Vikram Betaal 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev curses Devi Parvati to become Fisherwoman

Vikram Betaal 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram catching all the new Betaal. Betaal says you can’t hold me for longer time. He says I will tell you new story in this changed avatar, but story rules are same, you will not tell any word while the story is going on, but I will ask you questions after the story ends. He asks why did Mahadev cursed Devi Parvati to become fisherman. He tells about the Asur Baanasur going to inderlok after winning everything. He says all asurs will rule in this world. He says he will end the devtas and then will show the rights on the world. The Devs in the Inderlok tell that they have to talk to Mahadev. Gurudev tells that Mahadev is not in Kailash after marriage and is in the cave. They think to do his bhakti and call him. They all pray. Mahadev is dancing with mata Parvati. He stops dancing. Mata Parvati asks what happened? Mahadev says his bhakts are calling him. He comes infront of him and asks the Devs/ Inder dev tells that Baanasur wants to destroy Inderlok. Mahadev tells that he can’t kill Baanasur as he gave him boon, but Devi Parvati can kill him.

They ask Parvati to take her Kaali and Chandi’s avatar. Parvati says this is impossible for me.. Mahadev says he will give her training and shows her the power of Tantra Vidya. He says you will take Bhadrakali’s avatar using this and asks her to concentrate as Bhadrakali. She closes eyes and feels sleepy. Mahadev says I am teaching you vidya and you are feeling sleepy. Devi Parvati apologizes and says this will not happen again. She feels sleepy again. Mahadev says you are insulting Tantra vidya and curses her to become fisherwoman. Devi Parvati is shocked and teary eyes. Betaal asks Vikram to tell why he cursed Devi Parvati to become fisherwoman with whom he danced. He says she accepted his curse and the time came to get separated from him. Nandi comes and asks her to stop.

Devi Parvati tells that she has to follow Mahadev’s orders. Mahadev says this is destiny and nobody can stop it. He says Devi Parvati have to become a fisherwoman. Devi Parvati comes to the river and tells the river Ganga that she is handing herself to her. She walks inside and becomes a baby in a basket. Fishermen is searching fishes. One of the fisherman finds the baby in the basket and jumps in the water and gets the baby. He says he found a beautiful baby in the River Ganga and says it is Mahadev’s Leela. He comes home and asks his wife to see what he brought. His wife sees the baby and takes her. She says it is like our wish is fulfilled by Mahadev. She says she will raise her as their own daughter. Fisherman asks if King comes to know this? Wife says we will tell the King that she is our daughter. He says we will name this girl as Parvati. Betaal says KiratSingh also named her Parvati. He says she has become the fisherwoman and asks why did Mahadev cursed her.

Parvati’s mum calls for her marriage. Nandi asks Mahadev to open his eyes and stop the wrong happening.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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