Vikram Betaal 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Betaal burns the Bhav log, Sugandha gets mukti

Vikram Betaal 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sugandha telling that nobody will get the Sindoori Devi’s Sindoor and goes inside the well. Betaal thinks he needs more Tatva and tells about the courageous Abhimanyu. He comes to the Mahabharat battlefield and says Abhimanyu’s courage is still present here. He takes the wheel and says Abhimanyu faced the yodhas using this wheel and takes courage tatva wood from the wheel. Vikram and Padmini come to the well of Andhkoop and hears Mantras reciting by the putli. He says surely putli must have brought sindoor here. Sughanda is doing puja to wake up brahmarakshas and asks him to make the sindoor apavitra so that nobody can use it. Vikram and Padmini come there. He asks Sugandha to stop. Brahmarakshas becomes free from the stone. Sugandha tells that she has brought Devi’s Pindi

and asks him to marry Sindoora Devi and make her sindoor apavitra. Vikram asks Rakshas to stop. Brahmarakshas says I lost her once, but not again. He spits fire from his mouth.

Betaal thinks to get fear Tatva and tells about Devi Sati and gets the place of the sand where Mahadev lied down to calm down Mata Kali. Brahmarakshas throws stone on Vikram. Vikram cuts it with his sword. Sugandha thinks to destroy the pindi before Vikram kills brahmarakshas. Padmini takes the devi’s trishul and says nobody can destroy sindoor of Mata. Sugandha says so you will stop me, an ordinary woman. She attacks her and makes her fly in air. She laughs and takes out knife and slits her shoulder. Padmini is injured and falls down. Sugandha says you are so proud of your sindoori mata, I will see who will protect you now. Padmini touches her sindoor and asks Sindoori Mata if she kept respect of her sindoor and fulfill her duties well, then please appear infront of her. Sugandha says Sindoora Mata will not appear. Padmini asks Mata to appear and destroy this putli’s evil.

Betaal thinks what is the shock of humans. He sees a man running from his death and thinks man is afraid of death, but he has to come to crematorium ground ultimately. Brahmarakshas attacks Vikram. Vikram fights with him with his sword. Brahmarakshas attacks him and he falls down. Padmini is praying to Sindoora Mata. The sindoor comes out from the pindi and kills brahmarakshas. Betaal gets all the Tatvas and thinks he will burn the bhav log.

He starts the havan and puts the tatvas which he has collected in the havan. The bhav log starts burning. Sugandha tries to kill Padmini, but the sindoor falls on her and she gets mukti. Vikram gets up and becomes fine. Padmini says you have become fine and hugs him. Devi Sugandha appears infront of him and thanks him for mukti. Betaal laughs and gets happy. He says I have burnt all bhav log. He sees putlis getting mukti and their evil powers going away from there. Just then he comes out of Sugandha’s evil influence and thinks how come I am here, and why did this burn this bhav log. He says why did I do this anarth. Sugandha tells Vikram that Betaal has burnt the bhav log coming in her influence, and now Bhadrakaal is gaining all their evil powers. Vikram says this shall not happen. Sugandha asks him to kill Bhadrakaal along with Betaal. Vikram asks Padmini to go to Palace and says he has to go to Bhav log. Bhadrakaal asks the evil powers to come to him and says I am waiting for you all, come and make me Sarwashaktimaan. He gets all the evil powers of the putlis.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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