Vikram Betaal 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sonprabha marries Kavi Pushkar

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Vikram Betaal 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram that whatever happens is due to destiny and asks him to imagine why did Sonprabha’s parents chose three grooms for one bride. He asks him to imagine and says sehnayi is played for her marriage. Sonprabha comes. The 3 grooms look at her and smile. Sonprabha looks at them confusingly. She recalls having a horse ride with Suryakant. She recalls dancing with Pushkar and recalls how Veer Bhadra saved her. Betaal asks Vikram to imagine her confusion and dilemma. Sonprabha apologizes to them and says my confusion is bigger than yours. She says I couldn’t take this decision, you are very competent, educated and you all love me too, but I couldn’t take a decision. Pushkar says life is short and everyone is ready to reach a decision. Just then a giant demon

comes there. Everyone panics as the land moves as if earth quake came. Demon sees Sonprabha and says she will become my dharmpatni.

Everyone asks Sonprabha to move from there, but Demon holds Sonprabha in his hand and starts walking. Her mum faints. Sonprabha gets shocked when Danav tells her that he will marry her. Betaal says all 3 price get together to save Sonprabha from the danav. Veer Bhadra, Pushkar and Suryakant attack Danav and fights with him. They hit him with the arrow on his eyes. He gets blind. Pushkar sees some light coming from his foot and tells Veer Bhadra that Danav’s life is in his foot and asks him to hit him there. Suryakant and Veerbhadra hit him on his foot. Demon falls down and dies. All the 3 prince come to Sonprabha and asks if she is fine? Sonprabha nods yes. They come back to Palace. Sonprabha thanks Suryakant for protecting her using his horse. Suryakant tells her that he loves her since a long time. He says I brought this horse so that I can win your heart. Sonprabha comes to Veer Bhadra and bandages his wound.

Veer says it is a small wound. He says he don’t understand love, but when he fought with Danav, he thought he will kill 100 danav’s for her a day. Sonprabha smiles. Betaal asks Vikram to tell whom Sonprabha will marry? He asks him to break his silence and tell whom Sonprabha will marry. Vikram thinks. Betaal says if you stay silent then you can’t take me from here to Bhadrakaal. He says this is betaal’s destiny and says if you don’t say then you will stay here only. He asks Vikram to say and says it is going to be morning. Vikram thinks Bhadrakaal told him to leave before the sunrise. Betaal asks him to think of himself and says if you don’t be alive then how you will protect your people. He says if sunrises then you will die and become betaal for forever. He asks him to say and challenges his intelligence.

Vikram thinks of Sonprabha and the three prince. Betaal asks him to say. Vikram says betaal and says don’t be happy…I will take you from here. He says Sonprabha will marry Kavi Pushkar. Betaal asks why? Vikram says he is the most desirable among them. Betaal says Surya kant has sky horse. Vikram says it is horse quality and not of Suryakant. Betaal says Veer bhadra can protect her very well. Vikram says a woman shall marry a man who gives her freedom to live her life and says only Kavi Pushkar can give her such life. He says I know you didn’t tell me all story and hidden the last part in your heart. Betaal says I told everything. Vikram asks him to say what happened when Sonprabha went to meet Pushkar.

Sonprabha goes to meet Kavi Pushkar. Kavi Pushkar asks her to sit. Sonprabha asks don’t you want to tell me anything. Pushkar says you said right on mandap and asks her not to hurry up, and not to marry them or him. He says you are free to take decisions. Sonprabha gets impressed. Vikram says that’s why Sonprabha shall marry kavi Pushkar only to lead a free life. Sonprabha gets married to kavi Pushkar. Betaal tells Vikram that he said right answer and asks what did Kavi Pushkar do to won her. Vikram says only a good human can do this. Betaal says you said right answer and that’s why your destination is open, but you broke my destiny and said before the story is completed. He says I will go and asks him not to return again. Vikram says you can’t go. Betaal asks him to return to his palace.

Betaal tells Vikram that he will come with him, but first he has to give test of humanity. He asks him to save the people.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Marvellous episode. Aham sir u are superb in the role of Vikramaditya. The way u delivery Ur dialogues was marvellous. Waiting for today’s episode

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