved from these Pret Aatma and says they can do anything. They walk towards them. Acharya ji asks them to stop. Vikram sees two ways, one peaceful and other troublesome. He says it is difficult to reach Devi Harsiddi and thinks easy ways don’t take us to

our destination, and difficult ways are hard but the destination will be reached. He steps on the fire and walks inside. He thinks I was right. Padmini, Bharmal and Pingla say we need blood. Kavi raj says we have to stop them. They ask soldiers to keep them captive. The evil souls attack the soldiers and make them fall. Bharmal says I will make them bloodless. Acharya, Kaviraj and Senapati run out. The soul possessing Padmini tells that this Rani will die and her body will be mine.

Vikram is stopped by Mata harsiddi’s guards. He tells them that his family is in trouble and only Mata can help him. The guards tell that they will kill him as he wants to disturb Mata. Vikram says nobody can stop a son from meeting his mother. The guards attack Vikram. Vikram fights with them and recalls the mantra which Acharya told. He tells the same. They tell that they can’t attack Mata’s bhakt and fire at the mountain. Vikram says I will sacrifice my life, but reach the destination. They see Vikram trying to go inside the temple while the fire is outside. Bharmal and Pingla attack Senapati and Kavi raj. Acharya takes them. Vikram reaches inside the temple and prays to Goddess Harsiddhi. He says my all family is captured by the evil souls and asks her to give darshan and help him. He plays the flute and thinks why she is not coming infront of him. He understands that he can get mukti from his vikaar by beheading himself. He prays to Goddess to protect his people and beheads himself. His head falls down far away from his body. Devi Harsiddi appears and makes him fine. She tells that she is happy with him as he is free from Vikaar being a human. Vikram tells that his family is in trouble because of Pret aatma. She says you have to take me. Vikram says ok and takes Devi Harsiddhi’s stuff.

Acharya, Senapati and Kaviraj see Padmini and says if Maharaj don’t come then they will die. Bharmal and Pingla kill the sevak and sevikas and drink their blood. Vikram is returning home. Acharya ji says this time, it seems difficult for maharaj to meet Devi Harsiddi. Vikram comes to Palace and requests Devi Harsiddhi to free the souls from his loved ones’ body. Padmini, Bharmal and Pingl are about to reach Acharya, Senapati and Kavidas. Devi harsiddhi appears infront of them. Bharmal says we will make you mukt today. Devi harsiddhi makes the souls come out of their bodies. Senapati says even I became fine. Vikram hugs Padmini. Devi Harsiddhi says I have fulfilled my promise, now I have to go. Vikram thanks her and requests her to stay in ujjaini. Devi Harsiddhi says she has promised to stay in Dwarka, but as he gave his head to her, she accept his request and will stay in night here.

Betaal asks Vikram, why Ram had done sheesh daan (sacrificing own’s head) for Raavan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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