Vikram Betaal 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram comes to Bhootgarh to save its people from disaster woman

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Vikram Betaal 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Padmini asking Kaviraj about Maharaj. Kaviraj tells that Maharaj went to Bhootgarh. Padmini says we shall stop him from going there. Kaviraj says you know that Maharaj will not stop sensing danger to his life. Padmini prays for his life. Vikram comes to Bhootgarh and sees fire and nobody there. He thinks did I come late? Just then he hears people calling for help. He goes there and finds the men injured. One of the man takes him to a room where they have kept women and kids hidden. Other man tells Vikram that the woman has strange powers which humans don’t have. He tells that the woman is headless, but alive and she is killing everyone. Vikram says how can this happen? Just then they hear people shouting for help and running. Vikram asks people not to worry and go out. He

sees other people running and tries to stop them. Man says nobody can fight with such powerful woman.

Woman calls Surajbhan. Vikram thinks Surajbhan is Raja of this nation. She attacks him, but Vikram manages to get saved. She throws axe on a kid. Vikram saves the kid and comes to Suraj Bhan’s Palace. He calls Surajbhan. Surajbhan’s wife tells him that he can’t meet him as he is resting. Vikram says how he can rest when his people is in problem. Vikram introduces himself as King Vikram Aditya. He says I came here for humanity and couldn’t see your people’s pain. Surajbhan’s wife takes him inside and shows him Surajbhan’s dead body. She says this is King Suraj bhan and he died three days ago. Vikram folds his hand and says I felt sad knowing this and asks why did that woman take Surajbhan’s name? Surajbhan’s wife tells that the woman was in relation with King. Vikram asks her to explain to him in detail. Surajbhan’s wife/Maharani tells that she saw that disaster woman 10 years ago. They were doing aarti when the headless woman comes to the palace calling Suraj bhan. Suraj bhan is shocked and asks his soldiers to stop them, but she kills the soldiers. Maharani gets shocked.

Suraj bhan asks her not to worry. The headless woman comes to suraj bhan and fights with him. She makes his sword fall down. Suraj bhan runs out of Palace. Maharani prays for his life. The disaster woman follows him. Suraj bhan runs to tantrik’s den and asks him to save him. Tantrik says I know why she is after you and says you have destroyed two lives. King accepts to have ruined her home. Disaster woman comes to the tantrik’s den. Tantrik captures her soul in the pot and asks him to keep it safe else his Rajya will get in trouble. Fb ends. Maharani tells that after 10 years, when Maharaj Suraj bhan died, the pot got broken and the woman got freed. Vikram asks why that disaster woman wants to take revenge on Suraj bhan. Maharani says she didn’t know and never asked her husband. Vikram says he wants to save the people of bhootgarh and also wants justice for the disaster woman.

Pret Pari asks Betaal to agree that Vikram has identified his humanity duty. Betaal says if he gets successful then only he will accept his genuine humanity. Vikram picks the broken pot pieces and says may be this pot has the power to take us to tantrik. He says once that tantrik stopped her and he can again stop her. Woman breaks the door and gets inside where the people are hiding. She calls Suraj bhan. All the people run out of the room. Vikram sees the pot moving in air. He tells Maharani that the pot will take him to tantrik. He comes to the place and finds it strange. He hears tantrik’s voice asking him who is he to disturb him. Vikram gives his introduction. Tantrik asks how to believe you. Vikram sees many pots in air.

Vikram asks Tantrik how to stop the woman. Tantrik says nobody can stop her and she will not stop until she kills all the people of bhootgarh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. awesome child hood story…..
    ahem acting is marvellous…

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