Vikram Betaal 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Betaal tells story of Rishi Durvasa’s anger

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Vikram Betaal 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram telling Kaal Dev to take his life if he has to take someone’s life. Kaal dev asks him to rethink. Vikram says my name is Chakravartin Vikram Aditya. Kaal asks him to get ready to give his life. Maha Kaal comes there and says you can’t take Vikram’s life. Kaal says I have to put life in Maharani’s womb so that Raja rudrapratap gets a child. Naamdev and his mum decide to leave from their house. Rudrapratap and his wife come to naamdev and tell that they announce him as their son and prince of their dynasty. Maha Kaal tells that Vikram changed the destiny with his good deeds. Kaal praises Vikram and says I am returning alone from the earth for the first time.

Padmini tells Vikram that he got successful to defeat Kaal. Vikram gives credit to her love. Padmini stops him from eating food, and reminds him that she makes him eat first with her hand. They feed each other. Pingla comes and says she brought the sweets for them. She tells that she wants Bharmal to get married. Bharmal says he don’t want to marry. Padmini says bharmal is very handsome and even Apsaras will want to marry him. Vikram asks Bharmal to tell if he wants to marry some girl, and promises to get him married to that girl. They leave. Bharmal tells pingla that he doesn’t want to marry. Pingla says the way to singhasan will go through your marriage. Vikram comes to the betaal ghaati through the crematorium ground fire. Betaal asks him to go. Vikram catches him. Betaal tells him about Bhagwan Shri Krishna’s story. He tells him that how Bhagwan Shri Krishna died with the arrow. He tells that this story is related to Rishi Durvasa. Rishi Durvasa gets angry with the birds and is about to curse them. Narad comes there and apologizes on behalf of the birds. Rishi Durvasa tells that he don’t know why he gets much angry. Narad says as you don’t have family, your anger increases.

Rishi Durvasa asks him to give some solution else he will curse him. Narad asks him to stay with a family so that he can know its value. Rishi Durvasa chooses kailash. Narad tells Parvati and Maha Kaal that Rishi Durvasa has chosen kailash to stay with them. Parvati gets tensed. Rishi Durvasa comes there and tells that he has chosen to stay here. Karthikke says Kailash is not good place for you. Rishi Durvasa tells that Vishnu’s place is right for me. He goes to Vishnu’s place and finds nobody there. he gets angry and curses both maha Kaal and Vishnu. Narad comes there and says you are again getting angry. You shall control your anger. Rishi Durvasa says I will curse you. Narad says you shall choose someone who accepts you with his wish. He says it is Krishna who will accept you. Rishi Durvasa says he will go there and if Krishna doesn’t accept him willingly, then he will curse him.

Precap: Rishi Durvasa comes to Krishna’s place. They feed him food. Rishi Durvasa asks for more food and curses Krishna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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