Vikram Betaal 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi Parvati, Devi Saraswati and Devi Lakshmi to test Anusiya

Vikram Betaal 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Betaal telling Vikram about the story of Sati Anusiya and says she was caught in her sati dharm and athithi’s wish. He asks him to tell some solution that Devi Anusiya’s problem gets saved. He says what is the solution, how she will do now. He tells about Rishi Kardam’s story Devi Sati Anusiya. Devi Anusiya is shown playing with the rabbit. His father Rishi Kardam sees her and says girl’s grows up soon and tells about her marriage. Anusiya says if I get married then who will take care of you. Rishi Kardam says he wants to do her kanyadaan with her wish and asks whom you want to marry. Devi Anusiya tells that she had seen Rishi Atriya during Maha Yagya and thought to marry him. Rishi Kardam says I didn’t know where is he and does her waag daan for Rishi Atriya and

asks her to go and search him. Betaal says Rishi Kardam have done waag daan of his daughter with her wish, but there is a problem infront of her to search her husband and nobody knows where Rishi Atriya was doing tapasya. He says 2 years passed and she reached Himalaya mountain searching for him. Rishi Atriya come infront of her and asks whom you are searching? Anusiya says I was searching you and calls her Swami. Rishi Atriya tells that he doesn’t know her. Anusiya tells that she is Rishi Kardam’s daughter Anusiya and her father has done her Waagdaan to him with his wish and she was searching him since 2 years. He says he is fortunate that they have chosen him and asks her to wait for him till he does the tapasya. She says ok.

Betaal says Anusiya started waiting for her husband, and stood on the same place. Even Rishi Atriya was busy in the tapasya. He says Devi Tapasya waited for him and became tree after 100 years. He says after 100 years, Rishi Atriya’s Samadhi broke and he came out of his Samadhi. He comes out and thinks this vrat vrash is looking beautiful as if someone is inside in this Samadhi. He hears Anusiya’s voice calling him Swami. Rishi Atriya asks who is she? She gives her introduction again and says I am your wife. Rishi Atriya gets touched by her sacrifice and says you was waiting for me since 100 years and kept my words. He says I will do my husband’s duty and won’t let her adharm happen with her. he throws something on the tree and Anusiya comes out of tree. Rishi Atriya praises her and says I gave you a boon and tells that no wife will be like you, you made me Parmeshwar with your duty and says whoever prays to God thinking her husband of parmeshwar, their husband will be alive. Betaal tells that Anusiya had made her husband Parmeshwar, and says before her, three Goddess’ Devi Saraswati, Devi Lakshmi, Devi, Parvati’s husbands were Parmeshwar, and their husband are Param pita brahma, God Vishnu and Mahadev.

All the three goddess are shown. Saraswati plays the flute. Parvati says I am very lucky as my husband is Mahadev. God Vishnu’s wife tells that her husband is superior. Brahma’s wife tells that her husband is superior. God Vishnu’s wife tells that we all are superior as our husbands are superior. Devi Rishi Naradmuni comes there and says I came to inform you that there is one more lady on this earth who made her husband Parmeshwar. The three Goddess ask who is she? Dev Rishi tells that she is Sati Anusiya and is devoted to her husband that she thought him Parmeshwar. He tells that her prayer is strong and is blessed by Rishi Atriya. The three Goddess get angry and asks if Devi Anusiya can compete with them and can have Aishwarya, Saraswati and Gyaan. Dev Rishi says just like Anusiya can’t have Aishwarya, Saraswati and Gyan and like wise you can’t compare Sati Anusiya’s pati vrat dharam. The three goddess get angry. Devi Rishi/Narad thinks to go. Betaal says no woman can hear other woman’s getting appraisal. He says the three Devis thought to take her test.

Narad shows them Rishi Atriya’s Ashram. Devi Anusiya is teaching the kids there. The three Goddess go to Devi Anusiya as a distressed woman and ask where is Swami? Anusiya asks who are they? The three Goddess tells that they are his wives. Devi Anusiya’s was shocked.

The three goddess ask their husband Brahma dev, God Vishnu and Mahadev to test Anusiya. They come to Anusiya and ask her to make them have food while being clothesless. Anusiya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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